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How can I *GET the normal pressure of a WB bearing load in ANSYS?
When I *GET the element pressure it is always the same.

The bearing load is a constant directed pressure applied with SURF154.<br>That is the value being retrieved with *GET. The only way to retrieve the normal component<br>of pressure...

Why is *GET of node count after modal analysis with CMS superelement wrong?

*GET is including the extra nodes used by the CMS superelement.

Why don't weak springs in my all beam model in Workbench 10.0 prevent zero pivots?
I am getting the error below.

*** ERROR *** CP = 0.844 TIME= 11:32:01
Smallest negative equation solver pivot term encountered at UZ DOF of
node 67. Check for an insufficiently constrained model.

The weak springs were being incorrectly attached to the BEAM188 orientation node.<br>This is fixed in 11.0 (Ref: Defect 55987.)

Why won't WB 10.0 let me use a previous thermal solution as the initial temps for a transient?

It¿s because you did a thermal-stress analysis. If you delete the normal stress<br>result quantity it works.

Why does the WB 10.0 GUI seems to hang while mapping temperatures?
The customer is performing a thermal-stress analysis within Simulation 10.0.
The Solution Information window indicates that the thermal temperatures are
being transferred to the structural mesh by providing the following feedback for each node:


The customer's model has over 250k nodes and it seems like the solution information window
is hanging trying to echo that information for each node. It turns out that we are able to determine
that the solution completed by going directly to the solve.out file in the solver working directory, but
looking at the solution information window, it was hung at the point where it was echoing the temperature
data being applied to the nodes. He is therefore unable to view results of the model in DS.

There was a error in 10.0 that could cause this. In a thermal-stress analysis,<br>a BF command is issued for each node. At 10,0 we forgot to set a /NOPR before the BF's were...

Why does a WB 11.0 solution fail when I request mid-side noded shells?

Mid-side noded shells is a beta feature that unfortunately will not be<br>supported in 11.0.

How does one do a coupled HF-thermal-structural modal
analysis? The customer knows how to scale the heat fluxes
based on the obtained H field.

If you do a google search on: ansys cavity accelerator<br>you will find many papers on this. Here are some of the links<br><br><a target=_blank...

Why am I not getting any results from my mode-sup harmonic with CMS superelements?

You have to do two expansion passes: expand the mode superposition solution and then the superelements.<br>When merging the results files, it is necessary to create two separate files: one...

Why can't I reset RSYS,SOLU to RSYS,0 after a psd analysis? Somehow
RSYS,SOLU got set and it doesn't support PowerGraphics.

The program blocks that because after a psd analysis, the 1 sigma results<br>cannot be transformed into another coordinate system. It should never be possible<br>to use PowerGraphics...

How do you set up a nested rotation in CFX-10.0?

In general, specifying a rotating domain inside a rotating domain in CFX-Pre does<br>not move the axis of the rotated domain. This needs to be done as a moving mesh...

Why does this tapered BEAM188 model give the message below that
integration point is outside of end stations?

*** ERROR *** CP = 4.688 TIME= 12:58:02
Element 1 integration 1 point is located outside of end stations.
Please verify section input -0.983109446. / - please check the ftp site***

Tapered beams have to lie on a line between the sections<br>used to define the taper. I listed tapered section 10 below.<br>Element one¿s nodes don't lie between these...

What is wrong with this 3 conductor coplanar wave guide model? I am using
the new modal port feature in ANSYS 10.0. Is my voltage and current path defined
correctly to obtain the characteristic impedance of the modal port?

If the outer conductors are not grounded you will have mixed<br>modes (3 modes possible.) This could cause poor results compared to<br>a benchmark solution. If there is no lossy...

Is a Multiphase license needed when running an Inhomogeneous Multiphase run?

The following describes licensing options concerning Multiphase and Homogeneous runs:<br><br>1) Homogeneous (ON) multiphase runs do not require a multiphase license; users can solve...

I am getting the following error when I start DesignModeler in Workbench 10:

Script Error
Line: 14390
Char: 2
Error: 'ag.theParamsButton.Check' is null or not an object
Code: 800a138f
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error
Script: if ((unconditional) || (ag.theParamsButton.Check))

The temporary directory which DesignModeler wants to use might no longer exist on your machine. To set the temporary directory to a valid one:<br><br>1) start ANSYS Workbench...

What is the maximum size of a real gas table?

The maximum file size limits, which on a 32 bit windows machine is a 2 GB file. Practically though they will be limited by memory.<br><br>64 bit windows/unix or 32 bit linux should...

Do you have any 2D axisymmetric examples of a hyperelastic seal analysis?

Yes, please see the attached ANSYS 10.0 model. A customer sent in the<br> request below and this PLANE182 model was made in response. Please<br> refer to the input file for a...

