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For a similar model size (i.e., number of equations/DOF), the elapsed time for 2D model is much shorter than for 3D. I am using the same machine, same solver, and same memory/CPU configurations. Why is the solve time so much different?

The wavefront size plays a role in the solution time, since it indicates the equations that could not be eliminated by the solver during the solve process. The highest value of the wavefront is...

Are there any papers discussing correlating drop test simulations with actual test data?

Yes, please see the attached paper "Lab Tests Improve Accuracy of FEA" from the Spring 2000 issue of "ANSYS Solutions." Motorola engineers correlated their ANSYS...

What is the equation for a PDS response surface?

We fit the sampling points using full second order polynomial terms (with cross terms). For example, two input variables (X1 and X2), the full 2nd order polynomial terms are as follows:<br>Y...

How should a PDS analyst choose the five values in "PDDOEL,par,CCD,PHYS,ALL,val1,val2,val3,val4,val5" when s/he only has the upper and lower boundaries?

The CCD sampling is a 5-level design having (-alpha, -1, 0, +1, +alpha). The alpha is selected using some statistical criteria such that the variance is constant for all the sampling points from...

User is running a model on a Distributed environment. He observes that with contact present in his model, he gets the following decomposer ERROR

Failure in the Greedy domain decomposer.
Error Code = 2.

What does this message mean and is there a workaround?

This is a very general error message, but in one particular case involving the presence of contact, the message was triggered by two contact pairs in the model that were overlapping. Once this...

User runs an analysis with the REINF265 elements without error. He leaves solution, re-enters and tries to resolve. He gets the following error message.

"No base element is found for reinforcing Element X. Use of isolated reinforcing elements is not permitted."

What does this message mean? Is there a workaround?

This is a code defect at 11.0 (defect report 62469). A new internal node is created during the solution for the base element to hold pressure DOFs. Reinforcing elements fail to recognize the...

Are there any recommendations on ANSYS LS-DYNA tetrahedral and shell element formulations?

Yes, please see the three attached documents courtesy of LSTC Technical Support.

The customer gets the following error message while doing a rezone. This error only occurs when contact stiffness updating is active

"Error in computing dfunca or dfuncold value. Please send your data to your ANSYS Technical Support Provider."

This was a code defect in 11.0 that has been corrected for 12.0. The only workaround at 11.0 is to turn off contact stiffness updating.

How do we post-process forward and backward rates of a reversible reaction in CFX.

A reversible Reaction can be set in CFX via two methods:<br><br> (a) Explicitly giving the forward and backward Rate<br> (b) Equilibrium...

How to set a reaction rate affected by a catalyst in CFX-Pre?

Before formulating the affect of a catalyst on a reaction rate, it is imperative to look into the way in which a catalyst affects a reaction.<br><br>A catalyst is a substance which...

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Q: What is the status of AUTODYN on Windows XP x64 (AMD64/EM64T processors)?

A1: AUTODYN 11.0 and AUTODYN 11.0 Service Pack 1 support running on Windows XP x64, but AUTODYN runs as a 32-bit process while other Workbench modules run as native 64-bit applications.

A2: The 64-bit version of AUTODYN is also installed under the "winx64" subdirectory, but it is still in beta status.

A3: Support of 64-bit Windows for AUTODYN is tentatively planned for release 12.0. (For parallel processing, WMPI II will be used, and Meshing->AUTODYN should work similar to 32-bit case.)


Q: How does this affect a user with Windows XP x64?

A1: When running AUTODYN in parallel, the user must install the 32-bit version of WMPI 1.6.1, *not* the 64-bit version of WMPI 1.6.1. Instructions are outlined in the AUTODYN "Parallel Tutorial" available from the Customer Portal, as well as Solution #579466.

A2: Going from Workbench Meshing to AUTODYN directly is not supported yet. See Solution #610090 for a work-around.

A3: If a user is only running AUTODYN on their PC, installing the 32-bit version of Workbench is an alternative since, then, Meshing->AUTODYN ("Proceed to AUTODYN") is available. However, note that to use the Geometry Interface plug-ins with DesignModeleror WB Meshing, the user must install the 32-bit version of their CAD system as well.

**** Entered By: simaoka @ 10/16/2007 06:42 PM ****<br><br>Q: What is the status of AUTODYN on Windows XP x64 (AMD64/EM64T processors)?<br><br>A1: AUTODYN 11.0 and AUTODYN...

My Simulation 11.0 model of a column, comprised of BEAM188 elements with an open cross section (an I-beam shape in this case), gives the wrong linear buckling results. One end is pinned and the other is held in the two non-axial translational DOFs. At this latter end, a compressive axial force is used to impart a static preload. All of the nodes are held in the rotational DOF about the axis of the beam (ROTX). The linear buckling results do not match the prestressed modal results. Is this a known limitation?

