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*** Entered By: jcooper @ 06/13/2006 10:08 AM ****
Q :

What does the following expert parameter do exactly?

"accept non overlap partitions = t"

<br><br>This parameter arose out of a solver cleanup for situations where a single domain consists of 2 or more physically unconnected pieces (assemblies). When the partitioner...

Why does ANSYS and Workbench 10.0 SP 1 installation hang on my Windows XP pro 32-bit machine?

It was determined, in this case, that Symantec Backup Management was causing the problem.<br> Once the service was stopped, the installation proceeded without any problems.

When a user opens a file in v10 that was created in v10 SP1 he gets "the file was saved in a future version", as expected.
Then another message "do you want to save the changes?" Y/N/Cancel.
Picking any option takes you back to the first message. The only way out of this loop is killing WB from task manager.

This is a known defect that is fixed in v11.0.


I performed an AC analysis using a 2D axisymmetric model of a coil wrapped around a permeable core. I calculated coil inductance L by two ways: magnetic energy (W) computation that gives L by W=1/2Li2, and flux computation (F) that gives L by F=Li (i is the coil current). The two values obtaines for L do not match. Why ?


The inconsistency you see probably stems from the way you are post processing AC results. In your input file, the SENERGY macro is used to extract AC stored magnetic energy, which is a "time averaged" value for a complete cycle of operation. There are no electrically conductive parts in your model, so results are pure real. In this special case, AC energy is exactly half the DC energy associated with the real part of the results, and an energy based assessment of inductance may be accomplished 2 ways:

1) Use SENERGY,,1 to extract time averaged stored magnetic energy W_ac. Evaluate energy-based inductance L_energy using W_ac = 1/2*L_energy*i_rms^2, where i_rms is the root mean square of the amplitude of the coil current i, i.e., i_rms = i/sqrt(2)

2) Use SENERGY,,0 to extract the instantaneous stored magnetic energy associated with the real part of the solution, W_dc, which prevails when the electrical angle is zero. Evaluate energy-based inductance L_energy using W_dc = 1/2*L_energy*i^2, where i is the amplitude of the coil current

You have used the time averaged AC energy with the amplitude of the coil current rather than the rms current, which leads to an incorrect result.

Attached a modified version of your input file that evaluates energy-based inductance both ways. Results are identical:

L_energy = 5.064e-7 H

Next, your flux-based evaluation of inductance considers flux passing through the coil at a section halfway along its length. If I plot fluxlines, I see significant flux leakage between the midspan and the ends of the coil. I therefore used 2 paths: one to evaluate flux at the coil midspan and an

QUESTION:<br><br><br>I performed an AC analysis using a 2D axisymmetric model of a coil wrapped around a permeable core. I calculated coil inductance L by two ways: magnetic...

I used Stochastic failure option in material failure model. How to view fragmentation?

First set plot type to Material Status, make sure you see the failed material elements at the cycle that you want to view fragmentation.<br><br>Then make sure the stochastic variable...

Q. When a hyperelastic material is defined for SHELL181 element, it seems like we are mixing up EPELZ and EPELX strain components in /POST1.
For linear elastic material, the strains look correct. Switch to hyperelastic material with all other things equal, the x and z components are mysteriously reversed.
If I run same test on a solid block with SOLID185, the numbers look correct. What is wrong?

A. This was a code defect (#43324) at ANSYS10.A1. It has been corrected for 11.0.

Q. When a hyperelastic material is defined for SHELL181 element, it seems like we are mixing up EPELZ and EPELX strain components in /POST1.<br>For linear elastic material, the strains look...

I'm having problems importing BladeGen files created with BladeModeller into DesignModeler 10.0. When I click generate in DesignModeler, I get an error next to Blade1. When I right click on Blade1 and select show errors, the following error message appears:

Error: Empty Selection
Context: Named Selection Feature Blade1

What is the problem?

<br><br>This error typically occurs when there are no model units selected for the BladeGen model. Go into BladeGen, and click Model > Properties, and enter the appropriate...

When importing my BladeModeler geometry into CFX Mesh, under Model > Regions I only see Default 2D Region. How can I get the named selections created by BladeEditor in DesignModeler into CFX Mesh?

Prior to opening CFX Mesh, click on the DesignModeler geometry on the Project Page. Under Default Geometry Options, click the box beside Named Selections, and delete the NS from the text box...

When I click "Initialize all" in TurboPost, I get a warning message:

Failed to initialize component 'Component 1' in
domain 'S1' for conversion type 'Cartesian to Turbo'

The component then turns red in the Object tree, and has a little exclamation point instead of a checkmark. What is the problem?

The reason for this message is because one of the regions in this component is incorrect. To fix the problem, double click on the component in the object tree. Then try the...

How do I create an ANSYS Classic Toolbar button for the Component Manager?

The attached file "ANSYSSTANDARD.TLB" has the necessary ANSYS 10.0 UIDL<br> commands to create a Component Manager Toolbar button. The attached file<br> ...

This only affects Windows based installations. The Compaq Visual Fortran compiler will not be used to compile CFX-11.0. For CFX-10.0 users who wish to procure a compiler, it therefore makes sense to use the Intel Compiler which will be used for CFX-11.0. However, it is not immediately obvious how to use the Intel compiler with CFX-10.0.

<br><br>The required steps are shown below. The procedure is quite involved, but by following these instructions, it should be possible to obtain a working installation. It is...

Will ANSYS 10.0 sp1 run on Windows 2003 Server x64?

