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How can I change the maximum number of iterations and residual target in CFX 11.0 from user Fortran?

This is possible by changing certain data areas in the memory management system (MMS). An example is provided which has the original target residual set to 1.0E-03 and the original max iterations...

User is unable to open any result file in Post. It does not appear to be a licensing issue, as other installations work, and the error message is not helpful.

It is possible that the CFX preferences file can become corrupted, so starting with fresh preferences may help when loading a new results file.Try deleting the CFX preferences file, by deleting...

I wish to make a sweep of a profile (from a sketch) along a 3D curve (as opposed to a planar one). How do I perform this operation?

Create your profile as a sketch on an arbitrary plane. Then create your 3D curve, either by coordinate input or through points, and this should give you a Line Body. Ideally the 3D curve should...

Is it possible to rotate a view in CFX-Post 11.0 by a set amount, instead of using the predefined views and the free-pan or free-rotate cursors? For example, instead of looking with the x axis towards me is it possible to move the origin and rotate around the x axis by exactly 2.5 degrees?

Within CFX-Post (and CFX-Pre too) you can click in the viewer window (so that it is the subject of focus) and then press hotkeys z or y or x to orientate the views (and hold shift for the opposite...

How to animate relative position of two rotors to each other in CFX-Post (e.g. adjacent to the single passage of a turbo-coupling, or of a torque converter)?

<br><br>1) Options: Edit Options/CFX-Post/Never Rotate<br>2) Load 1st trn-file<br>3) Define all visible objects<br> - (relative) stationary<br> - (relative)...

How to solve problem, when ANSYS ICEM CFD cannot be started directly on License Server?
All other ANSYS and ANSYS CFX programs run fine on this machine, just ANSYS ICEM CFD cannot be started, though a valid license key is available.

The problem is related to a wrong configuration of the ANSYS ICEM CFD license key within ANSYS ICEM CFD. To solve this problem, proceed as follows:<br><br>1) Execute ICEM CFD from the...

I have a simple large deflection model that has undergone a rotation. When I list the results using a cylindrical RSYS the nodal displacements appear to be in a Cartesian system. What's happening?

This is something that can be confusing in ANSYS. For a good illustration of what's happening, look in section 5.4.1 of the Basic Analysis Guide (figure 5.22).<br><br>Using a...

For the PLANE223 output quantities, what is the difference between "conduction current density" (JC) and "source current density" (JS)?

In a time-varying electrical conduction/electrostatic analysis, there is a quantity called the displacement current density, which is the derivative of the electrostatic flux density with respect...

How can I make a strain energy distribution plot for a PSD analysis? We tried using an ETABLE item with (ETABLE,name,SENE), but we could not plot it.

Not all the usual result quantities are available after a psd analysis. Only the component displacements and stresses are available. Derived quantities like strain energy are not available...

Who can I apply cyclic symmetry boundary conditions to a sector model in Simulation at 11.0. I am using the CYCLIC command in a command snippet, but the results do not look right.

For static cyclic symmetry as you are doing (as opposed to modal cyclic symmetry), it would be more efficient to use just a single sector, cyclic symmetry analysis with the CPCYC command as I...

Can a model with a superelement be used in a modal cyclic symmetry analysis in ANSYS at 11.0?

Development studied this and concluded that we cannot support a superelement in a modal cyclic symmetry analysis (CYCLIC command) ¿ we cannot duplicate the superelement correctly.

How can I extract the superelement damping matrix with HBMAT in ANSYS 11.0? I would like to extract the reduced damping matrix in Harwell-Boeing format. I have been able to successfully extract the stiffness and mass matrices. When I try to extract the damping matrix I receive the error "The selected matrix to be dumped (damping) does not exist on the chosen .SUB file (test.sub)." Is it possible? Here is my test that doesn't work.




FILE,'test','sub',' '
HBMAT,'testk','txt',' ',ASCII,STIFF,YES

! This part doesn't work
FILE,'test','sub',' '
HBMAT,'testd','txt',' ',ASCII,DAMP,YES

The documentation indicates we can only write the damping matrix for a damped modal. I tried that in the attached version of your input and it seemed to...

Can a Paramesh skin geometry, created in FEModeler, be read by DM 11.0?

No, DesignModeler 11.0 does not support the sort of faceted geometry representation that is used by FEModeler to create geometry from a legacy mesh (Geometry Synthesis).

