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I get the error below when starting the CFX-5 Solver:

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| No control surfaces have been found at all for Domain Interface 1- |
| . This is not supported. |
| |

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| Stopped in routine SU_MESH_GGI |
| |

<br>This messager comes from a check that the CFX-5 Solver performs to see if the two sides of a GGI interface intersect.<br>A common cause of this message is when the one side of a...

My ANSYS Workbench Simulation 9.0 MSUP (mode superposition) harmonic response
results do not match my full harmonic results in the same software product. Why?

One possibility is that not enough modes are being considered in the MSUP harmonic<br> analysis. This can occur when the frequency range is set to small. By default,...

How do I calculate the wall normal vector in CFX-5.7?

<br><br>This can be done by solving for Wall Scale or Wall Distance and then using the<br>normalized gradient of wall scale as explained below.<br><br>Wall distance...

Is it possible to export both the linear and non-linear material properties to file, for use in a different Ansys model? The MPWRITE command documentation states that it only writes the linear properties.

Yes. If you use the "LIB" option on the MPWRITE command, both the linear and non-linear properties are written to the file in the "MATERIAL LIBRARY" format. e.g....

I have a single processor Windows XP machine with hyperthreading enabled. When I run a large CFX-5 solver job, the maximum CPU utilization I see is 50%.
The problem also takes longer to run than I think it should based on my experience with other machines. What could be the
cause of this behavior ?

<br><br>CFX-5 isn't configured to take advantage of hyperthreading since we assign our parallel jobs explicitly. It doesn't make sense, therefore, to run a...

I have a two part assembly with touching bodies that I'm meshing in CFX-Mesh. With one part suppressed, the
mesh on the other part appears to be fine and inflation layers are created where expected. If I do nothing
but unsuppress the other part, however, the inflation layers created on the first part vanish. I thought that the
meshes for different parts were independent. What happened to the inflation layers when i unsuppressed the
second part?

<br><br>The problem is the fact that when you have two "parts" they are not aware that they are in contact and do not share<br>faces...which leads to them not...

I'm running CFX-5.7 with Service Pack 1 installed. When I import a
Gridgen Version 15.05 mesh, the named regions for boundary conditions are
shuffled. For example, the main pipe connecting to the annulus is identified
as Inflow A in the CFX-Preprocessor when it should be part of a wall boundary.

<br><br>This is a bug in the released version of 5.7 with Service Pack 1 that is fixed in<br>CFX-5.7.1. Users could also copy the revised getmesh executable to the...

Q. I am running a thermal solution in CFX 5.7 with only specified temperatures as the thermal boundary conditions. The resulting temperature field contains values that are out of bounds, with temperatures out of bounds values where the temperature was specified. Why is this and what can I do to ensure that the displayed results are within bounds?

A. At the intersection of a specified temperature boundary and an adiabatic wall, there is ambiguity as to which condition should prevail.

CFX solves the conservation equation for the nodes on all these boundaries all the time, and uses the specified temperature to close the flux through the boundary faces. (The faces are either in one boundary or the other, so there is no ambiguity...). However, this closure can support negative coefficients (and hence out-of-bound temperature) when the boundary face area is arger than the 'interior' face area (ie, concave surfaces).

To obtain bounded values, the following three steps are necessary.

- Set the expert parameter (not in the GUI):

boundary diffusion scheme = 3

- Make the adiabatic planes symmetry planes.

- Display hybrid values.

Q. I am running a thermal solution in CFX 5.7 with only specified temperatures as the thermal boundary conditions. The resulting temperature field contains values that are out of bounds, with...

While using TurboGrid Meshing, after loading the attached curves, it may be noticed by the casual observer that the low periodic boundary is rather close to the blade in one spot.

When attempting to set up the topology, the message below appears:

"The O-grid distance is too large, or, the inlet and/or outlet points are too close to the blade".

Upon further review, reducing the distance factor with the H/J grid can make this message go away, but the resultant grid is a mess.

Is there a way to resolve this problem?

The reason for this error message is because the o-grid effectively exceeds the limits of the domain. In this case, the low periodic is too close to the blade. The reason that the low periodic...

How can I use the OUTRES command to limit the results file content of the nodal results (NSOL)
to be only those of a certain component?

The sample below demonstrates the use on OUTRES,NSOL with a component name. You must<br>issue OUTRES,NSOL,NONE to suppress the default setting and also you must issue the SET...

Where are the hot spot locations for picking elements, volumes, areas, and lines?

Elements, volumes, and areas have the hot spot located near the centroid. Lines have three hot spots: one in the middle and one near each end.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for turning on dynamic rotation?

