How to define mixture for species transport of air and water vapor

A large number of applications exist for which users would like to calculate the relative humidity everywhere in the computational domain. To do this, it is necessary to solve species transport equations for a non-reacting mixture of water vapor and air. It can be confusing for new users to try to set up a problem like this because the species transport tutorials involve chemical reactions and many more species. The document linked below contains step-by-step instructions, along with graphics, showing how to define the mixture and material properties for a problem involving species transport for a mixture of air and water vapor.

When the mixture has been defined using the instructions in the linked document, boundary conditions must be supplied for the water vapor at all boundaries. After the solution has been calculated, the relative humidity can be accessed in the Contours panel by selecting Species beneath "Contours Of" and selecting Relative Humidity from the list of choices available by clicking on the lower arrow. It is also available in other post-processing tools such as Surface Integrals and XY Plot.

Keywords: relative humidity, moisture, species transport, hvac
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