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I am running DesignXplorer (DX) and have Simulation set up to solve remotely using RSM. When I execute a solve from DX it appears to proceed normally until the solutions are complete. At that point I get messages that results failed to be retrieved. What's the problem?

In order to use the RSM with DX it is critical that the "Computer Settings" be correctly specified in Simulation. Here's the process:<br><br>From Simulation go to...

I have installed ICEM CFD 11 on a Windows XP 64-bit platform but I am unable to run it. I get the following error:

Internal Program Error
No license options were given to Licensing_Get().

My license server is an SGI and it is running a legacy ICEM_CFD license file.

The Windows XP 64-bit platform is a new one for the ICEM CFD software at version 11. On this platform the ICEM CFD 11 software can only link to ANSYS licensing; the ICEM_CFD licensing is on...

If you try to create a new domain interface, by duplicating an existing one and changing the locations to reflect the new locations, the new interface gets created and updated, but the corresponding boundary conditions in the fluid domain(s) are not created and do not get updated.

For each domain interface, there should be two corresponding boundary conditions contained within the domains settings. CFX-Pre is failing to create these when an interface is duplicated.

WORKAROUND:<br>Create the domain interface from scratch.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX 11.0 Update 1.

It is not possible to set Timestep Multiplier as an expression in either CFX-Pre or the CFX Solver.

This was not enabled.

WORKAROUND:<br>Add the following to the CCL:<br> RULES:<br> PARAMETER: Timescale Factor<br> Single Valued = true<br> Dependency List = ANY<br> ...

The import of an MSC/NASTRAN mesh into CFX-Pre gives the following error
Max number of fields read: remaining fields ignored
and sometimes 2D regions fail to import.

The problem occurs with MSC/NASTRAN files in the fixed format. The mesh import process does not correctly read the lines containing details of 2D regions.

WORKAROUND:<br>If the last column of figures is removed from the CQUAD lines of the MSC/NASTRAN file then the import will work fine and the correct 2D regions will...

If a definition file is read into CFX-Pre and then re-written, then convergence behaviour can be different even if nothing was changed that ought to affect convergence.

CFX-Pre is not consistent about what order it writes the region data into the definition file. If this order changes, then the solver may solve things in a slightly different order which can affect convergence (although not the converged solution). This is only likely to be a significant effect when the convergence of the case is particularly sensitive.

WORKAROUND:<br>In some cases it may be possible to avoid rewriting the definition file i.e. by editing the command file directly instead of using CFX-Pre to re-write the whole definition...

In CFX-Pre, if you choose to view the meshes by region type (by right-clicking on Mesh in the tree view and selecting View by > Region Type), then if you select one of the mesh assemblies and try to delete it, all the assemblies are deleted.

CFX-Pre is not correctly identifying which assemblies were selected.

WORKAROUND:<br>The "Undo" functionality will put back all the mesh assemblies if these are deleted accidentally.<br>A single mesh assembly can be deleted as...

For a case with more than one continuous phase, the CFX Solver stops right at the start of the calculation with the following error:

Cannot calculate total enthalpy.
| Writing crash recovery file |

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| Stopped in routine CAL_ENTHTOT |
| |
| |
| |

CFX-Pre is not using the correct logic to determine whether or not a Total Temperature (Inlet) or Opening Temperature (Opening) should be permitted. The solver does not support Opening boundary conditions with an Opening Temperature set, or Inlet boundary conditions with a Total Temperature set, for multiphase cases with more than one continuous fluid, where the density of the continuous phases is not constant. CFX-Pre allows this setup, however, and the error above is the result.

CFX-Pre also disallows the use of Total (or Opening) Temperature for single-phase cases with thermal energy and a constant density fluid, when the solver does support this condition.

In general, Total (or Opening) Temperature should be permitted in the following situations:
1) the simulation uses the thermal energy or total energy model, and
2) it is single phase OR multiphase with only one continuous phase OR multiphase with constant density fluids.

There are some additional restrictions which apply for real gases.


SYMPTOM:<br>For a case with more than one continuous phase, the CFX Solver stops right at the start of the calculation with the following error:<br><br>Cannot calculate total...