Yes, hold down the control (Ctrl) key and use the mouse buttons.<br><br>Panning:<br>Ctrl + Left mouse button pans the model.<br><br>Zooming:<br>Ctrl + Middle...

What CAD formats can DesignModeler support without additional licenses?

DesignModeler will import .AGDB, Parasolid, and IGES, and will export .AGDB, Parasolid, IGES, and .ANF without additional licenses.<br><br> Note: Additional limitations may be...


What is matereality?


Matereality (note the spelling) is a company that is in the material data bussiness. They can supply material input to ANSYS in the MP/TB format or to Workbench as an XML file. Matereality is not endorsed in a special way; rather this is an example of what is available in external material data. The website at has a quick tour that gives the highlight of the company capabilities.

Question:<br><br>What is matereality?<br><br>Answer:<br><br>Matereality (note the spelling) is a company that is in the material data bussiness. They can...

I unchecked "Display Contours", how do I get the contour bar back?

If a user turns off the contour legend by right-clicking on the contour bar and unchecking "Display Contours", the contour bar is now gone, so there is no way to right click on it...

Why are the results for the entire model plotted when I selected a component of areas?

Results plots such as Nodal Solution (PLNS) and Element Solution (PLES) are plotted on the finite element model, not the model geometry. So, even though the areas have been reduced to a subset,...

Do you have any examples showing how to connect two parts with MPC contact?

Yes, please see the ANSYS 8.1 example below. In this example, the gap size<br> can be varied along with the contact (MPC vs. Lagrange) and analysis (modal<br> vs. static)...

A user brings an assembly into Workbench from Inventor 9. Upon attempting to solve, an error occurs:

"At least one contact pair has no elements in it. This may be due to mesh based defeaturing of the geometry.
Set the variable "contactAllowEmpty" to 1 in order to allow the solution to proceed with an ANSYS warning which
can be used to identify the offending pair(s)."

Where does one set this variable?

The "contactAllowEmpty" variable needs to be added to the Workbench. The procedure is as follows:<br><br>1. Under Tools, open the Variable Manager<br>2. Add the...

Customer installed ANSYS 9.0 and is using Distributed Ansys on a 32 CPU (16 node) Dell Xeon EM64T cluster running RedHat Enterprise 3.0. While trying to get this to work, the customer ran into problems trying to get the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set. The customer was able to resolve the problem and in doing so found some issues that where not clear in the documentation.

1. The included ANSYS shell script for setting up the environment variables needs to be in .bashrc not .profile or .bash_profile. The file .bashrc is sourced when you rsh, but the other two are not.

2. When you launch a distributed solve, all of the machines need to have the exact same working directory structure pre-created. So if you are in ~/foo, all of the machines need to have a foo directory under your home directory.

Both of these issues are documented, but easily looked over. For example, the documentation states that "all machines must have identical working directory structures". If you want...

Why is Gauss detection better then nodal detection for surface to surface contact?

The main advantage of Gauss detection vs nodal detection is that there is never a directional discontinuity at an element Gauss point. Nodes on curved surfaces, however, are always at a point...

In the initial release of ANSYS Workbench 9.0, when I try to "Publish" my report, I cannot find the "Browse" button. What happened to it?

If you have set your Windows System to use "Large Fonts", the "Browse Button" gets pushed off the Left Edge by the larger fonts.<br><br>--If you Right Click...

How do I use profile data to set initial data for a CFX run? Could I use
CFX-4 or TASCflow results to initialise a CFX-5 run

<br><br>You can use profile data to set initialisation data for CFX-5 and you could<br>even do this for CFX-4 or TASCflow results files.<br><br>The basic procedure is...

I have a results files which features sharp gradients in certain variables.
When I color different locators with these variables with flat shading and
zero transparancy selected in "Render", I get colors which are not
part of the color scale, like purple or brown. That prevents you from
reading the values clearly.

<br><br>This problem arises when you color locators with variables for which sharp gradients<br>exist such that Post has to interpolate between the minimum and maximum...

The CONTA178 Real Constant choices do not match the KEYOPT
settings in the ANSYS 9.0 (Classic) GUI. Is this a known bug?

In ANSYS 9.0, the options for CONTA178 KEYOPT(2) were reordered to<br> be consistent with the surface-to-surface and node-to-surface contact<br> elements (see ANSYS Release 9.0...

I have activated a 3d element type, why are no elements generated when I extrude the mesh from 2d to 3d?

Before extruding you must set the element extrusion options. At a minimum, you must select the 3d element<br>type to be used and you must set the number of element divisions in the...