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Why is my tapered beam optimization running out of memory?

The abort was being caused by a memory leak<br>in tapered beams, which use a lot of memory to begin with. In an<br>optimization run, the memory should have been deallocated by...

How can I tell if the ANSYS sparse solver has used the pivoting option?

Pivoting is a technique in which the solution of singular equations is postponed until the other<br>equations have been solved, at which time it is less likely to be singular. We...

Why doesn't the pseudo-static step (load step 2) of a PSD analysis
reflect the MPC connection I have created?

This is an error that is fixed in ANSYS 9.0.

Are there any QC tools for checking ANSYS models? The
customer is looking for ANSYS Model quality checking tools availability.

Yes, there is a product call ModelChecker that was developed<br>by one of our distributors, Larry Durocher of Computer Aided Engineering Associates, Inc.

Can LMATRIX be used for an axisymmetric model? The documentation mentions that
it works with solid97 and solid117 solenoidal formulations.

Yes, LMATRIX can be used for 2d axisymmetric elements, such as PLANE53 as well.<br>I attached a qa test input (ev53-54s.dat) The command documentation you refer to<br>was added to...

Why does my single frame restart from the final converged load step
of a nonlinear contact problem just immediately diverge.

Your model contains surface to surface contact elements, which can't be<br>used in a single frame restart. This is documented in ANSYS 9.0 in a note to<br>Section

Why do I get incorrect results when I apply inertia loads in the use pass?
The Advanced Analysis Techniques Guide Section has this note:
"If a mass matrix is generated, it is recommended that degree of freedom
constraints be applied in the use pass at the master DOF (defined in the generation pass).
This ensures that all mass is accounted for in the substructure."

In your model, in which you have specified master degrees of freedom<br>only at the interface between two parts of a cantilever, it is clearly much more<br>accurate to apply the...

In ANSYS 8.1 after pressing the button <Export to ADAMS> the "Reselect attachment nodes" box appears
and all selected nodes are activated automatically. Why is that?

The GUI was programmed incorrectly to assume that the attachment nodes had already been<br>selected. A workaround is to select the nodes before picking the button. The error is fixed...

Can ANSYS 8.1 model Paramagnetic material?

Yes, it would seem so. Per Sadiku, susceptibility of a paramagnetic material as<br>relative permeability minus 1 and generally in the range 1e-3 to 1e-5 for paramagnetic<br>material. ...

Are there any techniques to make a PSD analysis more efficient?

Sheldon Imaoka has created a document which provides several ways to make PSD more efficient. This document is available on his website at: <a target=_blank...

How can I write the displacements of 200 nodes to
a file to interface with MATLAB?

Here is a macro that will do that.<br><br>! Select a set of nodes: nsel,s,,,<br>! start of...

Why is the Comb Drive force too low at ANSYS 8.1 in the example contained in
Chapter 14 of the ElectroMagnetic Analysis Guide - P-Method Electrostatic?

The method used, the Maxwell Surface Tensor, does not capture the total force<br>well when it is concentrated at a corner as is the case in a comb drive. Mesh refinement<br>or use of...

Why do I get an error message about a parameter limit of 5000 when trying
to use CYCOPT,LDSECT,1 to apply a large number of SFE values from a CFX analysis
to my turbine blade?

This is a product limitation that will be addressed in a future release. The alternate<br>method in which the user defines the values using the primary variable SECTOR of the<br>*DIM...

After using the Biot command to compute the field in bus bars (without meshing air)
can I also obtain stress contours and the deformed shape of the bars due to the Lorentz force?

Yes, it is possible to analyze the structural effect of the<br>Lorentz forces using SOLID5 with no air. I have attached an<br>example. It is necessary to use two load steps...

How can I analyze a flat membrane with normal pressure? Since the normal degrees of
freedom initially have zero stiffness, the solver throws them away before cable action can be

One procedure is to solve an initial load step with negative thermal strain instead of pressure<br>using SSTIF,ON. The pressure can be applied in the second load step and the thermal strain...

What is your advice on 64-bit systems for ANSYS 9.0?
Potential operating systems include LINUX, Sun OS 9, and Window XP 64-bit.
We believe that the AMD Opteron 64-bit computers have good price/performance numbers.
Also, will ANSYS 9.0 support a workspace greater than 16 MBytes?
Can you advise on the suitability of Sun/LINUX/XP-64? We want the large RAM size supported
under 64-bit operating systems for efficient Multiphysics runs using the SPARSE solver.

