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Are there any ANSYS Workbench Simulation 9.0 examples using orthotropic
elastic material properties? What is needed in the command snippets?

ANSYS Workbench Simulation 10.0 (scheduled to be released via web<br> download from the Customer Portal starting on 8/9/2005) will support<br> orthotropic material properties,...

Is ANSYS Release 10.0 and Workbench with CFX operational and supported on the Windows XP 64-bit AMD Opteron processor or EM64T platform?

ANSYS/WB 10.0 will not be supported on Windows XP x64 at the initial release, but will be supported with the first service pack for Release 10.0, to be released sometime in the...

Q)Weīre finding problems with software Design Modeller. While working with a long geometry, of about 600m, we obtain the message "Feature exceeds modellerīs size box". Is there any way for increasing this modellerīs box size?

A) The workaround is to work in mm (as if they were m i.e. set a 600m length to be 600mm). Mesh normally and bring the mesh into CFX-Pre. You can scale this to m in Pre with the transform mesh facility in Pre.

Q)We´re finding problems with software Design Modeller. While working with a long geometry, of about 600m, we obtain the message "Feature exceeds modeller´s size box"....

How to export interphase mass transfer rate of a transient homogeneous multiphase flow simulation (cavitating flow) in trn-files?

Up to ANSYS CFX 10 the CFX-Post Variable Fluid 1 | Fluid 2.Interphase Mass Transfer Rate is not available during the run. It is only available in the final result file.<br> As a...

I'm using the Monte Carlo radiation model in CFX-5. My run dies at the first radiation call with a message about there being too many iterations while using Monte Carlo. The error message from the solver is:
| ERROR #666000005 has occurred in subroutine WALK. |
| Message: |
| |
| Too many iterations while using Monte Carlo. |
| This may possible be due to: |
| 1 - Highly reflective walls |
| 2 - Small absorption coefficient |
| 3 - Symmetry planes are too close, i.e. 2D geometry |
| 4 - Geometry specification error |
This ambiguous error message occurs in CFX-5.7.1 and earlier. What is causing this error?

<br>Check to make sure that a sensible refractive index is defined for the material used for the domain(s) where radiation is active.<br>This error message has occurred on several...

How do I stop getting inconsistency in B.C. labels coming through into CFX-Pre when bringing in a new Mesh. The warning error "Composites that do not resolve to any primitives have been used in Locations in domain ....."

Use the 'Reload Mesh' option instead of deleting the old mesh and importing a new mesh - this resolves many of the inconsistencies. If this still persists, this means that a...

Q) I need to mesh a thin geometry to do some 2D rectangular laminar studies (driven cavity). I have tried to create some inflations along all the direction to improve my solution; I would like to divide my geometry in Cubes or Hexahedrals. Is it possible to do that in CFX Mesh 8.1, how can I create a 2D mesh?

A) We do not have a hex meshing tool within the CFX ' Mesher, nor is it possible to do a true 2D mesh. We have a pseudo 2D meshing tool (1 cell thick). To create one what you need to do is the following:

1) Under the Mesh branch in the display tree click on Options. In the detail panel you will see the Meshing strategy, in the pull down box change it to Extruded 2D Mesh.
2) You will now see the entry Extruded Periodic Pair under the Mesh branch ' This will have a red warning symbol next to it. Click on the Extruded Periodic Pair branch, and in the detail panel, fill in the surfaces(s) that form the 'symmetry' sides to you 2D problem.
3) Having done this fill in your boundary labels, mesh controls and inflation as normal. When you then hit mesh, it will mesh the 'symmetry" pair identically and extrude 1 element across from one surface to the other.

Q) I need to mesh a thin geometry to do some 2D rectangular laminar studies (driven cavity). I have tried to create some inflations along all the direction to improve my solution; I would like to...

(1) The contact reactions that are reported by WB Simulation appear to be incorrect. I apply a load that is transmitted from one shell-meshed body to another shell-meshed body, through a bonded-contact lap joint. The external reactions equal this load, but the contact reactions are zero. Why are the contact reactions incorrect?

(2) But I have another model for which the specified contact surface also includes a fixed support, yet the contact reactions are correct. Why is there this discrepancy in behavior?

(3) Why doesn't WB simply use PRNLD,,,CONT or FSUM,,CONT to obatin the contact reactions?

(1) By examing the ds.dat file, you can see that the technique that WB uses to calculate contact reactions is to select the nodes and underlying elements at a contact (or target) surface, and then...

Is it possible to convert a faceted surface in to b-spline surface ?

In AI*Environment / ICEMCFD 10.0:<br>1. Firstly we need boundary curves. These can be obtained by running build topology (Geometry > Repair Geometry > Build Diagnostic...

User receives an error when he runs DANSYS after installing Ansys 10.0 on an SGI PRISM (ALTIX) machine.
The .rhost file is created and has the correct permissions (chmod 600 .rhost) as mentioned in paragraph 2.2 of Distributed Ansys Guide.

He gets the following error when he clicks on "Run" in the Launcher:

MPI: asgetnetinfo_array('(null)') Failed : array services not available
Press (Enter) to close this window.

Waht is causing this error?

User is missing MPT.<br>You will need to get SGI MPT. This is what we built with at ANSYS 10.0.<br><br>MPI 4.3 (MPT 1.8) with array services 3.5<br><br><a...

A CFX simulation using the discrete transfer radiation model seems to fail randomly and inexplicably. What are the most likely causes and how can this problem be dealt with?

This problem typically manifests itself as a random, inexplicable failure of the solver when using the discrete transfer radiation model, with the ray tracing files stored on a networked disk. The...

