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Why don't I see my Named Selections when I move from Simulation to ANSYS?

You need to insert a stress quantity in the solution branch.<br>Then you will see the Named Selections and contact when you go to ANSYS.

How can I find the peak result of a combination of two harmonic analyses?

The most rigorous way to obtain the peak value of the combined result<br>is to check every possible phase angle combination between the two excitations.<br>That would require a lot of...

How can I get more significant figures in my POST26 frequency (variable 1) values?

Issuing /FORMAT,,F,12,6 before listing the data will increase the number of<br>significant figures.

How can I assign a user-specified name to graphics captured by an interactive macro?

You can use /SHOW,PNG and /REPLOT to capture the latest display to a file and then<br>rename the file in the script as follows:<br><br>*ASK,Provide name of plot in single...

Q: Can ANSYS handle (i.e., ignore) Pro/E cosmetic threads, or must they be deleted from parts before importation into ANSYS Workbench?

A) The Ansys Workbench cannot import ProEngineer "CosmetIc Features" (like threads). However, if you specifiy to Design Modeler or Design Simulator that you only want to import "Solid Bodies", the threads will be ignored, and the remainder of the solid will be imported.

Q: Can ANSYS handle (i.e., ignore) Pro/E cosmetic threads, or must they be deleted from parts before importation into ANSYS Workbench?<br><br><br>A) The Ansys Workbench cannot...

In running an analysis that does singleframe restarts, the parameter values seem to keep
getting reset. Why and how can they be saved?

Issuing ANTYPE,TRANS,REST does a resume of the database and that will cause all parameters<br>to go back to their last saved values. If you add the parsav and parres commands as shown...

How can I convert an ANSYS classic material library to be useable in ANSYS Workbench Environment?

According to our development staff, the only conversion path at this time is to write the material properties out to a file<br>from ANSYS Classic via a CDWRITE command. You can do several...

Q) Can I import Pro/E coordinate systems into ANSYS Workbench Environment (WBE)?

A) Here are the steps needed to get the coordinate systems into DesignSimulation (DS):

1) start ProE and load the assembly (or part)
2) start a WBE session and save the project to your working directory
3) on the Project Page (under Advanced Geometry Defaults) check the "Import Coordinate Systems" box
4) import into DesignSimulation -- the coordinate systems do come in

Note: If you try to import into DesignModeler (DM), no coordinate systems will come in

If you switch the order of import (DesignModeler first and then go to DesignSimulation second), you won't get the coordinate systems into DesignSimulation.
This is because DesignSimulation is taking the geometry from DesignModeler, which doesn't import CAD coordinate systems.

Q) Can I import Pro/E coordinate systems into ANSYS Workbench Environment (WBE)?<br><br><br>A) Here are the steps needed to get the coordinate systems into DesignSimulation...

Why is DesignModeler (DM) aborting when I suppress bodies in wire frame mode at 10.0?

This is a known issue in DM 10.0 (and a rather frequently encountered one too).<br>A correction has been made for the upcoming 10.0 service pack. The crash occurred<br>because a...

Should LCOPER,LPRIN be used to obtain SEQV for PIPE16 after a load case
combination, the results in ANSYS 10.0 do not appear to be correct.

The VonMises stress (SEQV) for PIPE16 after issuing LCOPER,LPRIN<br>is incorrect in ANSYS 10.0. A class 3 error report will be issued [REF: Defect 39817.]<br>PIPE20, a plastic version...

Is a mode-superposition transient possible after using CMS in the modal?

Yes, this was tested prior to the ANSYS 10.0 release. It has been used<br>successfully in the field

What is causing strange legend behaviour in Simulation 10.0?

This is occurring on German versions which have comma set as<br>the decimal separator. The error is fixed in 10.0 SP1.

How can I use the function editor to obtain a half sine function?

The function below was created with the function editor. It correctly applies a sine function and uses the<br>angular argument unit of...

Why is a contour plot with exterior nodes and Full graphics wrong at ANSYS 10.0?
It was correct in 9.0.

To reproduce, do the following with any set of results:
asel,s,p !Pick an area
plns,u,sum ! You will see a very curious plot.

With /dsca,,off the plot is correct.

This is an error introduced in 10.0 [Ref: Defect 39740.]<br>It is fixed in 11.0.

What happened to the DPCG solver in ANSYS 10.0? It
is no longer documented.

When you use parallel processing, EQSLV,PCG will<br>use the DPCG solver automatically at 10.0. The command,<br>EQSLV,DPCG, is still supported for upward compatibility.

Why can't I open a Simulation database that contains a command object in ANSYS 10.0?

This database was corrupted by the presence of command snippet.<br>This error was previously reported and fixed in SP1 under defect 39719.<br>The defect description and possible...

Why isn't thermal strain ramped during the first load step? I am using
TUNIF to apply thermal strain to a nonlinear model and it is hurting convergence
to have the thermal strain step applied.

This is documented in Table 2.13 of the Basic Analysis Guide, but to reinforce<br>the point we will add the following to footnote 2 at 11.0: "Since TUNIF is step applied<br>in...

Why is SEQV almost zero for this modal analysis of a cantilever beam in ANSYS 10.0?
It appears the component stresses are almost equal when the axial direction should be much higher.

This is an error in the modal expansion pass [Ref: Defect 40554.].<br>The stresses are being calculated using the plasticity curve in what should be a<br>linear stress pass. A...

Why doesn't this simple example run with the DSPARSE solver at ANSYS 10.0?

The DSPARSE solver has an error in predicting memory usage in METIS equation ordering with<br>the Dsparse solver. This has been fixed in 11.0. The error exists only for mid-side noded 3D...

Is it possible to use a beam section with an offset to model a shell stiffener?
I don't seem to be getting a match for the rotational mode.

Yes, the test below shows the rotational mode of the combined section is<br>accurately captured compared to an all shell model. Note that the BEAM188 warping dof<br>has to be turned...

How is the material property MP,DAMP used in a PSD analysis?

MP,DAMP is interpreted as MDAMP in PSD. These material dependent<br>damping values are used as ratios to critical in the PSD.

Why does this user beam section require 800 Mb to read into ANSYS 10.0?

This is a fairly large cross section: 10460 nodes/2100 elements.<br>In solving for the section properties we use the Sparse solver, but don't<br>use the ANSYS equation assembly...

Can I use PLANE230 to solve for the transient electrostatic/electrical conduction
field of a model in which part of the field path goes through a purely electrostatic domain (air?)

No. This is a current based element and the electrostatic contribution is like damping of<br>the current solution. Without some electrical conductivity in the air there will be no field.

Why are graphical displays of S1, S2 and S3 for a 2D plane stress elements all
showing non-zero values? There are only 2 directions of stress. A typical input shows

If you list the principal stresses for individual nodes you will see that one of the principals<br>is always zero, it's just not always S3.

What type of thermal-stress analysis can be done with remote solve in WB 10.0?

The 10.0 Simulation help indicates that "implicit" thermal-stress is<br>not supported for remote solve. If you are doing what is considered<br>an...