best practice for converging v2f turbulence model

When the v2f turbulence model is turned on, sometimes it is difficult to get the solution converged. Sometimes the residuals of k and v do not decrease, even though other residuals decrease very well.
1. Run the case with standard k-e model OR RNG k-e model and get a converged solution.

2. Switch to v2f model.

3. Define a custom field function 2/3 *k, where k is the kinetic energy. See Section 10.12.1 in the FLUENT User's Guide for information about other custom field functions that may be useful for turbulence.

4. Patch the values of v2 in all the fluid zone from the custom field function created in previous step.

5. In the Solution Controls panel, make sure that the Velocity Variance Scale and the Elliptic Relaxation Function have the same Descritization schemes as the Turbulence Kinetic Energy and Turbulence Dissipation Rate.

6. Continue the iteration.

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