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Do we support the IBM Power PC chip running Linux?

No, we do not support this platform and do not have any plans to support it in the future.

Q. How to compare the CCL (CFX 5 Command Language) in two different definition or results files?

A. The easiest way to compare them is to use the cfx5dfile command. From the CFX 5 Launcher, go to Tools>Command line.
At the command prompt type in the following:

cfx5dfile file1.def -compare-cmds file2.def

Return. The output will list differences in the CCL. The new and old values are listed. In the following example I am comparing the CCL in a definition and results file:

> cfx5dfile 1390c.def -compare-cmds 1390c_001.res

The output is:

Host Architecture String = <undef> -> intel_p4.sse2_linux2.2.5
Installation Root = <undef> -> /home/CFX/CFX-5.7
Double Precision = <undef> -> Yes
Start Method = <undef> -> Serial
Definition File = <undef> -> 1390c.def
Run Mode = <undef> -> Full
Results Version = <undef> -> 5.7

For a full list of options use "cfx5dfile -help".

You can always use the cfx5cmds command to extract the CCL from a def/res file into a text file and compare them manually.

cfx5cmds -read -def *.def -text *.ccl

Q. How to compare the CCL (CFX 5 Command Language) in two different definition or results files?<br><br>A. The easiest way to compare them is to use the cfx5dfile command. From the CFX...

How to switch on diffusion/diffusive transport at inlets?

Diffusion switched off by default at inlets. Possible to set an expert parameter in CCL File. Not possible to set in CFX-Pre.<br><br> cfx5cmds -def name.def -read -text...

I am having graphical problems trying to remotely display Workbench 9.0. It is running on a Linux cluster and I am trying to remotely display on Windows.

It is currently not possible to remotely display Workbench from a Linux machine onto a Windows machine. The workaround is to actually sit at the Linux machine to run Workbench 9.0.

Is it possible to set a constant temperature in a fluid subdomain?

<br>Yes, you can apply a source/sink term to the subdomain to maintain it at a constant temperature. The source/sink terms is applied to the Energy equation and depends on the local fluid...

What is the difference between Heat Flux and Wall Heat Flux in CFX-Post?

<br>Wall Heat Flux is only defined on Wall Boundaries and on the fluid side of Fluid-Solid Interfaces. You should use this variable when calculating heat flux through Wall boundaries. If you...

How can a user solve a Workbench / DesignSpace DSDB from a command line batch file on Unix ?

A Zip file containing the following script files is attached to this solution<br><br><br> : a shell script that has to be run with an argument : the path...

The SOLID65 element Tension-Tension-Compression Domain results
do not appear to match the theory. Is this a known limitation?

Defect 19719 was filed to investigate this issue. It appears that the<br> SOLID65 concrete crushing results do not match the theory equations<br> for a portion of the...

When importing an ICEM mesh into CFX-5.7 I get the following error:

There was a problem importing the mesh from the requested file.
The importing process reported the following problem:

Unable to import mesh: Insufficient memory to 3D region.

<br>This was a problem in CFX-5.7 and was fixed in Service Pack 1. Installing the Service Pack or upgrading to any later version fixes the problem.

When I attach my Pro/Engineer models into Workbench, all of the CAD parameter definitions are duplicated. What's wrong?

It has been discovered that the following Pro/E Wildfire 1.0 and Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 versions, and possibly others, exhibit this problem.<br><br>Pro/E Wildfire 1.0 M240<br>Pro/E...

Q. Why when I animate the current load step (step1) over results, ANSYS9.0 produces an animation only of the last load step (step3).
ANSYS8.1 seems to be doing it correctly.

A. This was a bug at 9.0. It has been corrected for the 10.0 Release.

Q. Why when I animate the current load step (step1) over results, ANSYS9.0 produces an animation only of the last load step (step3).<br>ANSYS8.1 seems to be doing it...

I have downloaded and installed CFX-TurboGrid 2.2.1 for Windows XP from the CFX community website. When I try to run it I get a pop-up entitled CFX-TurboGrid 2.2.1 saying:

No license for CFX-TurboGrid could be found
CFX-TG exited with return code 1.

The license service is working fine, all other CFX applications (CFX-BladeGen, CFX-Pre etc) launch with no problems. CFX-TurboGrid 1.6 lauches with no problem using this license file on UNIX

The license file contains the following TurboGrid components

CFX-TURBOGRID-TGG 2.730 1 31-jan-2006 CFDS
CFX-TURBOGRID-TOL 2.730 1 31-jan-2006 CFDS
CFX-TURBOGRID-BOB 2.730 1 31-jan-2006 CFDS
CFX-TURBOGRID-TBG 2.730 1 31-jan-2006 CFDS

The license keys that you have in your license file for CFX-TurboGrid are for version 1.6. To run CFX-TurboGrid 2.2.1 you will need an extra license key called CFX-TURBOGRID-v2.

Can the ANSYS launcher color scheme be changed by the user?

Yes. it is possible to change the default color scheme (black background and white lettering).<br>To do so, you can add the option -altcolorscheme to the launcher90 command line to get...

