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Customer has some RSM jobs that were deleted but reappear after rebooting his machine.
How can these jobs be removed so they no longer appear in the RSM window.

Apparently, for some reason the service is not being stopped gracefully on Windows Shutdown, so the database is not saved.<br><br>To permanently remove the files:<br><br>1)...

How can I update a Workbench Simulation input parameter (e.g., Point Mass, Force, etc.) as a function of a CAD parameter that is brought into Simulation?

Bring up the Parameter Manager in Simulation. Here, each parameter has an ID assigned to it (P1, P2, etc.). In the field that says "Expression," type in the expression that will...

How can I access time and spatial derivatives of variables with CFX?

<br>The following applies to CFX 11.0 SP1. Additional capabilities may be available in future releases.<br><br>Time derivatives are partially supported in CEL; Velocity time...

**** Entered By: rlange @ 05/01/2008 03:14 PM ****
######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 745793 ########

Q. I have a CFX model with multiple domains I am using in CFX 11.0. Constant domain physics is not being enforced, and I see no way to activate it. How can this be?

A. The default CFX behavior is that constant domain physics is enforced. If, under OPTIONS in CFX-Pre (edit), you enable Beta features, a flag to turn off the enforcement of constant domain physics appears when you right click on Simulation in CFX-Pre. If it is turned off, and then beta features are deactivated, the constant domain physics enforcement will stay deactivated. You have to turn beta features back on and then activate the constant domain physics.

**** Entered By: rlange @ 05/01/2008 03:14 PM ****<br>######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 745793 ########<br><br>Q. I have a CFX model with multiple domains I am using in...

I feel that result item TENE is not very clearly defined in the documentation. How is it defined, what is its physical significance, and how is it related to Joule heating in a SOLID69 thermoelectric model?

The best way to determine how it is calculated and therefore what it represents physically is to create a test model using SOLID69. In the attached input file, APDL was used in POST1 to determine...

######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 748082 ########

Q. I want to export vorticity to my CFX results file. I've been told I can simply change the Export to postprocessor setting from NO to YES in the VARIABLES file, but although I can see that file in the installation, I do not have permission to change it. What can I do?

A. First create a CCL file (mycclfile.ccl) from the VARIABLES file that looks like what is below. This is just the section of the VARIABLES file that deals with vorticity. Then from the launcher open a command window and execute:

cfx5solve 'def cylinder5.def 'ini cylinder5_004.res -ccl mycclfile.ccl

The contents of mycclfile.ccl

VARIABLE: vorticity
Option = Definition
Long Name = Vorticity
Tensor Type = VECTOR
Quantity = Shear Strain Rate
Status = D
CEL Root =/FLOW/PHYSICS/{Zone}/{Fluid}
User Level = 2
Output to Jobfile = No
Output to Postprocessor = Yes
Component Short Names =
vorticity x,
vorticity y,
vorticity z
Component Long Names =
Vorticity X,
Vorticity Y,
Vorticity Z
Old Component Long Names =
Vorticity x Component,
Vorticity y Component,
Vorticity z Component
Component MMS Names =
Variable Scope = PHASE, GLOBAL
General Availability = ADAPTION, RESULTS, MONITOR, CEL,
Variable Class = HYDRO
Field Variable = True

######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 748082 ########<br><br>Q. I want to export vorticity to my CFX results file. I've been told I can simply change the Export to...

If two particle transport results files are loaded into CFX-Post simultaneously, then some of the track variables, such as Particle_Material.Temperature, are not available for one of the results files.

This is due to a bug in the CFX Post reading functionality.

WORKAROUND:<br>The problem does not occur for normal individual load of results files, so the only partial workaround is to look at the results of the cases...

How can I list nodal coordinates/rotations with additional significant figures?

For nodal coordinates, you can use the NLIST command with "Lcoord" set to "COORD". This will list only the coordinates, with additional significant...

I have calculated results in ANSYS but would like to scale them. How can I do that?

Results can be scaled using a load case operation. First the load case must be created then the result in the load case can be scaled. The attached input...

How do I setup ICEBOARD (TASPCB) licensing for the Gerber ECAD interface?

Iceboard/TASPCB uses ECAD interfaces to import circuit board data for analysis, similar to the way CAD readers are used for ANSYS Workbench.<br><br>Iceboard/TASPCB versions 3.2.114 and...

Do you have an example showing how to use inertia relief to perform calculations of inertial properties in WB?

Attached to this solution: WB model with command object that uses inertia relief to calculate inertial properties written out to text file "inertial_props.txt". Once the solve is...

I am having difficulty importing a mesh created with Gambit into CFX-Pre.
I get the error message "Unable to import mesh: Premature end of file detected when read Face Tree" when trying to import the msh format file.

The mesh imports in Fluent. I tried importing the mesh into Fluent and saving, then importing into CFX-Pre. That seems to work, but the imported mesh has an issue. In one region of the mesh that was created using "Hex Core" the faces of the hex elements and the neighboring pyramid elements were put into 2d regions, which CFX-Pre insists bound the 3D fluid region.
The problem doesn't exist on volume regions generated using Hex.

<br><br>The issue relates to Gambit's ability to split quad faces between the hexcore and tet regions. This will form a many-to-one interface and/or unreadable data structure...

I am interested in "Automeshing a GaAs FET", but there is no GaAs directory or GaAs step1.mod, step2.mod, ... files. There is only GaAs.mod. Where can I get the GaAs example directory?