Yes, ANSYS/WB 10.0 sp1 should work fine on Windows 2003 Server x64 Edition.


I am using SOLID5/98 coupled field element, keyoption(1) = 1 (VOLT, TEMP, MAG) to calculate magnetostatic field due to current conduction in a solid conductor. In POST1, I can plot JS (the electric field calculation is being performed correctly), however there appears to be no B field. How do I make the element work correctly?


In the small test model attached to this solution, I used the following:


Note: This model still produces no B field plot on a 64 bit system. Defect 48582 has been filed regarding this problem.

QUESTION:<br><br>I am using SOLID5/98 coupled field element, keyoption(1) = 1 (VOLT, TEMP, MAG) to calculate magnetostatic field due to current conduction in a solid conductor. In...

I have requested some transient statistics for an additional variable in a multiphase set up, and the transient average of the additional variable does not appear in the res file.
Is there a workaround?

This is a bug in CFX-10, which has been fixed in CFX-11: the problem is that, in a multiphase run, CFX-Pre allows the user to select an additional variable with the syntax 'Fluid...

What initialisation options are accepted by the CFX solver and how can these be accessed?

For variable field initialisation, the CFX solver accepts four possible options:<br><br>- Automatic with value<br><br>This is the most common option and is recommended for...

I am running the ANSYS CFX 10 solver on a Linux cluster - Opteron AMD64 machines with RedHat Linux Enterprise 4 update 3 installed. On the Solver Manager window I have noticed that the number of iterations showing in the out file text at the right hand side of the window can be many iterations (up to 50) behind the number of iterations showing on the residuals graph in the main window which is very frustrating.

This happens whether I run the solver in serial or parallel mode.

The output problem you are seeing on the ANSYS CFX 10 solver manager is a known problem; it only occurs on the Linux AMD64 platform and is caused by the I/O buffer for the output file not being...

Why does a double precision run with user fortran stop in parallel complaining about missing libraries, when the double precision libraries are available?

This is because when running double precision, the partitioning stage is done using the single precision solver executable, which itself calls for the single precision libraries of the user...

Q. I have a series of points in CFX Post. I would like the points to display the fluid pressure value in text next to the point. Is this possible?

A. Firstly, I assume you have created a set of point objects, and so they appear as cross-hairs on your model in Post. These will be called Point 1, Point 2,.... etc. These points will probably be defined by x,y,z coords, but if they are defined by node number, or variable max/min then you will need to extract the coords using the Probe function (probe for x,y and z) using the function calculator.
Next you need to create a text object, and edit the Text String to read 'Pressure = <aa>'. Check the Embed Auto Annotation box, and change the type to Expression. The expression you need to enter should read 'probe(Pressure)@Point 1'. Then change to the Location tab for the Text object, and change the Position Mode for the point to read 'Three Coords', and then enter the x,y,z position of Point 1. Click apply and you should see the Pressure written next to the cross-hair. Adjust the text size/font (on the Appearance tab) as you see fit. Then repeat this text box creation procedure, but adjust the expression to read 'Point 2', and enter the coords of Point 2 instead. And so on.

This should get you what you want. However, if you are likely to be moving the points around, or changing the max/min variable and hence its location, you could actually get the text to update its position automatically. Right click on the text object, and Edit in Command Editor. Then find the entry that says Text Position and change this to read:
Text Position = probe(X)@Point 1, probe(Y)@Point 1,probe(Z)@Point 1
and click Process (change the Point number appropriately for each point/text combination). Then the text will stay attached to the point.

Q. I have a series of points in CFX Post. I would like the points to display the fluid pressure value in text next to the point. Is this possible?<br><br>A. Firstly, I assume you have...

How do I start Workbench 10.0 on Unix?

<br>On a Linux operating system, type the command "WB_Installation_directory"/linux_ia32/ansys_inc/v100/aisol/startpage<br>On a Solaris operating system, type the...

When importing the geometry into DesignModeler (DM), I see the error message "Model size is out of range". How can I get the model to successfully read into DM?

While importing the CAD geometry into DM, the program will use a block centered at the origin with radius as 500 meter to block the geometry that is outside of this block region. This is the...

Is it possible to retrieve a POST26 variable name? The NSOL command allows one to associate
a name to a given variable. Is it possible to later retrieve the name assigned to a given
variable, either through a *get or similar fashion? *get,par,vari,... will allow one to retrieve
many items for a given variable, with the exception of the name.

Below is a simple model followed by the POST26 commands that use the print module<br>status output as input to a string array that is further manipulated to get the variable...

I have received a license file for our UNIX license server. I cannot install it with the Run the License Wizard button on the ANSYS License manager; I get a message:

The Host id of the machine does not match with the host id in the license file

Start the ANSYS FLEXlm License Manager on the license server. Select the option Display the License Server Hostid and note the value showing against the variable FLEXID, including the case of any...

Have you got any tips on converging high speed flows with CFX?

In addition to the advice given in the solution 'How to solve supersonic Laval nozzle flows quickly ' (ID 468798), we can also make the following...

ANSYS CFX 10.0 does not run on an Intel Woodcrest architecture, wrong architecture string is resolved.

<br><br>Check the Host Architecture String in the hosts.ccl file, located in the installation directory under /CFX-10.0/config<br>In the hosts.ccl should be a line that says...

I can't start the help from inside Autodyn (stand alone or in WB)

<br>If you cannot start the online help by clicking CONTENTS under the pull-down menu HELP, you need to change your security setting of internet options in your computer. If the operation...