I'm trying to plot acceleration results from transient dynamic analysis in the time-history postprocessor (/post26). I have issued OUTRES,ALL,ALL but I don't see acceleration available in the GUI and the NSOL command did not accept A as an item even though the manual says it is available. Are acceleration results available for a transient dynamic analysis in /post26?

Yes, acceleration results are available for a transient dynamic analysis in /post26. The OUTRES,ALL command does not include acceleration results. You also need to have OUTRES,A to get nodal...

Why isn't the Right-Mouse-Button (RMB) working on the Graphics Window at ANSYS 9.0?

At ANSYS 8.0 and 8.1 there was an error that caused the picker to freeze or not appear. Part of the workaround to this error was to set "keyword,NORMB,1" in the start81.ans file to...

The following error occurs in the CFX-5 Solver. What does it mean and how do I get around the problem?

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| A circular dependency was detected during gradient extrapolation. |
| This error message may be bypassed by setting the expert paramet- |
| er 'stop if gradvxb error=f'. |
| |
| |
| |

**** Entered By: mptooley @ 03/03/2005 11:06 AM ****

<br>The error occurs in Boundary Node Gradient Extrapolation. Gradients on boundary vertices at inflows, outflows, walls, etc. need to be extrapolated from neighboring interior nodes. The...

I wish to set a wall velocity at a fluid-solid interface.

<br>Create the fluid and solid domains in the usual way. If you are solving a rotating problem, your fluid domain should be setup as a rotating domain while the solid domain must be...

When I create contact interactively in ANSYS version 8.1 or 9.0 using the Contact Wizard and Contact Manager, upon leaving the Contact Manager, ANSYS unselects all created contact elements. Once contact has been created, and the Finish button has been selected on the Wizard, all elements are selected. But as soon as the Contact Manager is closed, the contact elements are all unselected. What's wrong?

This is a known defect which has been reported (30082)

When will ANSYS Workbench support SolidWorks 2005 ?

Informal testing and feedback from customers indicate that SW2005 works well with Ansys Workbench 8.1 and 9.0 with exceptions noted below:<br><br> Surface models previously imported...

Customer is trying to install AI*Environment/ICEM CFD 5.1 on an IBM AIX machine. After selecting to use ANSYS licensing, the customer gets
the following tcl script error:

Error in Tcl Script
Error: copying necessary files to
Starting Installation GUI...

/ansys_inc/v90/ansys/bin/amI64bit: not

What is causing this error?

This is a known issue on AIX that has been resolved in the latest license install.<br>The customer can download the latest license install from the web:<br><br><a...

Below are some important notes regarding the ANSYS and Workbench 9.0 Service Pack 1

The ANSYS 9.0 Service Pack 1 and Workbench 9.0 Service Pack 1, which are now available on the ANSYS Customer Portal, contain extensive changes to several libraries as well as GUI and documentation files. For this reason the Service Packs are being provided as a complete installation, and are larger than normal. Those users who are running both ANSYS and Workbench should install both the Workbench 9.0 ServicePack 1 and the ANSYS 9.0 ServicePack 1.

Please note that the ANSYS and Workbench 9.0 releases must be uninstalled before installing the Service Pack on Windows machines.

A version of ANSYS 9.0 for EM64T Redhat 3.0 Linux is also released as part of the ANSYS Service Pack. This is the first release for this platform. Please note that this version cannot be installed in the same directory as the AMD Opteron 64-bit Linux version of ANSYS.

Below are some important notes regarding the ANSYS and Workbench 9.0 Service Pack 1<br><br><br>The ANSYS 9.0 Service Pack 1 and Workbench 9.0 Service Pack 1, which are now...

Why does Asynchronous Solution / Remote Solve to a Unix machine not create files in the specified Solver Working Directory?
The Solver Working Directory as specified in the Simulation Solution Branch appears correct. The directory exists and is writeable on the Unix computer.

Check the Solve Command as specified in the Simulation Solution Branch. This should contain the Ansys command name ONLY and NO Startup Options.<br><br> Example:<br><br> ...

I have a beam, shell or beam/shell model which I try to bring into Workbench Simulation. During the geometry import however, I receive a message that there are "no valid body types" and "plugin failed". What could be wrong?

It is possible that the geometry preferences were reset in the control panel ("Tools > Options > Common Settings > Geometry Import"). The top three choices...

Why is my Pressure Profile different in Post than the profile I applied in Pre?

If the profile is applied as an 'Average Static Pressure' Boundary Condition (BC), then the solver averages the Pre profile and used that as a BC, not the profile...

Do you have an example illustrating a procedure that can be used to account for the bidirectional coupling that exists in a magnetohydrodynamic pump? Eddy currents are induced in the electrically conductive fluid due to both the changing field and velocity effects. The eddy currents alter the field and the associated Lorentz forces move the fluid.

The attached example is a 2D planar model of a pressure driven flow of an electrically conductive fluid passing through a duct. A permanent magnet is positioned over the duct. Velocities from the...