POLYFLOW - identifying the best mesh domain decomposition and optimisation (memory)

How can a user identify the best mesh decomposition for running a simulation when limited memory is available, without running a long sequence of jobs?
On Unix machines, there is a tool for quickly obtaining information for various decompositions. That tool is named 'find_decomp', but it cannot be invoked through the wrapper. Instead it can be invoked as follows.
If the user calls POLYMAN or POLYDATA, usually, a message is issued on the screen:
Starting /.../Fluent.Inc/polyflow3.12.2/lnamd64/bin/polyman
Find_decomp can be invoked with the command
In other words, the command is obtained via a copy/paste of the second string from the above line, where 'polyman' has been replaced by 'find_decomp'.
Without argument, usage instructions are provided. The user can follow them, and try on a simple case at first.
NOTE. The user should subsequently invoke POLYFLOW with the appropriate option. The simulation may run if the required memory is lower than the actual meomry available on the computer.

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