For equilibrium reaction such as SO2 -->SO3, if Log(Kp)=A/T-B is known, here A and B are constants, Kp is a function of partial pressure of each component, how to calculate SO3 concentration?

Please see attachment.

While using CFX5 to solve the problem, sometimes we need to control the Yplus value in certain range. When create mesh, how to get the rough value for the first layer thickness based on the Yplus value?

Please see attachment.

My SOLID168 (10-node tet) model gets corrupted and the elements appear to be missing some nodes. Is this a known error?

You are most likely hitting Defect 37642, which occurs in ANSYS LS-DYNA for both versions 9.0 and 10.0. The error is that LS-DYNA drops the last two nodes from the 10-node tet element...

Use of expressions "force" or "torque" in a setup with incompressible fluid results in an error message when the expert parameter "include pref in force = t" is applied. Is there a workaround?

This will be fixed with SP1 of ANSYS CFX 10. The current workaround is to remove the expert parameter "include pref in force = t" from the CCL and to set a zero reference pressure.

Q) A CFX-5.7.1 Solver run failed with the following error:

Remote connection to <Hostname> exited with return code 1. It gave the |
| following output: |
| |
| rsh: can't establish connection |
| > <Hostname>:Connection refused |
| |
| Check that you have typed the hostname correctly, that you have an |
| account "Tim" on the specified host with permission to rsh from |
| this host, and that (particularly for Windows hosts) it is running |
| an rsh daemon. You can use the following command to check the |
| connection to a UNIX machine: |
| |
| rsh <Hostname> uname |
| |
| or the following command if it is a Windows machine: |
| rsh <Hostname> cmd /c echo working

A) One of the reasons this can happen is that the owner of the RSH service has had his password changed. This only gets noticed when the machine is re-booted. To correct this, go to Control panelAdministrative toolsservices. Double click on the Remote Shell (RSH) Sevice. Click on the LogOn tab - now re-enter the password. Hit OK and the service should start back up.

Q) A CFX-5.7.1 Solver run failed with the following error:<br><br>Remote connection to <Hostname> exited with return code 1. It gave the |<br>| following output: ...

How CFX5 solver calculate the heat release for single step reaction and report the value in CFX5 output file?

Please see attachment.

No full materials list available in CFX-10 Pre like in CFX-5.7.1 Pre

Go to the "Materials" tab<br> Choose "Load Materials from a File"<br> For default materials choose the default file<br> Choose the appropriate material<br> Press...

I have created a simple 2D geometry in ICEM, I have meshed it and now want to
extrude the surface mesh. I have tried using the extrude mesh button but it
didn't extrude in the same direction. How do I extrude the mesh by 1 cell?

<br><br>1) Open ICEM CFD 5.1 and create a new project in your working directory.<br><br>2) On the Geometry tab click on repair geometry and apply with defaults...

Can I get the input files for "Figure 7.29 Applicable Transition Patterns-Transition Mapped Hexahedral Meshes" of the "ANSYS Modeling and Meshing Guide" - ANSYS Release 9.0?

The attachment to this solution contains four input files that demonstrate the capability shown in the referenced figure.

When pasting a series of commands from, for example, notepad.exe, the commands execute as expected, but the command line isn't cleared. This can be kind of inconvenient. Can we get it corrected?

This only occurs when the command input window is floating, so not floating the window would be one way of avoiding this problem.<br><br>Another alternative is to insert the following...

How to switch on "Interpolate Initial Values File onto Def File Mesh" on command line?

There is no direct switch for the cfx5solve script. Create the following CCL file, e.g. "interpolation.ccl":<br><br> EXECUTION CONTROL:<br> RUN...

I need to purchase a Fortran Compiler for my PC for CFX-5.7.1 but I am told that HP will discontinue Compaq Visual Fortran on December 31st 2005. They say:

"We recommend our Compaq Visual Fortran customers take advantage of the migration path to Intel Visual Fortran 9.0. We have worked with Intel to make the migration as easy and attractive as possible.

Intel has created a special web page at

It includes information on the migration path to Intel Visual Fortran Compilers including additional support for migration, a white paper to help port applications from Compaq Visual Fortran to Intel Visual Fortran, information on special upgrade pricing for CVF users, and more.

We are happy to be able to offer you special pricing for this migration;

Prices start at 121 pounds + VAT for the Standard email version. The full price list is listed on our web-site, but I will be happy to send you a quotation on request.

When placing your order for an Intel Visual Fortran compiler, please be sure to quote your existing Compaq Visual Fortran V6.6 licence number. Please let me know if you need any more information or help."

What should I do?

HP are definitely discontinuing Compaq Visual Fortran (CVF) at the end of this year, but it is still listed for sale at <a target=_blank...

I am trying to run a single frame restart. My model has contact 17x elements. The program aborts when I try to run the restart. Why?

17x contact elements do not support single-frame restart. This was discovered after 8.1 release, and has since been documented in the Basic Analysis Procedures Guide (Sect. in the 9.0...

I'm having a problem with a cyclic symmetry model that I am trying to use in LS-DYNA. I keep getting the message "Rotated nodes not allowed with LS-DYNA elements", and thus I cannot run the model in LS-DYNA. As far as I can tell cyclic symmetry is available in LS-DYNA, but I run into this problem every time I try to use it. Do you have an example of how to do such an analysis?

Here is a cyclic symmetry example with initial angular velocity in ANSYS implicit followed by a implicit-explicit sequential solution in LS-DYNA. Please see the attached readme file for...