clear domain corrupts the grid

When clear a domain in tgrid, it might corrupt the whole mesh. This happens if you create your volume mesh, which contains more than one volume, in Gambit and later on realized that you want to fix one tet volume due to skewness. In order to regenerate the tet mesh for the volume, you need to create a domain , say domain-tet, in tgrid. When you clear the domain, it will corrupt the whole mesh. The reason is that default-interior, created by Gambit, is a common thread to all the cell zones. This thread gets deleted when mesh in domain-tet is cleared.
There are two ways to avoid the problem:

1) To remove the tet mesh, you could go to mesh->zones and delete tet mesh cell zone instead of clearing the domain. This way only the faces related to this tet cell zone are deleted and the entire default-interior thread is not.

2) You could also first separate the default-interior based on cell zones using the TUI command boundary/sep-face-zone-by-cnbor.

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