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cc1 and cc1plus packages from the g77 compiler are missing in the new Fortran compiler suite on SuSE 10.x. These are required to pre-process #include and #define statements in the FORTRAN files *.F.

As a workaround, the packages can be taken from a gcc 3.3.5 installation, which can be downloaded from <a target=_blank...

Is there a *GET command that will retrieve the first field
of the 'MODE' command (when it's not the last command issued)?

There is not directly a *GET command but the STATUS output<br>for the GENOPT module of solution lists it so the input commands<br>below will retrieve the MODE value. It needs to be...

When using the CEL variables 'diami' and 'diamj' in a MUSIG fluid simulation, CFX-Pre requires the musig fluid prefix. However, when the resulting Definition File is run in the solver the following error is generated in the first iteration:

ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction.
NAME_MOD: Error finding variable "DIAMI_MF1"

There is a conflict in the way these variables are handled by CFX-Pre and CFX-Solver. CFX-Pre requires a musig fluid prefix, but the solver requires this to be absent.

WORKAROUND:<br>Either ignore the errors in CFX-Pre when writing a Definition File, or edit the CCL in a Definition File writen without errors from CFX-Pre and remove the musig fluid...

**** Entered By: jcooper @ 01/22/2007 11:18 AM ****
Q: How does the multiphase model handle the wall contact of several phases? i.e. when an oil layer builds up on the wall, how is this phenomenon modeled and what stimulates further buildup of oil and controls the behavior of the layer in general?

A : The behavior of the oil particles under various conditions is controlled by many factors including the chosen Drag model, i.e. Ishii-Zuber or some other model that might be applicable. The Ishii-Zuber drag model handles sparse and dense dispersed fluid (i.e. non-solid) particles automatically. Details of the Ishii-Zuber model can be found in the documentation: ANSYS CFX-Solver Theory Guide | Multiphase Flow Theory | Interphase Momentum Transfer Models |

For modeling of a change in flow behavior for dense packing conditions, using a drag model that provides a different calculation of the drag coefficient for different packing is essential.
The packing at the walls can be kept within reasonable limits by setting the maximum packing factor (default =1.0). This should prevent droplets from accumulating past an unrealistic packing value.

Other factors like flow field, surface finish, surface tension, etc. impact the behavior of fluid layers near walls.

**** Entered By: jcooper @ 01/22/2007 11:18 AM ****<br>Q: How does the multiphase model handle the wall contact of several phases? i.e. when an oil layer builds up on the wall, how is this...

Q. What can cause the following error message in V11.0 of SImulation when attempting to apply a pressure load from CFX?

"Features are incompatible with CFX license or installation"
Invalid "CFX Surface"

The first error message is incorrect and is the subject of a Bug report (54328) . However, the second message indicates the procedure for applying a CFX load has not been followed. It is apparent now that "Solve" was clicked before you browsed for the correct CFX results file and surface.

Consult the On-Line Simulation Help system for details: "Simulation Help|Simulation Approach|Special Analysis Topics| Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)|Fluid: Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)-One Way Transfer".

Q. What can cause the following error message in V11.0 of SImulation when attempting to apply a pressure load from CFX?<br><br>"Features are incompatible with CFX license or...

Running Workbench 10 SP1 on the linux platform produces the following error:

"Cannot find file:////ansys_inc/v100/aisol/StatePages/Language//html/Startscreen.html Make sure the path or internet address is correct."

Is there a way to fix this?<br><br>Yes, perform the following:<br><br>1 cd $INSTALL_DIR/v100/aisol/CommonFiles/linia32<br>2 mv ...

User is trying to run CFX Parallel from a Windows x64 machine to a Linux machine and receives a permission denied error.
What causes this, and is there a workaround?

This particular user does not have the same login on the linux machine as he does on the Windows machine.<br>Initially, if you can not rsh from one machine to the other, CFX Parallel will...

If I start 2 serial solvers on a dual processor Opteron machine they seem to both make use of both processors and I am worried that this decreases performance. Can I set it up so that one of the serial solvers uses one of the processors and the other uses the second processor? The workstation is a HP XW9300 workstation (AMD Opteron 64-bit processor) with Linux RedHat Enterprise 4 installed on it.

For the first processor (CPU0) run:<br> /usr/bin/numactl --cpunodebind=0 ¿-localalloc cfx5solve ¿def etc¿<br><br>For the second processor (CPU1)...

I am working on IBM AIX 5.2 and get the following error message after 123 iterations:

The CFX-5 solver was interrupted by signal XCPU (24) No results file has been created.

The process CPU time limit has been set to 24 hours. (use command 'limit' in a shell to show limits). Set it to 'unlimited'<br><br>Here is a full list of...

We've expanded our cluster by adding an extra computer (designated LROW00013), but we are having trouble starting CFX 10 parallel solver computations. All nodes are Dell workstations running Windows XP 32-bit version. I have configured the rsh service properly and registered the MPICH user account as persistent using the command

cfx5parallel 'register-mpich-user

When starting an MPICH computation in parallel the console reports the following error:

Error: ConnectToMPD(LROW00013:8675): easy-connect failed: error 10061, No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
MPIRunLaunchProcess: Connect to LROW00013 failed, error 10061

An error has occurred in cfx5solve:
The CFX-5 solver has terminated without writing a results file. Command on host LROW0019 exited with return code 0.

The error message shows that you did not first install the MPICH Service on the machine LROW00013. You must do this using the command<br><br>cfx5parallel...

