Accesing the corresponding cells on either side of a wall - wall shadow zone.

It is sometimes necessary to reference the cells on either side of the wall/wall-shadow zone. Mostly to get the temperature difference. But F_C1 does not work here. Instead, there are a couple of macros that work here -
Thread *t_shadow=THREAD_SHADOW(t);
face_t f_shadow=F_SHADOW(f,t);
These are defined in "mem.h".
The resolution below contains a UDF that uses these macors to compute the temperature difference between a solid cell and fluid cell separated by a wall - wall shadow zone.
#include "udf.h"
#define wall_id 11 /*change this number according to your case */

Domain *d=Get_Domain(1);
Thread *wall_t=Lookup_Thread(d,wall_id); /* get the wall thread*/
Thread *wall_shadow_t=THREAD_SHADOW(wall_t); /*get the wall shadow thread */

Thread *wall_cell_t,*shadow_cell_t;
cell_t wall_c,shadow_c;
face_t f,f_shadow;
real temp_diff;

begin_f_loop(f,wall_t) /* loop over all the faces of the wall */
wall_cell_t=THREAD_T0(wall_t); /* get the cell zone in the wall side */

f_shadow=F_SHADOW(f,wall_t); /*get the corresponding face in the shadow thread */

shadow_cell_t=THREAD_T0(wall_shadow_t); /*get the cell sone in the shadow side */

Message("Temp Diff = %gn",temp_diff);


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