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The ANSYS 10.0 interface to FiberSIM does not appear to give the correct
results. Is the composite material data being handled correctly?

No, Defects 51425 and 51487 were filed to correct the data format.<br><br> Defect 51425 dealt mostly with graphical displays showing the wrong<br> layer orientations. ...

Is ICEM CFD 10.0 certified to run on SuSE 10.0?

Although SuSE 10.0 was not tested, ICEM 10.0 should run on it.<br>However, we can not guarantee there will be no problems.

How do you set up a subdomain for a source that grows in size?

<br>Subdomains do not normally change size but it is possible to set a subdomain to be the whole domain and use a CEL expression to define the source volume. For example the following...

How can you get good convergence when simulating heat transfer in a closed room?

<br>Closed rooms have no outlets or openings so there is no boundary for the solver to use as a pressure reference region.<br>In addition, if there is heat transfer into the room it...

How can you set up a heat source in CFX 10.0 in a subdomain that results in a constant temperature in that subdomain?

<br><br>You can set a CEL expression for the heat source such as:<br>HeatIn = HCoef * (Treq - T)<br><br>where Treq is the required temperature and HCoef is a positive...

I did not create a monitor point at the start of the simulation. How can I now extract monitor point information from a results file?

<br>The easiest way to get the time history of a monitor point is to set up a monitor point in CFX-Pre. The solver will then output the monitor point information for every time...

Class 3 Error

In spray simulations, the spray penetration depth strongly depends on an integration parameter for the particle solver ('Number of Integration Steps per Element'). This dependence is related to the physical process itself, and the time scales of this process need to be resolved accurately in order to eliminate the dependence.

The strong dependence is caused by an incorrect time step, passed down to the droplet break-up routines in th

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Release 11.0.

Will RSM 10.0 and RSM 11.0 work on the same web server?

RSM 11.0 has no web service.<br><br>You can use the same RSM 10.0 web server as the RSM 11.0 manager machine.<br><br>RSM 10.0 and RSM 11.0 should co-exist with no problem.

I have a 2 PCs each running Windows. I'm trying to set up a distributed parallel calculation using these 2 machines, the CFX 10 solver and MPICH.

I have installed rsh and MPICH on both machines and have registered a user who has access to them both, following the instructions in the ANSYS CFX Products Installation and Configuration Guide, pages 35 - 45.

However when I run the MPICH distributed parallel solver I get the following error in the solver output file:

| Job Information |

Run mode: parallel run (MPI)

Host computer: TNRAS110
Par. Process: Master running on mesh partition: 1
Job started: Thu Sep 28 16:35:31 2006

Host computer: TNRAS112
Par. Process: Slave running on mesh partition: 2
Job started: Thu Sep 28 16:35:30 2006

| Memory Allocated for Run (Actual usage may be less) |

Allocated storage in: KwordsWords/Node


Parallel run: Received message from slave
Slave partition : 2
Slave routine : ErrAction
Master location : RCVBUF,MSGTAG=1052
Message label : 001100279
Message follows below - :

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| Stopped in routine RedSht |
| |

Q:<br>I have a 2 PCs each running Windows. I'm trying to set up a distributed parallel calculation using these 2 machines, the CFX 10 solver and MPICH.<br><br>I have...

I have saved backup files using the output option 'Selected Variables', but I forgot to turn on 'Include Mesh'. Now I can not read the results into CFX Post. Can I restore the mesh information?

Yes, you can. Concatenate the result or backup file with its original definition file.<br><br> Use the following command under Linux:<br><br> cat...

A db file that contains defeatured model geometry and was created on any Unix platform
does not properly transfer to a Windows 32-bit PC. It either aborts during the resume or the
solid model data is totally corrupted. What causes this behavior?

This was reported as defect 41337 and Development has reviewed it and determined that<br>this is one of the solid modeling features of ANSYS that has robustness issues as described...

When running a case where backup files are requested by the user, is there any way to prevent older backup files being deleted

This is possible by enabling an expert parameter. By default, backup files are written so that a run can be restarted if the job fails. To preserve disk space, only the latest successful write of...

After installing a firewall program from Zonelabs on my Windows XP system, I find that I am unable to load existing simulations into CFX-Pre 10.0.

The system stalls at the point where the graphics should be loaded and generates error messages similar to:

ERROR in ReadDataBlockHeader: Data available not what expected
ERROR in ReadDataBlockHeader: Data available not what expected
ERROR in LoadDat

VERTICES<br>ERROR in LoadData: Token not recognized<br>ERROR in LoadData: DRAW_FACES<br>ERROR in LoadData: Token not recognized<br>ERROR in LoadData:...

My model has a TE Cooler in it and it solves very slowly

Check the voltage or current you applied to the TEC. This is one of those times where more power makes things worse. Reduce the voltage or current and try running it again.

TAS will not read my FEMAP (or MSC/NASTRAN for Windows) neutral file.

When exporting a FEMAP neutral file, in the Neutral File Write Options dialog in Version 6, there is an option to define the version number. Select Version 4.5.

How to get TRASYS to Run?

If a TRASYS error was reported or when launching TRASYS from within TAS the DOS window closes very quickly and a BCD results file was not generated, go through the following steps in order to find...

Why does TAS come up in demonstration mode?

Please try the following below:<br>1. Is the key plugged into the computers printer port?<br>2. Are you running Windows NT?<br> 1. Did you install the Sentinel...

When I import a DXF file nothing is drawn to the screen

Maybe the CAD data is being drawn the TAS background color. Close the DXF window. Go to Settings>General and change the background color to something else. Now try importing...

I can't access the material library

Go to Settings>General. In the Default TAS Directory, enter the correct path to the TAS directory

When I run a transient case, why are the temperatures or the times messed up?

With the new algorithms which convert the geometric elements into a resistor representation came this possibility. If this happens then there is an instability during the solution.<br> ...

When I create a property picture, why are some of the elements missing?

When you select the Display>Property feature, free element faces are drawn the color of the property the element references. If two or more faces are found that reference the same...

Can I reverse the direction of flow during a transient solution?

YES. With the latest version of TAS, the flow parameter MdotCp can reference array data. Therefore it can be time or temperature dependent. This can enable the flow to vary in...

Can a plot in TAS be customized?

Every parameter in a TAS plot can be customized. Just double click on the feature of the plot you would like to modify. It will blink twice then a dialog will come up. Text font and size,...

When I select a TAS model in Windows Explorer, TAS does not open the model. Why?

Within Windows Explorer, View>Folder Options. Select the File Types tab. Select the New Type button. Enter "TAS model" for "Description of type". Enter...

Have you got an example of user defined coalescence and breakup rates?

<br>Yes. The attached zip file contains two sets of files for the simulation of a bubble<br>column with the MUSIG model.<br><br>Both set-ups use the models of:<br>-...