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DE 5812: EKM 13 throws an Exception and Migration Process is not completed successfully if the JAVA heap size memory is insufficient. Is there a workaround for this issue?

The amount of system memory (RAM) that is available to EKM is governed by the heap size settings of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that runs the JBoss application server that hosts the EKM server...

How to view FiDAP results in CFD-Post 13?

Please export your FiDAP results in NEUTRAL file format using FICONV(Neutral, output, results) as mentioned below.<br><br>**From FiDAP Users Manual Chapter 6 FICONV...

On Windows command promt, fluent is not recognized as command

For windows command prompt to recognize fluent as command prompt, the fluent executable path needs to be included in the PATH variable in Windows environment variables.<br><br>To do...

The following would be a typical error message, where the numbers will vary from one failed case to another:

Error: level 1 Mismatch in extr (1) and intr (33) size ! p = 7 i=0.

Resolution: Download ANSYS FLUENT 13.0 Service Pack 1. Date Updated: January 10, 2011<br><br>Description of the Service Pack:<br><br>This FLUENT Service pack (SP1)...

Warning Pro/ENGINEER installation does not match required 64-bit version, Plug-In may not load

ROOT CAUSE:<br>Parametric Technology Corporation has rebranded their Pro/ENGINEER software,<br>which is now called Creo Elements/Pro.<br><br>ANSYS does not recognize the...

KNOWN ISSUE: Memory allocation for the CFX-Solver is artificially limited

SYMPTOM:<br>When the CFX-Solver is run, less memory is available than there should be.<br><br>PROBLEM:<br>The memory management in the CFX-Solver only allows the use of 4...

CFX Launch Issue - Microsoft HPC 2008 Server

Problem Description: In the CFX Launcher and after submitting a job to the Microsoft HPC 2008 Server Cluster it hangs when trying to locate the ccscfx_options.txt file in the''MAPPING', then prompts the user for the username and password twice, then fails with a ### error code.

In some cases it is looking for this file in the CFX_USER_CONFIG_DIR which is reporting, based on looking at CFX startup variables to be : C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataCFX-5....

How to clear the ANSYS Workbench error "Root Element is Missing."

Try the following to flush out the configuration and force a reset.<br><br>Start > Programs > ANSYS 13.0 > ANSYS Client Licensing > User License Preferences...

Fluent Graphics Issues - Errors / Resolutions

The most common reason for graphics issues is because you have an older or unsupported video card/driver installed on your system. ANSYS certifies the NVIDIA Quadro FX high-end line or the ATI...

Which versions of ANSYS software will my license file allow me to run?

ANSYS license files generally fall into two categories. Those that have no expiration and those that have an expiration date. You can distinguish between these types by looking at the "#...

Error: Your IP address is not included by the license server administrator

The original ANSYS R13.0 License Manager has a problem with HOST_GROUP entries that include the Fully Qualified Domain Name (hostname.domain). The license manager interprets them as IP...

How can I launch Workbench on linux or unix?

The Workbench startup command is located in the ANSYS Help.<br><br>Copy and paste this string into the Path field in the Help viewer and it will snap to the relevant...

Is it possible to access SMISC and NMISC data associated with contact results in WB-Mechanical using User Defined Results? Initial attempts do not seem to work. How do you do it?

Yes this is possible. WB-Mechanical has adopted a convention that miscellaneous data for contact elements be called CONTSMISC and CONTNMISC. This means that SMISC and NMISC data will only display...

FLUENT 13.0 parallel will not launch. Multiple firewall pop-up errors are created.

"Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program"
"Your network administrator can unblock this program for you"

One for each of the following programs:


FLUENT Parallel Firewall Exceptions<br><br>In the list below are the firewall exceptions required for FLUENT 13.0 3D. If you run in 2D or double-precision then add the corresponding...

What is the order of tensor components written in a .prb (probe) file?

For 2D planar cases: xx,xy,yy or xx,xy,yy,zz<br>For 2D axisymmetric cases: rr,rz,zz,tt (t stands for "theta")<br>For 2.5D planar and 3D cases:...

"Edit In Space Claim" option doesn't appear when you right click on Geometry. (If a DesignModeler license is available, then the menu pick for SCDM does appear).

This is a known defect in R13.0 licensing. The workaround is to open SCDM independently of Workbench, then attach to active SCDM file.<br><br>This defect will be fixed in R13.0 SP.

Where/why to apply remote boundary conditions?

A remote boundary condition can be either ¿displacement¿ or ¿force¿.<br><br>-- A Remote Displacement allows you to apply both displacements and rotations at...

FLEXlm Error Codes -96 and -97

Error getting status: License server machine is down or not responding. (-96,7:11001 "WinSock: Host not found (HOST_NOT_FOUND)")

ansyslmd: The desired vendor daemon is down. (-97,121)

ANSYS License Manager firewall exceptions may need to be added. (For reference, Fluent and Ansoft LM exceptions are included at the bottom.)<br><br>Check that firewall exceptions are...

Prerequisite install failure.
Installation stalls at "Please wait while setup configures the components. This might take several minutes." when running the setup.exe.

You may also see the following or similar when running the PreRequisite installer.

There was a problem installing the following prerequisites:
MS. NET Framework 3.5 SP1
MS .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 Patch
MS .NET Framework 3.0 SP2 Patch
MS .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Patch

Screen shots in Resolution Documents

This issue occurs when the PreRequisites are already installed on the machine. There are a couple of items to try.<br><br>1) Try running the .NET cleanup utility from...

Error: ANSYS execution Failed!
Error executing ANSYS. Refer to System-related Error Messages in the ANSYS online help. If this was a Distributed ANSYS job, verify that your MPI software is installed correctly and is in your PATH, check your environment settings or check for an invalid command line option.

Distributed ANSYS is not supported by:<br><br> ANSYS Professional NLS<br> ANSYS LS-DYNA<br> ANSYS DesignSpace<br><br>If you are trying to run these...

ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility option to Display the License Status produces the following error:

Could not create the file required to calculate the FLEXlm and Licensing Interconnect license server paths.

Path: c:DOCUME~1<user>LOCALS_1Temp1anslicadmin_licPathInfo_<user>_0.xml

Error: can't read "_0": no such variable

Note: <user> is the user's login name

Could not create the file required to calculate the FLEXlm and Licensing Interconnect license server paths.<br><br>Path: ...

KNOWN ISSUE: Solver fails for cases with Buoyancy and Source Points

SYMPTOM:<br>If any Source Points are included in a case with Buoyancy, then the solver fails with an error similar to the following during the first iteration or...

KNOWN ISSUE: Vector component callbacks for multiphase flows do not work

SYMPTOM:<br>If phase-specific, vector component callbacks are used in the CFX-Solver, for example Liquid.force_y()@locator, then the solver fails with an error similar to the...

POLYFLOW - MST calculation: it seems that the magnirude of the direction of the rotation axis affects the rotation velocity. Is it normal? What can be done?

This is a trouble, which can be easily identified by running a calculation with the option -motion; this will disable all flow calculation and only provide results for the motion of the moving...

How can I configure and launch ANSYS FLUENT 13 - Distributed using Intel or HPMPI?

See attached Resolution Document.<br><br>(Note: HPMPI has been renamed Platform MPI starting at ANSYS R14.0)