Yes. Feature Request 63056 has been filed to address this limitation in Simulation. Essentially, Simulation 11.0 uses "ETCONTROL,SET", which activates internal nodes that are not...

Class 3 Error

Incorrect mass flows and consequently incorrect mass flow averages are given on GGI domain interfaces for mutiphase flows.

The volume fraction is not output from the CFX Solver to CFX-Post on GGI interfaces, so CFX-Post calculates mass flows without multiplying by the volume fraction. This will often be noticed, but for volume fractions close to 1, it may not

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0. A custom executable for ANSYS CFX Release 11.0 Service Pack 1 is available on request.

How can I update the HP MPI version provided with ANSYS CFX?

Download the actual version of HP MPI from the Hewlett-Packard website.<br><br><a target=_blank...

Customer installed ANSYS 11.0SP1 after removing all 11.0 products from his Windows XP machine. When starting WB simulation, he gets the following error messages.

"Object does not support this property or method: topList(i).ResetTree();"
"'tv.SelectedItem' is null or not an object"

DesignModeler and ANSYS interface seem to work correctly. What is causing this error?

This is related to the dynamics licensing issue where the customer was given a new DSObjectsU.dll and the existing one was renamed. After uninstalling 11.0, the v110 directory was not removed, so...

I cannot seem to get rotary inertia to work for ANSYS LS-DYNA MASS166 elements. Why?

This is a known error and has been fixed in ANSYS LS-DYNA 12.0, per Defect 58795.<br> A new test case (dyna-329s.dat) has been added to the QA Test Set. The input and<br> output...

Fluent 6.4 only offers Standard Wall functions in the GUI. How do I activate the new Scalable wall functions?

Scalable wall functions are available in Fluent 6.4 as an add-on to Standard wall functions. Standard wall functions must be activated to use Scalable wall functions.<br>Setup your problem...

ASME section VIII requires the sum of the principal stresses. I would like a plot of the sum of the principal stresses at every node. I need to find the node that has the maximum sum of the principal stresses. Can I do this in workbench somehow?

If you are familiar with ANSYS commands, you could insert a command object under the "Solution" branch with commands like those below. This will retrieve the S1 principal stress...

I have a transient run with many saved .trn files. I want to export results (e.g. on a line) for different .trn files to a SINGLE data file. How can I do that?

You can use session file in post to do that. Two main things need to be done in the session file are: using loop to loop over different time steps and copy file exported from Post to another file,...

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Q: ANSYS crashes when displaying the "symbol of area normal direction" immediately after reading a Parasolid model. We can reproduce this behavior on ANSYS 8.1 through 11.0SP1.

A. This is a defect (#63424). One workaround is to execute the following commands before display the above-mentioned symbol.


**** Entered By: jjdoyle @ 10/30/2007 04:18 PM ****<br><br>Q: ANSYS crashes when displaying the "symbol of area normal direction" immediately after reading a Parasolid...

I want to define a run where some of the variables in the initial condition use specified value or CEL expressions and others use values from initial values file. Is it possible to do so?

Yes. It is possible. For variable field Initialization, the CFX solver accepts four possible options:<br><br>- Automatic with value<br><br>This is the most common option...

What values/expressions does CFX use at the no-slip wall boundary to solve the k and epsilon/omega equations in the case of two equation turbulence models?

<br>In CFX a flux boundary condition is specified for the k-equation: F_k = 0. So you see the conservative value in CFX-Post.<br>We specify finite values for epsilon and omega. For...

Is it possible to get the track numbers for the particle tracks shown in the window and do some operations on each track?

The following script will allow you get track numbers for the particle tracks shown in the window. You can get this information from the info Tab of `Details of Particle Track¿ as well. You...

SW has poor associativity with its own multi-body parts. This seems to be causing issues in DM (body count increases or decreases with each update, Named selections become invalid, etc.)

In other words, suppose you have a multi-body part in SW and attached it to DM. In DM, if you give named selections for some bodies, then refresh the model in DM (Use Geometry Parameter values), the named selections for bodies can be mixed up. They may point to different body/bodies ' even if you did not change any parameter in SW. If you have some body operations later in DM tree, you have to revisit them to make sure they are acting on the correct bodies.

Development has known the issue and commented that: The associativity of SW bodies, in multi-body parts, is a known and long-standing issue. They have tried three methods with the SW API and have...

Load a state file which has many cutting planes (with user specified name). User wants to have a session file which can recognize the cutting planes' name and loop over them, e.g. get value, etc.

Something like this should work:<br><br>! $planes = getChildren("", "PLANE");<br>! @planeList = split(/,/, $planes );<br><br>! foreach...