As of 10/15/2004 here is the status of 64 bit computing on the hardware and operating systems<br>you are considering.<br><br>1. Yes, ANSYS 9.0 will support a workspace greater...

How can I change the colors used for Sensitivity bar charts and pie charts
after doing a probablistic analysis using the PDS module. Two of the colors
are the same and can't be distinguished.

You can make the bars and pie chart different colors<br>by activating more colors with the command /SHOW,WIN32C<br><br>The /RGB command could also be used to make changes...

Where is "Mechanical Toolbar" located in ANSYS 8.1? "Mechanical Toolbar" was under
"Menu Control" in ANSYS 8.0.

From section of the "ANSYS Release 8.1 Notes":<br><br>The Mechanical Toolbar facility has been undocumented and is no longer supported in<br>the ANSYS...

User installed Workbench 8.1 on a new PC with Windows XP SP1 and McAfee 8.0i Enterprise.
When the user tries to open a new Simulation, or open an existing one, Workbench crashes.

AnsysWBU.exe has encountered a problem and must close. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The problem is with McAfee 8.0i Enterprise. This is a known defect. The link below give the description of the problem.<br><br><a target=_blank...

Customer has ANSYS 7.0 installed on two Windows XP machines, one with SP1 and the other with SP2.
ANSYS on the Windows XP SP1 machine runs with no problem. When they try to start ANSYS 7.0 on the machine with SP2 installed, nothing happens.
Is ANSYS 7.0 supported on Windows XP SP2?

ANSYS 8.0, ANSYS 8.1, and ANSYS 9.0 have been tested to a level that earned a "certified" rating, but not a "supported" rating. No ANSYS service packs are...

A customer would like to use the remote solve from WB, using PPFA on a Unix machine. How can this be done?

First make sure that PPFA is set up and works properly on the Unix machine.<br><br>Then, create a code snippet or use the Variable Manager commands.<br><br>Do this by going...

What versions of ANSYS support Windows XP SP2:

We at ANSYS have certified that the new MS-SP2 security patch is worthy of download. However, when the first attempt to run ANSYS or WB is made, a security alert will be flashed asking if the...


Do you have a simple ANSYS/LS-DYNA bird strike example that I can use as a starting place?


I incorporated an equation of state material model (apparently approximating a bird) I found in our database into a small symmetry model of a spherical 'bird' impacting an unsupported plate having the density of steel but with only 0.0001 times the stiffness. Read the attached input file into an interactive ANSYS session. It runs in seconds and will leave you watching an animation of the time varying displacement contours.

The input file is parametric ' edit parameters appearing near the top of the file to modify dimensions, initial velocity, and the duration of the transient.

QUESTION:<br><br>Do you have a simple ANSYS/LS-DYNA bird strike example that I can use as a starting place?<br><br><br><br>ANSWER:<br><br>I...

What is causing the following error when trying to run ANSYS 8.1 on an SGI Altix with SGI Pro-pack 2.4?

typhoon 78% ./ansys81
./ansys81: line 407: ulimit: stack size: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted
./ansys81: line 601: scsl_test.24928: Permission denied

Input/Output Error 177: Creat Failure

In Procedure: fappnd
At Line: 72

Statement: Formatted WRITE
Unit: 19

To correct the problem, follow the instructions below:<br><br>1) As root, edit the file: /etc/security/limits.conf<br>Add the following line:<br><br>* ...


Do you have an example demonstrating the use of tabular loading to prescribe a time-varying inlet velocity in a FLOTRAN transient analysis?

The attached input file demonstrates the use of tabular loading to define a time varying (sinusoidal) inlet velocity in a transient FLOTRAN analysis. This is a very simple model ' a 2D axisymmetric model of a tube. The first plot is the table array used to define the inlet velocity versus time. The last plot shows the resulting (from the calculated solution) time history of the axial velocity at the inlet centerline. As you can see, they're equal (as they should be).

QUESTION:<br><br>Do you have an example demonstrating the use of tabular loading to prescribe a time-varying inlet velocity in a FLOTRAN transient...