Mirroring an ip file

This solution describes a FORTRAN program which will flip a given interpolation file.

It could be used for the following situation:
- user has solved a case on half the domain - no yaw
- now, user would like to solve the same case with a yaw (slide-slip) and has used TGrid to create the other half of the mesh and then merged the two symmetry planes into one interior plane
- user would like to use the interpolation file created from half the domain to initialize the original half ... and ... would like to mirror the solution also
- in other words, user would like to create a second interpolation file which is a flipped of the first interpolation file
The fortran program will read in the first interpolation file and then flip it. For information on how to use it (inputs), refer to the instructions at the end of this file

Important things to know:
- This program will work in 2D and 3D
- This program will work for fluent5 or fluent6 generated interpolation files.

For fluent5, after the flipped interpolation file has been generated:
+ open the file using standard text editor
+ go to the last line
+ add a new line after the last line and then put a closing parentheses `)'
The above step is not necessary for fluent6

half.cas : case/data files for half of the domain
half.ip : interpolation file for this half domain

full.msh : mesh file for full domain created using TGrid by mirroring half.cas
other-half.ip : interpolation file created by the fortran program by flipping half.ip
full.cas : case/data files for full of the domain,
full.dat after both half.ip and full.ip are assigned to the corresponding fluid zones, no iteration yet
reflect-ip.f : fortran program

The sample case and the code has been uploaded to the web.
<a target=_blank href="http://www.fluentusers.com/support/solutions/1086/mirror.tar.gz">http://www.fluentusers.com/support/solutions/1086/mirror.tar.gz</a>http://www.fluentusers.com/support/solutions/1086/mirror.tar.gz

How to use the fortran program ?

* This fortran program is used to flip a given interpolation
* file corresponding to a case where only half of the domain
* is solved
* This program will work for 2D or 3D
* The 1st interpolation file must correspond to a case where
* the symmetry plane is at (y,z) or (x,z) or (x,y) plane
* If the symmetry plane is not as above, translate the mesh
* first so that the above condition is satified before
* writing the 1st interpolation file
* The default name of the 1st interpolation file is half.ip
* and the flipped interpolation file is other-half.ip
* You could change the namings and then compile this program

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