The GaAs FET example referred to in the Help file is obsolete.<br><br>Attached to this solution is part of the TAS class manual with the step-by-step process and the FET Preprocessor...

I would like to ensure my meshed solid model has nodes at predefined locations, but I'm using auto meshing. How can I force nodes at certain locations on a solid model?

There is a little-used command in ANSYS, HPTCREATE, that allows hard points to be placed as specific locations. These hard points force the ANSYS mesher to place nodes at those locations. Hard...

Class 3 Error

If the Schmehl secondary break-up model is used without the viscosity for the droplet material being set, then the droplets will break up to the minimum allowable droplet diameter. This is incorrect and may not be noticeable.

This is due to the solver not checking whether the viscosity is set, and then using a non-physical zero value when it

WORKAROUND:<br>Ensure the viscosity is set.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0. A custom executable for ANSYS CFX 11.0 SP1 is available on request.

A CatiaV5 model fails to attach into DesignModeler. This most often occurs with surface-body models imported using the CADNEXUS/Capri Gateway for CatiaV5.

- In DM > Show Errors or Warnings
ANSYS DesignModeler 11.0 Error
Error: Model size is out of range
Context: Attach Feature Import1

- Attaching the same model into Simulation shows a very large rectangular surface body. Suppressing this large rectangular body in Simulation and zooming To fit shows the correct Catia model.

The problem is caused by Sketch Construction Planes in CatiaV5. The workaround is to Hide these Sketch Planes, Save As, then Import the model. This is possible because the CADNEXUS/Capri Gateway...

Does the Workbench 11.0SP1 plugin provide support for Autodesk Inventor 2009 x64?

On 32-bit Windows, Inventor 2009 is not officially tested, but appears to work with 11.0SP1 with the same plugin as 2008.<br><br>On 64-bit Windows, Inventor 2009 is now 64-bit native....

Can you provide a test that shows that CMS superelements, rotated with SETRAN, give a correct solution?

Yes. Here is a test that creates a 20x20 plate with a CMS superelement (free method) and three rotated duplicates using rotational SETRAN commands. The superelement matches a non-CMS modal...

Using embedded Perl to Generate CEL expressions.

PROBLEM:<br><br>How can I generate a large number of similar CEL expressions in CFX 11.0? I don't want to do this by hand as it is error prone and...

When installing ANSYS products on a Windows 64bit machine, the installation seems to hang and will not proceed. What causes this?
What are the steps to allow the installation to finish?

When ANSYS products are installing, there is a point in the installation where a message is sent<br>to the system to inform all processes of new environment variables that were set. Some...

Security installation for AQWA and ASAS fails with the following message:

The file `UNWISE.EXE' could not be opened. Please check that your disk is not full and that you have access to the destination directory.

What is causing this message to occur?

There is an issue with the script that requires write access (for some unknown reason) to the directory it is being run from. This can oocur if running the security installation script directly...

Class 3 Error

A multiphase case (with at least two Eulerian phases) which has a Lagrangian particle phase which transfers mass to an Eulerian phase and uses the coupled volume fraction method for its solution gives incorrect results. The results are correct if the Eulerian fluid involved in mass transfer from the Lagrangian particles has a density of exactly 1 in solver units, but incorrect otherwise. In a well-converged case, it may be noticed that the imbalances of some equations (those which have a contribution from the Particle Source) are significantly larger than for the other equations, but for a less well-converged case this will not be noticeable.

The fluid density normalisation was incorrectly coded in th

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0. A custom executable for ANSYS CFX 11.0 SP1 is available on request.

In Autodesk Inventor, how do you extract the fluid volume from geometry of the solid.

<br><br>1) Make sure all ¿openings¿ in your model are capped off ¿ creating a fully enclosed volume<br>2) Generate a separate part with single solid that...

Error in the RSM log:

> Executing command: C:Program FilesANSYS
> Incv110ANSYSbinIntelANSYS110.exe -b nolist -s noread -m 262 -db
> 212 -np 2 -p ansys -i remote.dat -o solve.out (5/21/2008 11:42:41 AM)
> The system cannot find the path specified. (5/21/2008 11:42:46 AM)
> Remote ANSYS process ended. (5/21/2008 11:42:47 AM)

Machine Info:
Name = Computer1
OS = Windows XP 32bit
Remote Solve Manager and Compute Server:
Name = Computer2
OS = Windows XP x64


The user is experiencing this error because they are using a roaming profile. With a roaming profiles your user settings, Application Data, HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry entries, and User environment variables are all transferred to any machine you log into on the network.
Since RSM uses network accounts to submit jobs, when the user tried to send an analysis to the remote solve manager/computer server, their user environment variables were also transferred to that machine. On a Windows computer your user environment variables will overtake the system environment variables.
This means that the user variable for a 32bit machine ("ANSYS_SYSDIR=Intel") was being used instead ofthe system variable for the 64bit machine ("ANSYS_SYSDIR=winx64").


Workaround:<br>Verified that the following system environment variables were set on this machine (Computer1).<br> ANSYS_SYSDIR<br> ANSYS_SYSDIR32<br> ...

In problems where all domain interfaces have been set up using the automatic option, the solver may give incorrect results when domain interfaces are close together. This might be especially true for thin solid domains when errors will be obtained in temperature values and energy balance.

There is a limitation of the GGI intersection algorithm when all the domain interfaces are grouped into the same default interface, and the separation distance between the interfaces is very small relative to the mesh size.

WORKAROUND:<br>Use the expert parameter 'ggi separation factor'.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>No fix is currently available.