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KNOWN ISSUE: Solver-pcmpi processes left running on windows after negative volume element error

SYMPTOM:<br>In moving mesh cases which are run on windows machines in parallel using PCMPI, the detection of a negative element normally results in the solver stopping cleanly, may cause the...

Incorrect warning message when installing on Windows 7.

Unsupported Operating System

This product does NOT support Windows Vista.
This product has not been tested or verified on this operating system.

Supported operating systems include Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7.

When installing a given product, an error message appears indicating that you are using an<br>unsupported operating system. The operating system you are using, however, is supported.

Launching Mechanical APDL results in the following error:

couldn't open "C:/tmp/Launcher.140.log": no such file or directory

The environment variables for TMP and TEMP may be incorrectly defined. The following settings should work in this case :<br>Environment variable TMP = C:tmp<br>Environment variable TEMP =...

Firewall Exceptions for Platform MPI and for FLUENT 14

You can try adding these to the exceptions list to begin with. You will notice in the list below then I am just targeting 3D. If you run in 2D or double-precision then you will have to add those...

Incorrect mouse operation on HP RGS remote tool, when using TGrid or Fluent.

When using Fluent & TGrid the middle mouse button doesn't work, the right mouse button takes the middle mapping. Clicking both left & right mouse buttons gives the right mouse...

POLYFLOW - velocity distribution is not rectilinear in a single Poiseuille flow when the mini-element is used. What is happening?

First of all, if non-linearities are involved, such as shear-rate dependence viscosity, it is allways a good idea to check the convergence.<br>Next, when the mini-element with linear...

FLUENT randomly crashes with Mellanox OFED 1.5.3 during case/data reading, iterations or while writing case/data files.

' Parallel runs using lower core counts ~64 cores will typically run fine.

' Runs using 64-256 cores might fail randomly during IO or iterations with below message:

fluent_mpi.14.0.0: Rank 0:0: MPI_Send: ibv_reg_mr() failed: addr 0x2ae4879a4e58, len 1057200

fluent_mpi.14.0.0: Rank 0:0: MPI_Send: Internal MPI error

' Higher core count (>256 cores) will result in startup issues with below messages:

Runs using Platform MPI:

fluent_mpi.14.5.0: Rank 0:22: MPI_Init: Could not pin pre-pinned rdma region 0

fluent_mpi.14.5.0: Rank 0:22: MPI_Init: hpmp_rdmaregion_alloc() failed
fluent_mpi.14.5.0: Rank 0:22: MPI_Init: make_world_rdmaenvelope() failed
fluent_mpi.14.5.0: Rank 0:22: MPI_Init: Internal Error: Processes cannot connect to rdma device

For runs using uDAPL protocol (Platform or Intel MPI) it fails with below message:

[1:[../../dapl_module_util.c:1550] error(0x30000): OpenIB-mlx4_0-1: could not create vc: DAT_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES()
[15:../../dapl_module_util.c:2033] error(0x30000): OpenIB-mlx4_0-1: could not create vc: DAT_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES()

Source of the problem:
Mellanox OFED version 1.5.3-1.0.0 "MLNX_OFED_LINUX-1.5.3-1.0.0" is found to be the root cause of these crashes.

Customers running with -pib option on such clusters will encounter random crashes at different stages of simulation. This issue is not yet fixed in later Mellanox OFED releases. The last known stable version is 1.5.2.

Customers using Infiniband from other vendors like QLogic etc. are not impacted with this issue. This issue is only for Mellanox hardware users.

Below are solutions/workarounds for this issue (until the actual issue is fixed by Mellanox) :<br><br>1) revert back to OFED 1.5.2<br>2) change the value of `log_num_mtt¿...

Exporting normal area vectors from the CFX Solver to a csv file causes CFX to crash.

If the user attempts to export normal area vectors from the CFX Solver to a csv file, CFX will crash.<br><br>This is caused by an incorrect index when looping through the variable...

Writing initial trn files for cases with complicated call backs and topology may cause the CFX Solver to crash.

SYMPTOM:<br>When writing a trn file at the start of the run, that is during initialization, in a parallel calculation with complex call backs and topology, the Solver might crash with the...

KNOWN ISSUE: Particle injection for restarted transient particle cases

SYMPTOM:<br>The CFX Solver may crash in a restart of a transient particle case if there is a particle injection region for which no particles are...

