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In a CHT analysis I am getting unrealistic temperatures in the solid domain at the fluid-solid domain interface

<br>Change the Domain Interface to use a GGI connection rather than Automatic or 1-to-1. Also running the CFX Solver in double precision can sometimes help.

In the CFX results files that are a number of different heat transfer variables. What is the difference between "Heat Flux", "Wall Heat Flux" and "Wall Radiative Heat Flux"? Do any of these include all the modes of heat transfer (convection, conduction, radiation)? In which direction is a positive heat flux?

<br><br>The variable "Wall Heat Flux" includes all the modes of heat transfer at the wall (Convective and Radiative - assuming radiation is solved). The convective heat...

I notice that the GUI response to a Right Mouse Button (RMB) or Right-click Context Menu is very slow in Simulation. The Context menu eventually displays after about 30 seconds. What can I do to speed this up?

Open the Parameter Manager and see if there are an excessive number of Parameters. It has been observed in some cases where there were several hundred parameters defined, although the user never...

Class 3 Error

The Vista Centrifugal Pump Design (CPD) tool gives wrong results when specifying the inlet shroud blade incidence.

The inlet shroud blade angle is used instead of the specified inlet shroud blade incidence due to a coding error in the Vis

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0.

How can I import the deformed mesh that is generated as a result of a moving/deforming mesh calculation in CFX into ICEM CFD?

<br>For a possible workaround, please follow the steps listed below:<br>1. rename any transient results file that contains mesh, for example 110.trn file to 110.def file<br>2....

When reading geometry via the ANSYS Connection for Unigraphics NX6, the ANSYS output window shows several "Duplicate Class" messages. The geometry eventually reads in successfully. The user may also report that the ANSYS connection is rather slow even for simple models.

This from UG Solutions:<br><br>UGSolutions<br><br>Subject: [PR-01681918] open part in external C/C++ program shows "duplicate class" errors in...

I do not seem to be able to define the radial, circumferential, and axial thermal properties for my cylindrical model using the Kxx, Kyy, and Kzz terms. How can I do this?

You first need to define a local coordinate system, and align the element coordinate system with the local<br><br>Local,11,1<br>Esys, 11<br><br>Please see the example...

For large geometries (e.g. flow over terrain) I encounter the following problems when using CFX-Post 11.0:
1. Creating points which are definitely within the domain, and using the probe function to calculate the velocity at the point, I get an error message like 'Undefined' (in the GUI) or Evaluation of 'probe' is undefined (when run in batch).
2. For the same meshes, creating a contour plot on a user surface can lead to contour plots showing holes in them.

Is there a way around this?

Y<br>es. Setting the environment variable CUE_NO_STU_CHECK to 1 should remove the problem. (For Windows XP, go to Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced >...

The ANSYS connection for CATIAV5 on UNIX produces the following message in the output window:

License Manager: LUM namespace binding mode is active -- If possible, please disable it to shorten startup time

This is a known problem in the Spatial reader code. No resolution is available at this time; however, we recommend the following workaround:<br><br>To disable this information message,...

I am preparing a script to submit several CFX definition files for sequential solver runs.
The definition file are located in different directories and I'd like the runs to take place in
those respective directories. When I start a run from the Solver Manager GUI, I see that
there's an option to set the working folder, but I can see no CCL or command line argument for
cfx5solve to set this. How can I set the working folder for a CFX run from the command line?

<br><br>There are a couple of ways to do this.<br><br>1. You could change the directory in the script that you're using to submit the run. An example<br>Perl...

Is it possible to have my own customised colour scale in CFX-Post? I
would like to use a scale that runs from dark blue (-X) to white (0) to
dark red (+X), but it is not available by default in CFX Post.

<br>For contour plots, there are already several options for colour maps. The default is Rainbow, with other options such as Greyscale, Blue to White, etc...<br><br>These are...

I am running a case that has thin walls and uses the user FORTRAN code CTS.F
The case fails in the solver for parallel but runs in serial
What is the workaround?

Details of error:-
Error detected by routine PSHDRH

Current Directory : /

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| Stopped in routine MEMERR

The CFX 11.0 FORTRAN code CTS.F that simulates conducting thin surfaces will not run in parallel<br>The workaround is to model the thin conducting surfaces in CFX 12 Beta using the alternate...

I want to export a mesh created in CFX Mesh to Fluent, but Fluent generates errors while reading the mesh.