We just discovered that the documentation for MATRIX27 has changed from ANSYS 10 to ANSYS 11. We could not find any information if the element has changed or just the documentation? Is there a bug in older versions?

Also, if you want to define the MATRIX27 element via GUI, switching to unsymmetric behavior leads to an error message in ANSYS 11.0 that KEYOPT(2)=1 is not documented.

An improved input format for unsymmetric MATRIX27 (KEYOPT(2)=2) was introduced in ANSYS 11.0 and the old format (KEYOPT(2)=1) was undocumented (but still works). The new format allows you to input...

Is there any way to prevent verify window in ANSYS 10.0, which asks if you want to proceed? The user may have left his desk for an hour or even over night and comes back to find the program is waiting for him to answer the question.

Setting NUM=0 on the /NERR command [/NERR, NMERR, NMABT, --, IFKEY, NUM] will disable the stop warning/error function, which asks the user if the solution should be suspended at a default 5...

Can a random vibration analysis be solved asynchronously (i.e., in the background) in Simulation at 11.0?

Yes, if the modal analysis has already been solved. See the specific scenarios below:<br><br>1) You set up a modal followed by PSD then try to solve both using an Asynchronous...

Why is an XYZ temperature probe of an axisymmetric model giving wrong solution in 10.0 and no solution at 11.0. Correct results are obtained when the probe is based on a vertex.

The interpolation algorithm was not intended for a 2d model with zero thickness, so the location of the XYZ location in Z was not possible. This was corrected in Defect 58215 at 12.0.

Why do Simulation plots have a "polka dot" appearance with low order elements in Simulation at 11.0?

Switching from high- to low-order elements for some of the parts using command snippets will cause this behavior. Simulation is trying to display results at non-existent mid-side nodes. A new...

Can superelements be used in a nonlinear prestressed modal analysis in ANSYS 10.0?

This capability was added through the resolution of defect 58182 in ANSYS 12.0.

Why does specifying the default ratio=1.0 affect the new SYNCHRO results in ANSYS 11.0? It results in a general rotational force analysis being done instead of an unbalanced force.

The SYNCHRO command is unlike most ANSYS commands in that specifying the default is not the same as leaving the field blank. When any numerical value is specified for ratio: [SYNCHRO,RATIO] it is...

We have some APDL scripts that were developed with Workbench 10.0 and have problems in 11.0 due to new directory structure. Our macros were developed to read a .rth file from a previous analysis in the user specified working directory for use in a current analysis:


Now in 11.0, the directory structure is different. There are new subdirectories in the working directory for the files. These subdirectory names have spaces in the names. For example, "WorkingDirectory/XXX Simulation Files/ZZZ", where "ZZZ" is the name of the environment (so that is known), and "XXX" is the name of the .dsdb file (will be different every time)

1. Is there a way in 11.0 to use the 10.0 directory structure?

2. Is there a way to find out the name of the currently loaded .dsdb file? The /STATUS and *STATUS give a "jobname" which is "file". Is there something else for Workbench?

3. The spaces in the subdirectory name created by V11 cause problems. I manually changed the APDL to include the subdirectory name created by V11 with spaces in the LDREAD command, but ANSYS compresses out the spaces and the command does not find the specified directory. How can I account for spaces in the directory names in APDL programs?

The directory structure was necessary to support postprocessing directly from the results file at Simulation 11.0. We need results to be in different directories to avoid over-writing results. It...

How can I get more numbers after the decimal for TIME in SET,LIST? SET,LIST is giving the value of TIME to only 5 significant figures.

There is no way to increase the number of significant figures for SET,LIST. You can get 6 significant figures using PRVA,1 in POST26. Also, the /FORMAT command can be used to increase this number...

Why is VT not listed as an option in DX 11.0 for this model? When I click on the DX icon in the project page I do not get the VT option after selecting the Deterministic approach.

Only MPC contact is supported for DX VT at 11.0. Your model likely contains "Pure Penalty" contact regions.

Why is the effect of the 1st load step with spectrum 1 being lost in the Multi-Point Response Spectrum (MPRS) input below?




DMPRAT,0.02 ! 2% konstant dämpning





DMPRAT,0.02 ! 2% konstant dämpning





The effect of the first load step with spectrum 1 is lost because a blank PSDFRQ command is being issued before the second spectrum is input. Reinitializing the frequency list is only necessary...

Can ANSYS 11.0 provide cross-spectral output as real and imaginary? Theory Manual 17.7.13 discusses complex nature of cross spectral input.

No, not in ANSYS 11.0.