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In the element description for SHELL181, we state that real constants 7-12 (transverse shear stiffnesses, drill stiffness, membrane and bending HG control factors) have program-provided default values. What are the defaults values?

The nomenclature used for these real constants is as follows: direction 1 is the element x direction, and direction 2 is the element y direction.<br><br>The default for E11 is...

What other things can I try when importing a Catia v5 file fails in ANSYS Classic?

There is a documented option on the ~CAT5IN command that will allow the model<br>to be imported into ANSYS. It must be typed in to the command input as...

Is it possible to encrypt and use ULIB files the same way Ansys can encrypt and use macro files?

This is not a supported capability but I did a simple test and it does seem to be possible. Basically<br>I encrypted each macro into an individual file and created the ulib file by...

In CFX 10 running the linux-amd64 executable, it appears that information is posted to the .out file and the mon file at different times. There will be long periods of inactivity in the .out file and then many lines will be posted all at one time.

<br>The lagging of the out file in CFX 10 is due to the lack of flushing the buffer. The buffer should be flushed every time data is written to it, but in this case the buffer is only...

Why is there a win32 directory under the Inventor plugin directory for the 64-bit Workbench beta version for Windows x64 and not a win64 directory?

There is not an x64 version of Inventor, so we only support the 32-bit version.

I want to model the macroscopic affects of a device (propeller, fan, pump etc) on the fluid in ANSYS CFX by using source terms instead of modeling the details of the device. I know the axial and theta forces exerted by the device on the fluid.

<br>Since the forces are known, they just need to be converted into a Momentum Source and applied to a volume that approximates the volume of the device. Momentum sources are applied to...

Class 3 Error

When a problem that is set-up in Turbo Mode in CFX-Pre is changed to be in General Mode, a Total Temperature boundary condition is changed to 300 [K].

This is caused by CFX-Pre re-setting some boundary condition values to default values for

WORKAROUND:<br>Re-visit the Boundary Condition form and re-set the Total Temperature to the desired value.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Release 10.0 SP1.

Is there a way to graphically display the face numbers for an element?
I can get the number using NMFACE(E), but I would like to display them graphically.

There is no graphic key to directly plot the element face number. One possible way<br>to view it is demonstrated in the below input. A convection value of one is applied to<br>face 1...

A user is trying to get high quality (2400 dpi) contour plot tiff files from ANSYS 9.0.
They are specifying /cont,1,16 which gives 16 contour bands of 16 different colors on the
screen but the redirect plot to tiff file gives only 9 contour colors. I'm seeing the same
thing here on my PC regardless of whether I start up using the 3D or WIN32C driver.
The hardcopy to tiff seems to be ok but it is limited to the screen resolution. Why?

Issue /sho,tiff,,,8 with /gfile,2400 then the plot command such as plns,s,qev.

What steps are necessary to write particle tracks to backup results files?

For one-way coupled simulations, particle tracks are not written to backup files because they are calculated at the end of a run.<br>For fully coupled (two-way) simulations, particle track...

My model has MPC contact with a moment applied at the pilot node. In version 9.0, the moment is transmitted to the rest of the structure. At 10.0, the moment seems to have no effect. Why did this behavior change?

The pilot node is getting auto-constrained in all DOFs at 10.0 -- this is a new defect. This bug in MPC contact has been fixed at 11.0.<br><br>However, please note that MPC pilot node...

I would like to model radiation in 2D using CFX 10.0. How can I do this? I have a mesh 2 cells thick, bounded by sym planes.

Radiation in 2D works fine and the radiation incident on the symmetry planes will undergo mirror reflection with angle of reflection = angle of incidence. With the Monte Carlo method, you might...

How can I use results from a boundary of one run as an inlet condition to my second run?

1) In CFX-Post, open the results file of the first run.<br> 2) Choose File/Export and choose the type "BC Profile". For more than the listed variables in the Profile Type...