If I try to read a msh file created in CFX by executing "File>Read>Case..." the following error is received:

> Reading "test.msh"...
27006 nodes, binary.
23228 mixed cells, zone 12, binary.
Error: read: face 1, zone 13.
Error: read: face 1, zone 13.
Reading Faces: failed while reading section 2013.
Clearing partially read grid.

Error: Read aborted due to critical error.
Error Object: ()

Error: Error reading "test.msh".
Error Object: #f


<br><br>There is a bug in the meshing application that causes Fluent meshes to be corrupted. This can be fixed by replacing the executable fluent6.win64_amd.exe<br>in C:Program...

How do you set the emissivity at the interface between a porous domain and a fluid domain in CFX-11.0?

<br>Turn on beta features in CFX-Pre. Typically people turn radiation off in a porous domain since the photons wouldn't see the domain's porosity. But if there is a fluid...

For a Random Vibration analysis, the ANSYS Documentation (Structural Guide, section 6.6) shows the PSDCOM in a separate solution step. Do I need to exit and re-enter /SOLU to issue the PSDCOM command?

There is no requirement to run PSDCOM in a separate solution step; they can be done together (as shown in the VM problems) or separately (as shown in Structural Guide section...

Q. What method should be used to export both thermal and structural loads to CFX from an ANSYS thermal/structural analysis.

A. Exporting information from ANSYS to CFX is accomplished by using the EXPROFILE command. Specify a unique filename for each profile file.

Q. What method should be used to export both thermal and structural loads to CFX from an ANSYS thermal/structural analysis.<br><br>A. Exporting information from ANSYS to CFX is...

I have an ANSYS Multiphysics License (with a single ane3fl license increment) and would like to know if I can run both one-way and two-way FSI problems between ANSYS and ANSYS CFX in Workbench?

As of 11.0 SP1, a single ane3fl license increment will allow you to run both one-way and two-way FSI problems between ANSYS and ANSYS CFX in Workbench.

I am trying to set up a orthotropic conductivity material for CFX-11.0, but when I add the CCL for this in CFX Pre, it gives an error. How do I over come this?

<br><br>This option is not available in CFX Pre and you would need to do this in Commandline:<br><br>The steps are:<br><br>1. write the definition file from CFX...

When I try to load a solution into ANSYS Workbench Simulation with a large results-file size (e.g., file.rth), Workbench crashes. I tried reading the files from a different machine, and the results are the same. Workbench quits as soon as "Evaluate All Results" is selected.

The problem is that ANSYS split the result file into 2 files, and WB cannot handle split result files at this time. At v11, ANSYS splits files around 100GB by default. For V12, the default is...

Solution 788621 mentions using load case combinations to get the total stress in a pre-stressed harmonic response analysis. Do you have any examples?

Yes, please see the attached ANSYS 11.0 SP1 example. However, please note that the amplitude is always positive, so a bending beam gives positive maximum stress on both the top AND bottom of the...

I am running a real gas EOS in CFX and would like to view the property data tables that the Solver
uses to evaluate the fluid properties. How can I do this?

<br>Set the expert parameter 'export property tables to file' to t.<br><br>At the end of the run, the solver will write the property data for a number of variables...

I would like to be able to monitor the standard deviation of a certain variable or variables as monitor
points from the Solver Manager during a run on either 2D or 3D locators.

How can I do this?

<br><br>The following approach will work for a nodal based standard deviation calculation on either 2D or 3D mesh regions, domains, or boundaries:<br><br><br>1. ...

My thermal solution for a problem using the Radiosity Method looks physically plausible, but certain "hot spots" are not in the expected location. What ways exist to refine the solution?

1- Although the radiosity method resolves the non-linearity in one substep, it is sometimes of benefit to force a radiosity problem to do two substeps.<br><br> 2 - The radiosity...

Can the effects of temperature-dependent elastic modulii be included in a modal analysis? The docs seem to imply that this is not possible, since temperature is not an allowable load in a modal analysis.

You are correct that the temperature loads, i.e. BFE/TUNIF, are ignored for the modal analysis; however, the temperature-dependent properties are still evaluated at the appropriate temperature...

When I execute a SAVE command just before executing a SOLVE command as part of a multiframe restart, ANSYS aborts. Is this a bug or user error?

This is a program limitation that has been trapped and documented in 12.0. You cannot execute a SAVE just prior to running a multiframe restart.