Fluent graphics: how to set font style and size, color range skip value

How to set font style and font size for graphics?
How to control the number of labels printed next to the color range bar?
As a general note, there is no single global settting that will affect all the parts
of the graphics window. Each part (captions, color range scale, and text annotations) can be controled separatly.

Here are several useful commands to set font, and to define color range skip value.

Type the commands in the cortex window as is, i.e. including parenthesis, then *re-display* the graph to see their effects.


1. Captions (area at the bottom of the graphics window):

-To set font size in the Captions, type:
(cxsetvar 'frame/title/font (format #f "size=0.2wru"))
0.2 is default. Modify the number as needed.

-To change the font type of the Captions to roman, for example, type:
(cxsetvar 'frame/title/font "name=roman")
Tip: the "Annotate" panel can be used to determine what font types are available.


2. Color Range (a color bar next to contour plot):

-To set the font style for Color Range, type:
(cxsetvar 'scale/font "name=roman")

-To set the skip value for the Color Range label, type:
(cxsetvar 'scale/skip-override 2)

Modify the number as needed.
0 - will calculate the skip based on font size
1 - will show every label
2 - will show every other label
3 - every third label,
and so on


3. Annotation area:

-To change font of an annotation, use the Annotate panel (accessible by clicking on Display > Annotate).


Show Form

I tried to use the following commandes to set the font type and the font size of the title :

> (cxsetvar 'frame/title/font (format #f "size=0.2wru"))

> (cxsetvar 'frame/title/font "name=roman")

but Fluent does not evaluate the commandes (#f).

Do you know if it depends on the version of Flunt (i have the version 19.1)?

Where can I get the complete list of CXvariables?

Reyes, Tue Jun 25, 2019