When the results file for a case created using TurboPre is loaded into CFX-Post, sometimes CFX-Post asks to load the wrong report template i.e. it asks if the template for a pump should be loaded when the machine is actually a compressor.

CFX-Post attempts to determine which template should be loaded by inspecting whether the fluid used is compressible or not. However, it is not determining this correctly.

WORKAROUND:<br>if CFX-Post asks to load the wrong report template, then cancel this and then load the desired template manually.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>A partial fix is...

Class 3 Error

When CFX-Post is used to transfer pressure loads from a CFX results file to Simulation (using a CFX Pressure load) or ANSYS (using the ANSYS Import/Export facility in CFX-Post), negative pressures are not handled correctly. (Note that when a CFX Pressure load is used in Simulation, CFX-Post is used behind the scenes.)

CFX-Post uses the pressure from the CFX results file to generate a file of "SFE" commands that ANSYS (or Simulation) can use to apply the pressure to the solid FEA model. If the pressure force is negative, then CFX-Post should give pressures with a positive sign but with the normal direction reversed. In some cases, the normal is not being correctly reversed, which has the result of applying a positive pressure instead of a negati

WORKAROUND:<br>Ensure that the normal forces in the CFX results file are always positive. This can usually be done by ensuring that the forces are calculated using the absolute pressure, not...

Obviously incorrect results for mass transfer are obtained with the model templates for Evaporating Drops and Spray Dryer.

The two model templates evaporating_drops.ccl and spray_dryer.ccl have incorrect Antoine Pressure Scales of 1 [Pa] rather than 1 [bar]. Also, the reference enthalpy and reference entropy for the fluid H2Ol are incorrect: they should be -13232235.37 [J/kg] and 10886.98 [J/kg/K] respectively.

WORKAROUND:<br>After using the template, use CFX-Pre to edit the Pressure Scale for the material H20vl to have the correct units, and to set correct reference values for...

My model exhibits oscillating non-convergence. Examining the contact diagnostic information (nldiag,cont,iter) reveals that there is a high degree of chattering in a "bonded-always" contact pair. How can chatter occur in a bonded contact pair? How do I fix this problem?

Some regions of a bonded-always pair might not be recognized as being in initial closed contact. Increasing the pinball depth may help overcome that behavior. Also, if you have slight initial...

We have installed CFX 11 on our IBM platform. CFX 10 works fine on this platform but CFX 11 gives the following message when we run the cfx5launch command:

exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program Launcher.exe because of the following errors:
rtld: 0712-001 Symbol _Getctype__FRCc was referenced
from the moodule Launcher.exe(), but a runtime definition
of the symbol was not found.
rtld: 0712-001 Symbol _Getcvt__FRCc was referenced
from module Launcher.exe(), but a runtime definition
of the symbol was not found.
rtld: 0712-002 fatal error: exiting.
An error has occurred in cfx5launch:

The CFX Launcher /install/ansys_inc/v110/CFX/bin/aix/Launcher.exe could not
be started, or exited with retrn code 255.

The IBM has AIX 5.3 installed on it which is supported by CFX 11. We have C++ Runtime Environment version 6 installed

The C++ runtime environment packages that you have installed are not a sufficient version. For CFX 11 you must have version 7.0 or later of the IBM C++ Runtime Environment Components for AIX.

Customer installed Ansys Workbench 11.0 on Linux EM64T. When he tries to start workbench (through the launcher or directly from the shell) he gets the splash window and then an error message box titled "AWP Global Preference" with the text "Failed determining temp directory location!".
What do I need to do to get WB 11.0 to run on this machine?

Customer should try the following:<br><br>1) rm ¿rf /tmp/MW*<br>2) rm ¿rf /tmp/Mw*<br>3) mv ~/.mw ~/.mw.old<br>4) $INSTALLDIR/v110/aisol/workbench...

How to copy a Camera between views in CFD-Post?
While recording a session and using right mouse button "copy view from.." the explicit values of pan, scale... are written in the session file. How to use variables for the camera definition?

Option 1:<br>With the session file command<br>> setViewportView cmd=copy, view=/VIEW:View 5, viewport=1<br>one can create a new view with a general command. Here the...

Customer tries to download ANSYS 11.0 for Windows XP 32bit ( and receives a warning from his Internet Security Suite made by Astaro that
the file contains a virus, W32/CrazyCrunch-based!Maximus, and is then blocked from downloading?