Class 3 Error

The local values of a boundary mass source are incorrect when using the Mass Flux option and the source is defined as a function of position (x,y,z).

This is due to a memory overwrite in the solver data structures when using the Mass Flux option for boundary sources. Note that this also applies to Mass Flux boundary sources defined with User CEL Functions which use the same variables passed

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 11.0 Update 1.

Does ANSYS have any references on how to interpret Design Xplorer Parameter Sensivities, Trade-Off Plots, Single Parameter Sensivities and Spider Charts?

Below is a list of references on probabilistic/reliability designs - from primer to advanced users.<br><br>Note: These references are not available from...


Do you have an example demonstrating a procedure for using surface losses calculated by a HF electromagnetic modal analysis of a cavity as heat source for a thermal analysis of the cavity walls?


The attached input file demostrates a procedure using physics environments and the LDREAD command. Use of the SFSCALE command is also used successfully used to scale surface flux from the HF emag results which has arbitrary amplitude due to normalization

QUESTION:<br><br>Do you have an example demonstrating a procedure for using surface losses calculated by a HF electromagnetic modal analysis of a cavity as heat source for a thermal...

User tries to run ANSYS 11.0 on Sun Solaris 10 and receives the following:

Error in startup script: couldn't load file "/ansys_inc/v110/commonfiles/launcher/lib/ansinfo/../usIII/": wish: fatal: relocation error: file /ansys_inc/v110/ansys/syslib/usIII/ symbol _siguhandler: referenced symbol not found
while executing
"load /ansys_inc/v110/commonfiles/launcher/lib/ansinfo/../usIII/ ansinfo"
("package ifneeded" script)
invoked from within
"package require ansinfo"
(file "/ansys_inc/v110/commonfiles/launcher/LauncherMain.itcl" line 55)

How do I eliminate this error?

Perform the following:<br>1. cd /ansys_inc/v110/ansys/syslib/usIII/<br>2. mv<br>3. ln -s /usr/ucblib/sparcv9/<br>Rerun...

Is there an ANSYS CAD interface available for IDEAS?

IDEAS ## NX is the old IDEAS-based CAD product with an updated User Interface (to resemble Unigraphics NX).<br>UGS bought out IDEAS several years ago. IDEAS is in maintenance mode and there...

What is the difference to import Cadence Allegro from File>Import>Cadence Allegro PCB and File>Import>ECAD>Single>Cadence Allegro?

These two methods use different extract files. To import Cadence Allegro from File>Import>Cadence Allegro PCB, there should be 10 extract files required, but through...

Q. I submitted an FSI analysis using FLOTRAN and ANSYS. The case appears to run correctly but the analysis terminates with messages "Missing parameter= ." and " Undefined parameter used as boundary condition.". I reproduced the error on release 10.0 and 11.0.

A. This is due to a bug in the MFS setup with FLOTRAN. The workaround is to reverse the order of the field solutions. Since the problem you submit is essentially driven by the solid, the first FLOTRAN solution is essentially a trivial one. But it doesn't hurt anything and takes little time.

Q. I submitted an FSI analysis using FLOTRAN and ANSYS. The case appears to run correctly but the analysis terminates with messages "Missing parameter= ." and " Undefined...

It is not clear from the documentation whether you can use the hyperelastic curve-fitting routines
with compressive test data. If so, how should the data be entered? Would you reverse the signs
of compressive uniaxial test data and enter them as positive equi-biaxial tensile data?

For the uniaxial test, just start with the most negative strain and keep increasing to zero strain<br> and then continue on in the positive range (see attached ANSYS 10.0 example). ...

######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 570757 ########


I have a tab-delimited text file containing many stress-strain data points. I would like to use this data to define some kind of nonlinear material property law in an ANSYS/LS-Dyna explicit dynamics analysis. One of the most promising options I see is the piecewise linear plasticity model (TB,PLAW,,,,8 - see Piecewise Linear Plasticity Model in the ANSYS/LS-Dyna Guide). One of the 3 documented suboptions for specifying nonlinear stress stain data for this option is to use "curves" defined by EDCURVE. Given the form of the data I have been provided, this is probably the most convenient suboption.

The problem I am having is that it is only possible to read the tab delimited data from the textfile into a table array (thsi is done using *TREAD). But creating a curve with EDCURVE is only possible using array parameters. What I can't figure out is how to get table array data into a pair of array parameters.


The attached files demonstrate use of *VFUN to copy columns of table arrays into array parameters, followed by the definition of the power law piecewise nonlinear stress strain data for ANSYS/LS-Dyna.

######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 570757 ########<br><br>QUESTION:<br><br>I have a tab-delimited text file containing many stress-strain data points. I would like to...