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Is there a way to import 2D surface (including a field value e.g. velocity ) and post in CFX-post?
For example if a csv is exported, manipulated in Matlab and the I want to view the result in CFX-post, how can I do that?

<br>For this you will need to convert the points information into a mesh information with face connectivities. And the fourth Column onwards can contain any information you...

If Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is installed on a Vista x64 machine, ANSYS 11.0 SP1 will not install. The error message is:

"This installation cannot identify your processor architecture as being compatible with AWP for Windows XP x64 Edition".

<br>A Tech Note has been written for this issue - see TECH NOTE 2008-1 - 10 Mar 08 under Online Support > Technotes on the Customer Portal. The Tech Note contents...

For modelling overdriven detonation of explosives in AUTODYN 11.0, using classical JWL EOS. Is the 'burn on compression' process ok just with specifying a burn on compression fraction in the material data input?

<br><br>In most applications of explosives to flyer plates, the detonation of explosives is usually regarded as a steadily progressing wave phenomenon in which the pressure of the...

Class 3 Error

Certain callback functions that act on vector components, when used in association with local (user defined) coordinate frames, for example:


do not return the correct value.

This is due to a coding error in the solver, which fails to properly transform the original vector from the Global Coordinate Frame (Coord 0) to t

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0. A custom executable for ANSYS CFX 11.0 SP1 is available on request.

Are there any bolt pretension examples in ANSYS Workbench Simulation 11.0?

Yes, please see the attached example in which a bolt-pretension load is applied in the second load step after the contact is established in the first load step. An internal pressure is applied in...

Are there any examples of Birth and Death with a multiframe restart?

Yes, please see the attached ANSYS 11.0 SP1 example.<br><br>Since the multiframe restart file.rdb does not know any information after the SOLVE command, you need to save parameter...

Class 3 Error

If an inlet mass flow rate is specified as a volumetric flow rate multiplied by a call back function of the density, for example massFlowAve(Density)@Inlet, then this will lead to incorrect velocity initialization, incorrect timescale specification, and incorrect solutions, which may not be obviously wrong, when the case is run in parallel.

This is due to a coding errror i

WORKAROUND:<br>Set an initial velocity field explicitly, rather than using the automatic functionality.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0. A custom executable for...

How can I overcome problems with recursive CEL in CFX 11.0?

<br>Sometimes the solver fails because CEL expressions are used that cause a solver variable to depend on itself. For example an expression for the pressure on an inlet cannot directly use...

How do I set a constant mass fraction at a wall?

<br>Standard wall boundary conditions only allow a user to set a flux of mass fraction at a wall. A constant value can be imposed on a wall by making the flux proportional to the difference...

I would like to create a vector plot with some result quantities that I defined. How can I do this?

The PLVECT command can plot user-defined quantities from the ETABLE command. All you will need to do is define two or three ETABLEs, then reference those ETABLEs on the PLVECT...

What files are needed for the expansion pass of a mode-superposition transient analysis?

The only files needed for expansion are db, mode, and rdsp.

When selecting the Advanced Meshing option in Workbench 11 on a 64-bit Windows XP platform the following initialisation error is received:


Failed to load configuration XML file:
C:Program FilesANSYS Incv110icemcfdwinaiewbLanguageen-usPagesxmlconfig.xml


The path should contain win64_amd for a Windows XP 64-bit platform rather than win for a Windows 32-bit platform.

Make sure the following two variables are set correctly under Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > Environment Variables button > System Variables...

What is the command that CADNEXUS/Capri uses to start the Catia V5 CAD program?

The command is "CNEXT.exe" with REQUIRED command-line options ON THE SAME LINE to specify the environment name and directory location.<br><br> "C:Program...

How is the network license server specified for the CATIA V5 CAD program?

CATIA V5 network licenses use IBM LUM (License Use Manager). By default, CATIA V5 uses the following file to find the LUM server.<br><br> C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication...


The molar fraction fields are not written to the results file for all combustion models (e.g. Flamelet model) . Whilst this is appropriate most of the time, sometimes it may be useful to output these fields to the results file, such that they are available in CFX-Post.


The expert parameter setting shown below will output the molar fraction (also mass concentration and molar concentration) for all components:

mcf concentrations output option = 3

Available options are:

0 -> as per VARIABLES file
1 -> never
2 -> not for Flamelet
3 -> always

option 2 is the default.

PROBLEM<br><br>The molar fraction fields are not written to the results file for all combustion models (e.g. Flamelet model) . Whilst this is appropriate most of the time, sometimes it...

Residuals for multidomain problems are combined provided the domains are connected together and the domains are of the same type. In most cases, this is convenient and compact. In some cases, it can be useful to report the domain residuals separately in the solver output file.

