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When postprocessing a FLOTRAN analysis, I get a series of errors regarding the available memory. How can I avoid this?

On typical Windows systems, the maximum address space available to ANSYS is 2GB. However, once you are in the middle of an ANSYS run, this 2GB is broken up into pieces/blocks. Some blocks of...

What is the maximum node number that can be written with CDWRITE?

You can use 9.999.999 as the maximum node number when archiving a model with CDWRITE or when you are<br>using doing submodeling and writing the files file.NODE and file.CBDO. Just storing...

Why does my PSD analysis fail with a fatal error?

ANSYS 10.0 aborts during the psd combination if an OUTRES specification<br>by component is added in the psd pass. This is caused by a mismatch<br>in what's on the rst during...

Why does ANSYS 10.0 abort during CDWRITE/CDREAD of a database with cyclic symmetry?
I am using the CDWRITE,DB option.

CDWRITE.DB does not write the edge components when they are solid model based, so<br>the data is incomplete. In ANSYS 11.0 CDWRITE,DB will not output cyclic settings if...

Is it possible to do a large-deflection prestressed harmonic analysis (full method) similar to large-deflection modal? "A prestressed analysis may not be performed when the previous analysis had NLGEOM,ON."

It isn't a standard feature, but the following input script shows a workaround using the UPCOORD command to<br>provide the large deflection geometry. That allows a normal prestressed...

How can I get around the 1000 mode limit in a spectrum analysis?
Can I run the spectrum analysis in segments?

Yes, you could do a spectrum in segments. The participation factor<br>of each mode is independent of the other modes that are used.<br>If you are using the SRSS combination technique,...

Why don't my pipe 18 results for a u-bend show bending stress and an unbalanced force
associated with the greater surface area at the outer radius?

The pipe18 element is assumed to have closed ends. The end cap forces balance out<br>the imbalance between the inner and outer radius surface areas.

Why does ANSYS 10.0 evaluate the polynomial defined below at +/-9999 degrees
and not the two temperatures I specified? ANSYS 7.1 evaluated this polynomial at
0 and 875 degrees as I intended.


In ANSYS 10.0, if you only use two temperatures with the polynomial option<br>for temp-dependent material property input, the polynomial is evaluated at +/-9999<br>as would be done for...

Can I apply acceleration to a CMS superelement in ANSYS 10.0? I am running a
transient analysis.

You can apply the acceleration to the CMS superlement as a load vector as demonstrated<br>in the input below. You can also apply the acceleration to the superelement in the use...

Why is my macro to compute average power not equalling zero? Theory says
that the average power for a capacitor is zero.

Your macro calculates power based on current and voltage, which are slightly<br>out of sync since you are using an electrostatic element which solves for charge<br>and computes current...

Why are my PSD results different in ANSYS 10.0 and older versions?

At 10.0 we changed the tolerance on the matrix inversion routine that the PSD<br>curve fitting uses so at 10.0 the curve fit fails and is not error trapped [Ref: Defect 38634]<br>A...

Why does CDREAD assign a section number of 1 to shells with no section data?
We read Shell Data from different sources into one database. Some Shells use REAL Constants, some do not.
The Problem is that CDREAD automatically assigns a Section ID of 1 to the shells defined with only real constants.
This causes problems if section ID 1 is subsequently defined. Could 0 be used instead of 1?

This was done to be consistent with ANSYS standards. It was a topic of serious discussion when sections were<br>introduced and the use of 1 was chosen deliberately [Ref: Feature Request 38646]

Why is a large deflection prestressed modal with CORIOLIS,ON giving incorrect results
in ANSYS 10.0?

This analysis requires PSOLVE,ELFORM, but this is error trapped with NLGEOM,ON, so it<br>isn't possible. It won't be necessary to issue PSOLVE,ELFORM in ANSYS 11.0 [Ref:...

Is the order in which fields are imported relevant in the MFS?

In ANSYS, Release 10.0, the field order is relevant if the MFIMPORT command is used to import the field information and one of the fields is a fluid field containing FLOTRAN elements. Material...

Is it necessary to explicitly deactivate morphing before writing a command file that pertains to elements with structural DOFs in the MFS?

In ANSYS, Release 10.0, if morphing was previously activated in the MFS, it is necessary to explicitly deactivate it before writing a structural command file that pertains to elements with...

Can table loads be used with the MFS?

In ANSYS, Release 10.0, table loads can be used with the MFS. The multi-field time set with the MFTIME command will be recognized as the primary variable TIME.

Is the default force convergence value adequate in electrostatic-structural MEMS simulations using the MFS?

In ANSYS, Release 10.0, the default convergence value of 1e-3 is often inadequate for the electrostatic force in electrostatic-structural MEMS simulations using the MFS. If the uMKS unit system...

Are there any examples of MPC contact used to set up rigid constraints
on opposite ends of two blocks joined with bonded contact after the gap
between the blocks is closed, thereby setting up a preload? The blocks
then need to be rotated 90 degrees about a distant point, where the pilot
nodes of the MPC contact are located.

Yes, please see the attached ANSYS 10.0 MPC contact example. It is<br> fully commented, so please refer to the input file for the model...

Q) Is it possible to get ProE Wildfire 2 Mechanica to work with ANSYS R10.0 solver without the ANSYS ProFEA product?

A) It is possible to have the Mechanica mesher export a mesh file (nodes, elements, loads, materials, etc) in an Ansys format. I have attached a png image that shows the ProE Mechanica Export GUI panel, and a zipped copy of this output file. The header shows that ProE is using an Ansys 7.1 format. Be sure to set the element type to quadratic, or PTC will output a 4 noded tet element (SOLID73) which has been un-documented.

Q) Is it possible to get ProE Wildfire 2 Mechanica to work with ANSYS R10.0 solver without the ANSYS ProFEA product?<br><br><br>A) It is possible to have the Mechanica mesher...

Do you have an overview of Thermoelectric capabilities in ANSYS?

A paper entitled "Finite Elements for Thermoelectric Device Analysis in ANSYS"<br>is attached.

Why is my Simulation database corrupting almost immediately in 9.0 and 10.0?

This is being caused by the use of a percent symbol (%)<br>in the material name [Ref: Defect 38758.] A workaround is to change the name at 9.0<br>and then resume the database into...

Cannot find GETNOD, ELMGET, MPGET routines in ANSYS.lib
When porting some external command routines from Release 9.0 to Release 10.0 on an XP machine,
we encountered an issue. Three ANSYS routines (GETNOD, ELMGET, MPGET) that we are using do not
seem to be in ANSYS.lib. Have they been moved to a different library?

The ANSYS.lib sent with the initial release of 10.0 was linked with the small export list that does not<br>include those three routines (along with others). A systems specialist linked it...

When I use PRSECT on an axisymmetric 3D model, can I set RHO = -1 to indicate it is
axisymmetric section, or should RHO always be 0 for 3-D structures even if they are axisymmetric
in nature?

PRSECT,[RHO=-1] only applies to axisymmetric elements, not 3D axisymmetric structures<br>[Ref: Feature Request 39307]

Why is file.tri being written when performing large deflection prestressed PSD in ANSYS 10.0?
This file grows to a remarkable (>40GB) size. Is there any way to prevent this file from being written?

This is an error in the PSOLVE command [Ref: Defect 39479.]<br>It is fixed in 11.0.<br><br>A possible workaround is to run an additional static load step with a single iteration...

Why isn't hard line sizing with Named Selections working in Simulation 10.0? Only the soft line sizing is possible.

Hard line sizing of edges is available in the details window in Simulation 10.0. If it is specified on line bodies,<br>not edges, that will not work.