Running a large model with many joints in R14.0 results in an error message reporting "Zero Element Length"
What is causing this and how do we fix it?

One case that produced this message in R14.0 was a model of a long bridge with large dimensions. It failed when run in mm, but it solved successfully when run in meters. In R14.5, the same...

We had a customer support call (Wittgenstein AG, Igersheim)
from which we derived the following problem with plane223 in ANSYS 14:
A simple model run in 3D and 2D, with frictional heating, using solid226 (3D) and plane223 (2D) respectively has "remote displacement" boundary conditions + rigid and Large Deflection "on". Solid226 works fine, but plane223 stops in the first iteration with an error

" *** ERROR *** CP = 2.964 TIME= 09:43:21
Some of the element based thermal loads may be inappropriate. Check
applied element loads carefully. Ensure that film coefficients and
bulk temperatures are always positive. "

What is wrong with plane223?

This was a code defect (CR044772) that has been corrected for R14.5.<br>The work aorund in R14.0 for this particular test case is to replace the remote displacement boundary condition with...

Attempting to open a project gives the following error:

System.FormatException: Bad key/value pair: Bill's Matls: 0

When a user attempts to open a Project, he gets the following error<br>about referencing a material library that has an apostrophe...<br><br>System.FormatException: Bad key/value...

Rotation of an immersed solid lost on restart.

SYMPTOM:<br>When a case with a rotating immersed solid is restarted, the immersed solid is reset into its original position.<br><br>PROBLEM:<br>This is due to the...

Exporting boundary information from the CFX Solver in parallel may cause CFX to crash.

SYMPTOM:<br>If the user attempts to export boundary information from the CFX Solver to a csv file in parallel, then the code may crash.<br><br>PROBLEM:<br>This is caused by...

MPICH solver for CFX fails in distributed parallel mode on Redhat 6.1

SYMPTOM:<br>If the CFX MPICH solver is run in distributed parallel mode using Redhat version 6.1, then it is likely to fail. Messages to the terminal window and to the out file will be...

POLYFLOW - Warning received from ANSYS Polydata: "The domain of the sub-task is composed of disconnected sub-domains. Sub-tasks must be defined on connected sud-domains!"
What can be done?

If the finite element mesh was not purposely created with disconnected domains, than the probable cause is an error in the mesh generation. This should then be checked in the geometry of into the...

How do you run ANSYS Workbench executables on Unix/Linux?

For ANSYS Workbench on Linux, the executables seem to be Windows executables, and do not run directly on Linux.<br><br>Example:<br><br>[root@cae bin]# ./rsm.exe -s...

Is it possible to backup and restore the RSM configuration?

In 14.0 and prior, there were some reports of RSM configuration settings being lost.<br><br>Improvements to avoid this are forthcomming in 14.5.<br><br>Note: These commands...

What is the update interval for the RSM log file when you enable "Save Job Logs to File"?

The Save Job Logs to File property allows you specify if job logs should be saved as files. When a job runs, a log file named RSM_<MachineName>.log is saved to the TEMP directory on...

Clarification of the RSM functions "Job Cleanup Period" and "Delete Job Files in Working Directory".

The "Job Cleanup Period" is when the jobs get removed from the list (about 1hr)<br><br>The "Delete Job Files in Working Directory"<br>should always be...

How to creates a serie of iso-clips in CFDpost in order to cut a surface by equal angular sectors?

Assumption:<br>1-The axis is Z axis.<br>2- Each angular sectors have the same size.<br><br>Note:<br>Theta function uses atan2(x,y) function.<br>Due to smoothing...

KNOWN ISSUE: Incorrect solutions for inhomogeneous multiphase flow with GGI interfaces and coupled volume fractions (Class 3 Error)

SYMPTOM:<br>If an inhomogenous multiphase flow which has some GGI interfaces is calculated using the coupled volume fractions algorithm, then incorrect variable fields are generated at the...

ANSYS Fluent: Best practices for surface tension dominated flows to reduce the spurious currents at the interface

1. Patch with some diffused interface: Increase/decrease the height of liquid layer a bit, so that it cuts the cell by half, set the rpvar (rpsetvar 'patch/vof? #t). This is for better...

Unable to delete analysis from schematic. Bold black X's on objects

The black X on component indicate that the underlying data is missing - this is usually result of a corrupt project. Such corruption can happen during project-save when certain unexpected error...