<br><br>Separate residual output can be obtained by setting the following CCL parameter:<br><br>FLOW:<br> OUTPUT CONTROL:<br> RESIDUALS:<br> ...

Automatic creation of absolute residual fields in CFX-Post.

It is possible to output the equation residual fields to the results file. In case of convergence problems, it can be useful to locate regions where the residual is large, by creating isosurfaces...

Class 3 Error

For a parallel run, the solver gives wrong answers if a partition contains a periodic axis and no other vertices of the two rotational periodic 1-to-1 interface sides.

This is due to a coding error in the solver in parallel mode related to the solver

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0. A custom executable for ANSYS CFX 11.0 SP1 is available on request.

Why, exactly, does ANSYS issue the warning "Some target elements on target surface specified by real constant set N belong to symmetric contact, some do not?" I have a number of overlapping contact regions, but it complains about only one. It would be nice to know under what conditions this message is triggered.

The warning message is not necessarily an indication of a problem, but it could be useful feedback if you are running into convergence trouble or your surface-based contact results are difficult...

Class 3 Error

The solver gives the same results when using a callback function for the torque calculation based on a global or local coordinate frame.

Torque on local coordinate frames are computed as Torque_local = Torque_global - Local_2_global x Force_global. The Force global was not kept up to date since it was not being used in any other callb

WORKAROUND:<br>Use a callback function to monitor the force.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0.

Do you have an example demonstrating the procedure for performing a large deflection prestressed modal analysis that uses the final prestressed and deformed state resulting from a coupled electrostatic-structural analysis?

Please see the attached test model that performs the coupled electrostatic-structural analysis using the single-code Multi-field solver (MFS).<br><br>The final deformed and prestressed...

Is it possible to nest a rotating domain inside of another rotating domains?

<br>It¿s certainly possible to have rotating domain that is completely surrounded by another rotating domain, but the rotational motion of the inner domain is not superimposed on the...

How can I calculate Vorticity (or any vector quantity) in cylindrical components in CFX-Post?

<br>Some quantities, such as Velocity, can be generated automatically in cylindrical components by CFX-Post from the Turbo tab. For other vector quantities, such as Vorticity, you can...

CFX-Pre or CFX-Post fail to start with an error similar to the following:

Aborting due to unexpected error:
comm::error: AppWindow::initialize - Error waiting for viewer connection from engine:

Please report this error, along with the circumstances in which it occurred.

The following information may be useful to CFX support:

Unexpected error: Aborting due to unexpected error:
comm::error: AppWindow::initialize - Error waiting for viewer connection from engine:
The error occurred at the following location:
00810bd2 libCUEGuiApplication ConfigStoreBase::ConfigStoreBase + 0x3c2 (no file)
39d5a17b qt-mt334 QObject::activate_signal + 0xc6 (no file)
39f5150c qt-mt334 QButton::clicked + 0x16 (no file)
39d2c2f7 qt-mt334 QApplication::internalNotify + 0x125 (no file)
39d2bd9c qt-mt334 QApplication::notify + 0x1f3 (no file)
39d081ec qt-mt334 QApplication::sendSpontaneousEvent + 0x20 (no file)
39d03b15 qt-mt334 QApplication::winFocus + 0x4b1 (no file)
7e418734 USER32 GetDC + 0x6d (no file)
7e418816 USER32 GetDC + 0x14f (no file)
7e4189cd USER32 GetWindowLongW + 0x127 (no file)
7e418a10 USER32 DispatchMessageW + 0xf (no file)
39d0d7ed qt-mt334 QEventLoop::processEvents + 0x1c9 (no file)
39d3548a qt-mt334 QEventLoop::enterLoop + 0x34 (no file)
0086753c libCUEGuiApplication cue::QTApplication::unexpectedError + 0x1ec (no file)
008672ec libCUEGuiApplication cue::QTApplication::exec + 0x5c (no file)
7c816fd7 kernel32 RegisterWaitForInputIdle + 0x49 (no file)

<br>Note the error may vary, but always includes "ConfigStoreBase" somewhere in the message. This error is usually caused by a corrupt preferences folder. Deleting the...

I can apply a Wall Heat Transfer Coefficient from a CFX results file to a model in Simulation, based on the CFX solution variable "Wall Heat Transfer Coefficient". However I want the Simulation boundary condition to be based on a different variable from my CFX results; this could be my own custom variable for the wall heat transfer coefficient or the transient average of the wall heat transfer coefficient calculated using transient statistics.

<br><br>In both cases you are starting from a CFX results file that contains a different variable that represents the Wall Heat Transfer Coefficient, so the procedure is the...