Does this file contain a virus? What can be done to download?

No, the file does not contain a virus. Some file in our zip file seems to contain a similar signature as the virus. User should contact:

Q. Equilibrium not satisfied in 11.0 to the same criteria that it was in 10.0.?
In a test problem at 11.0 where a force of 5000lbs is applied in Y direction on a beam, FX is not zero(see summary below)


1 26417. 4620.4
46 -24519. 6783.4
86 -25819. -580.24
87 -1238.2 -2875.1
88 25156. -2948.3


VALUE -2.9125 5000.2

A. This is not an error. Changes were made at 11.0 which can effect the convergence pattern.
By default, we only guarantee 0.5% error in force and 0.5% in displacement,
which is cnvtol,U,, 0.005,2, and cnvtol,F,,0.005,2.

In the example give, the error is only 3/5000 = 0.06% in force.
User should always check the force balance after a nonlinear run.
If the default tolerance is not acceptable, user can change it.

Q. Equilibrium not satisfied in 11.0 to the same criteria that it was in 10.0.?<br>In a test problem at 11.0 where a force of 5000lbs is applied in Y direction on a beam, FX is not zero(see...

Q. In 11.0, newly created models which have bolt pretension load do not automatically run two load steps like they did at 10.0.
But the documentation states "When a Bolt Pretension load is present, the simulation automatically executes 2 steps...."
Is this a bug?

A. This is a documentation bug. The change to the code was intentional to give users more control over how bolt pretension is implimented and to make this load more consistent with other loads. The documentation will be corrected to reflect this change at 12.0. In general, for enhanced convergence, users are advised to set up two load steps with LS1 applying the load and LS2 locking the load. This also makes verification of the bolt working load easier.

Q. In 11.0, newly created models which have bolt pretension load do not automatically run two load steps like they did at 10.0.<br>But the documentation states "When a Bolt...

The solver is encountering convergence difficulties when running a torque converter calculation in CFX, even for good quality meshes, why?

One method of diagnosing a problem of this sort is to save the results right before the solver crashes and examine the solution for clues on what might be causing the convergence...

When running a simulation on Windows that uses Monte Carlo radiation, a popup window appears shortly after the run starts with a message similar to the following:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: C...
An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

Pressing OK allows the solver to continue running the solution without error.

This is due to a problem in the radiation tracking routines.

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 11.0 Update 1.

When a Backup File has been requested using any of the frequency based options, and the solver is run in parallel mode, the run can crash when the second or subsequent Backup Files are written.

This is due to a bug in the CFX-Solver. The creation of a new Backup File is (by default) followed immediately by the deletion of the previous one. However, the routine which controls this action is called from all processes, not just the master. In some circumstances, therefore, a solver process can attempt to delete a Backup File which no longer exists and so the run crashes.

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 11.0 Update 1.

When does ANSYS plan to support OSD2007 and on which platforms?

OneSpace Modelling (OSM) v2007 is a binary compatible product with the v2006 plug-in. However, ANSYS/Workbench installer will NOT recognize that version and pre-select the plug-in for install. ...

Are there any limitations for ANSYS Academic version? According to the info we have, the ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory contains ICEM CFD/AI*Environment (including geometry interfaces). Is there a limitaton in the number of elements/nodes that can be generated? The resulting mesh is meant to be exported to a non-ANSYS software package.

We have not implemented any node/element limits on the ICEM meshing. The node/element limits pertain to the PREP7 & solver functionality. The ICEM capability is bundled with the Academic...

Is it possible to model orthortropic conductivity in solids in C?

Yes, it involves editing the set-up file as ows:<br><br>1) Write out the definition file with a constant Thermal Conductivity<br><br>2) Start the CFX launcher and...

I have installed CFX 11 on a Windows XP 64-bit platform. I can run the solver in serial and in PVM local parallel modes, but when I try to use the MPICH2 local parallel mode the solver stops with the error:

The ANSYS CFX solver could not be started, or exited with return code 255: . No results file has been created.

Unlike MPICH where the MPICH service only needs to be registered for distributed parallel, the MPICH2 service must be registered for both local AND distributed parallel. So you will need to issue...