Where in a results file is the Tshape parameter data for target elements
located and what codes are needed in interpreting it?

The shape code for each target element is stored in elmdat(8).<br><br>TSHAP Segment Type code<br>LINE Straight line 1<br>ARC Arc, clockwise 3<br>CARC Arc, counter-...

Is ANSYS/WB supported on Windows Vista?

Neither ANSYS 10.0 SP 1 nor ANSYS 11.0 will be supported with Windows Vista.<br>Development is looking into it for either ANSYS 11.0 Service Pack or for version 12.0.

I imported an assembly from my CAD system into DesignModeler. I turned the assembly into a multibody part and transfered it to Simulation. Simulation created contact elements between the parts even though it was a multibody part. I found that if I change the facet quality in DM from the default 5 to 10, Simulation recognized the multibody part and no contact is created (Tools > Options > DesignModeler > Graphics > Facet Quality). What's wrong?

The contact detection algorithm in Simulation is based on the tessellation of the geometry. The contact detection runs even when a multibody part is imported. If the topology between parts...

Is Parallel Processing available in AUTODYN?

Parallel processing is available in AUTODYN.<br>For AUTODYN 6.1, a regular AUTODYN 3D license has 2 tasks, so 2 CPUs can be used for parallel processing - for more than 2 CPUs, the AUTODYN...

Class 3 Error

The normal velocity components of child droplets in the CAB and ETAB breakup sub-models of the particle transport model can be slightly incorrect, leading to too great a deflection of a spray. However, other parameters such as spray penetration length are not affected very much.

This is due to incorrect use of the drag factor in calculating these normal velocity components: the drag on the child droplets should be used, whereas the code uses the drag on the

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX 11.0 Update 1

Is it possible to run AUTODYN in batch on Windows?

It is possible to solve AUTODYN models in batch mode for either version 6.1 or 11.0 on Windows XP.<br>(For version 11.0, consult "Start menu > Programs > ANSYS 11.0...

Is there any way to sort the list of parts that is displayed in the parts window? We typically have lots of parts, and it becomes difficult to organize them and find them for modifications. Can they be resorted using a user subroutine?

There are two methods to identify a part in the view panel of PLOTS.<br><br>The first method is using Part Highlight under Additional Components in the view panel of PLOTS. If you know...

Is ANSYS Inc. software affected by the change to Daylight Savings Time in 2007?

Starting in 2007, the Daylight Saving Time period will be extended by one month and will begin (for most of Canada and the United States)<br>at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March and...

If Workbench 11.0 is already installed on a Windows x64 system and Pro/E is then installed after it,
Can I use Add/Remove Programs and then choose Modify to add the Pro/E Plugin to Workbench?

No, running a Modify on Windows x64 will not work since it does not set the PROE_START_CMD environment variable.<br> The easiest way to add the Pro/E Plugin is to uninstall/reinstall...

Is there any way that ANSYS may operate correctly if DEP is enabled?
There is a Windows function of Data Execution Prevention (DEP) which restricts execution of the code placed on the stack or the heap in Windows XP SP2. If a DEP function is used, the brittleness of buffer overflow can be compensated and the virus and worm which perform a code can be prevented.

In the present ANSYS, if this function is enabled, we cannot execute.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP), which is in Windows XP Service Pack 2, performs checks on memory to help prevent malicious code from running on a system. DEP can be enforced through both...

A Definition File, created by importing a mesh generated with the Patch Independent Mesher, fails in the CFX-Solver with the following error:

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| REDHDR: locating dataset failed: what=G/NFC where=ZN1 |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

No errors are reported during the import of the mesh into CFX-Pre, or when the Definition File is written.

This issue can occur with the Patch Independent meshing feature in the Meshing Application, but in principle could also occur with other ANSYS meshers if geometry de-featuring is enabled.

The fundamental problem is that the patches for the mesh model do not match up with the regions in the CAD model. In particular there are regions in the CAD model that do not have any mesh associated with them. During the translation of the mesh from the Meshing Application to CFX, these regions should be skipped but are not due to a bug. As a result the intermediate GTM file contains regions with no associated mesh.

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS 11.0 SP1. A custom library is available on request.

When performing modeling or Boolean operations, DesignModeler 11.0 German language version crashes with the following message dialog: "AnsysWB Module - AnsysWB module has encountered an error and needs to close. We are sorry for the incovenience."

The error is observed only on German and NOT in other languages (French, Italian, English)

There is a reported error in the Design Modeler German string table. (Defect ID: 57617). This defect exists in the intial release of V11.0, and is to be resolved in a future service...

While trying to import a .DXF file into TAS, it fails with the error message "Unable to initialize Toolkit". How can this problem be resolved?

Although installing and reinstalling the software can fix this problem, it is only a temporary fix. Another workaround is to<br>Ooen the TAS GUI, click Settings>General, and set both...

When the Launcher is started on a Windows system, the dimensions of the launcher are so small you can only see the Simulation Environment choice.
You can not see the tabs for File Management, Customization/Preferences, etc... You can not even see the menus at the top.
How can this be fixed?

In this particular case, the Launcher was not able to automatically get the dimensions from the Windows OS, so we had to manually set the dimensions for the Launcher window.<br><br>To...

When the ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility is started on a Windows system, the dimensions are very small so that you can not perform any functions. How can this be fixed?

In this particular case, the ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility was not able to automatically get the dimensions from the Windows OS, so We had to manually set the dimensions for the Launcher...