Simulation setup with flamelet, radiation and heat transfer crashes after a certain number of iterations with error:

Fatal bounds error detected
Variable: A1CH2OH C7H8O.Specific Heat Capacity at Constant Pressure
Locale : Domain 1

| ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. |
| Message: |
| Stopped in routine ENFORCE_BOUNDS |

What is the reason?

<br><br>It may occur that during a not yet converged run the temperature gets values for which the formula for the heat capacity defined for the component (here A1CH2OH C7H8O) delivers...

I can't figure out how to set the turbulent Prandtl number for energy. I know that in CFX-5.6 one could do this
by setting an expert parameter, but this does not seem to work in ANSYS CFX 10 or CFX-5.7.

<br><br>The expert parameter for setting the turbulent Prandtl number was discontinued after CFX-5.6. In later releases,<br>this is considered to be a beta feature and you must...

Why are boundary conditions incorrect after a post1 combination
of harmonic real and imaginary results?

The real component of applied loads is stored with both the real<br>and imaginary results, so the combined value reflects that. For example,<br>if an SRSS combination is done, the...

How can I apply an acceleration time history to the big mass
when using the Big Mass Method in a mode-superposition transient?

Ordinarily the mass is excited by a force equal to the acceleration<br>times the big mass, but a more convenient way is to apply the acceleration<br>directly with the CMACEL command...

How can I check if ANSYS is correctly using Theory Manual Eqn. 17-120
in computing the DDAM mode coefficients?

Attached is a DDAM input from the test set and an excel spreadsheet which<br>evaluates Theory Manual Eqn. 17-120 for this input.

How is the sensitivity calculated in the Probabilistic Design System?
Main Menu>Prob Design>Prob Results>Trends>Sensitivities

The sensitivity is equal to the correlation coefficient.<br>The 2.5% significance assessment is an internal calculation<br>of the probability that the correlation is really zero.

Why is rotational velocity input through a Commands Object
having no effect in Workbench at 8.1?

If you don't have a gravity load in Workbench 8.1, it will not use<br>your density material property (to save writing the mass matrix.)<br>At 9.0 the density is used even if...

Why is my High Frequency Modal analysis missing modes?

This type of model has very small "mass" values and<br>there can be a tolerancing problem. On this type of model<br>you can use ASSOPT,,FRONT to solve problems which...

Why does docu say BF,,TEMP can only use a table load as a function of time?
I set up a test case and was successful getting the BF load to vary with both time
and X-coord. Is there a mistake in the documentation?

My test below showed that it works as a function of X also.<br>I filed Enhancement 370883 to request that it be...

Why am I not getting complex frequencies in ANSYS 9.0 with the qrdamp modal
solver and a model with friction (no damping.)

Here are the requirements to model brake squeal due to sliding friction:<br><br>1. Contact must have a sliding status at the end of the static analysis<br><br>2. The...

Why does solver bog down on the third load step of my linear analysis?
I've got a model, basically a cube block that is crossed by a few cylinders.
Two material are used, one for the block(linear isotropic) one for the cylinders
(linear orthotropic). The model is loaded with 3 load steps;
1- displacement in x Direction applied to the face with its normal vector in + X direction
2- displacement in y Direction applied to the face with its normal vector in + Y direction
3- displacement in z Direction applied to the face with its normal vector in + Z direction

The first two load steps are solved very fast, both take the same time to be solved, but
when solving load step 3 it seems that the solver gets complety locked.

A mistake in the solver caused the order vector from load step 2 to be re-used in load step 3<br>resulting in a huge wave front of 18000. This caused the solution to be much slower. A...

When I run a high frequency analysis using the attached file
in ANSYS8.1, ANSYS returns the error message:

*** ERROR *** CP= 354.422 TIME= 17:06:32
The element with PML attribute is not found. Element 106720.

Would you tell me what is causing the error?

I've already checked #222401 of the Knowledge Base, but that
does not apply - the element edges of the PML elements are parallel

Element 106720 is completely inside the nodal component<br>"ground" and all of its nodes are constrained to ax=0. I checked<br>with development and we don't...