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Class 3 Error

If you have more than one fluid and you specify Cartesian velocity components for a specific fluid on an Opening boundary condition, then the simulation results may not be what you expect.

Fluid-specific Cartesian velocity components on openings are always applied in the rotating frame of reference, regardless of the Frame Type specified for the bounda

WORKAROUND:<br>Specify the velocity components in the rotating frame of reference.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0.1. A custom tt.txt fix for ANSYS CFX Release...

Is there a way to turn off the backup file generation in WB Simulation?

You can avoid this by saving the analysis before solving or any action that creates a backup. The backup operation is really just a folder rename/move so you can work very efficiently still as...

I need to create a general joint in Workbench Simulation, but I do not have a rigid-flex dynamic license. Can this be done with a command object?

Yes. Attached is a simple demo dsdb with a command object that sets up a general joint between a pin and hole. Refer to documentation on the MPC184 element as well as documentation on the SECJOINT...

How can I use JScript to automate the task of opening a DSDB, updating the geometry according to some new parameters, and writing out an input file?

Please see the attached archive. The path has been hardcoded for now, so drop these three files in C:scratch (or somewhere else, but you have to update the script accordingly), remove the...

How can I calculate the center of pressure for a component using CFX Post?

<br><br>The expressions for a center of pressure with coordinates (CPX,CPY,CPZ) for a solid with outersurface called wing...

**** Entered By: dciabatt @ 02/26/2009 17:31 ****

Q. My old 2D AUTODYN models can be resumed in ANSYS AUTODYN 11.0 SP1, but the RUN button is grayed out (greyed out), so I cannot re-run them. The cycle 0 (cycle zero) files are fine, it is just that I cannot run them. In fact, I can create the exact same model from scratch and that will run, but if I get out of ANSYS and get back in, the model will no longer run. Is this a licensing problem?

A. Yes. A similar error was first reported in Defect 61187 and was fixed in AUTODYN build "e," but it seems that at least this new problem exits in build "g." Therefore, the fix is to download AUTODYN build "h" from the ANSYS Customer Portal. The new error is that ANSYS tries to check out a 2D license, but none exists in 11.0, as the 3D license is now used for both 2D and 3D, so the code then checks out a license like "acdi_adprepost," which does not permit solving. Once again, the only known fix for this is to download AUTODYN 11.0 build "h" form the Customer Portal. We apologize for the inconvenience this licensing error has caused you.

**** Entered By: dciabatt @ 02/26/2009 17:31 ****<br><br>Q. My old 2D AUTODYN models can be resumed in ANSYS AUTODYN 11.0 SP1, but the RUN button is grayed out (greyed out), so I...

My PIPE18 and PIPE60 models do not give the correct reactions when I set KEYOPT(8)=1=(Internal and external pressures do not cause loads on end caps). That is, when the endcaps are removed, the reactions are wrong. Why?

Defect 67196 was filed, which resulted in Class 3 Error 2008-11 being written (see below). Essentially, when these elbow elements are subjected to an internal and/or external pressure, the...

Q: We are still a bit unclear on how to define hollow cone sprays in CFX..

I would like to inject 4 cones of fuel, a solid cone in annulus 1, and hollow cones in annuli 2 to 4. We want to inject from the indicated injection plane.
In the definition for the particle injection region, should the "Injection Center" be point A or point B.

Does the "Injection Center" define the actual origin of the spray, or does it indicate the axial position of the injection plane/point?

If the injection center locates the plane of injection, then how is the spray angle defined?

Where is the spray angle referenced to for a particular injection annulus?

Also, In the particle injection definition box, there is single input for velocity magnitude. How do I assign the axial and theta velocity components for each annulus? - JCOOPER

The injection center locates the plane of the injection, so the injection point will be at B in the diagram<br><br>There are two angles that can be specified for particle...

Is there an example of usermat for modeling hyperelastic material?

Yes, we have a sample usermat for modeling hyperelastic material. The documentation and files are attached.<br><br>NOTE: The ANSYS program has another user programmable feature,...

What happens when two non-parallel surfaces are partially penetrating and adjust to touch is invoked in Workbench Simulation?

In this case, the code will ignore the local penetration only for the detection points that are closed and penetrating. It will make no adjustment to detection points that are initially near field...

I am trying to model concrete in ANSYS LS-DYNA and am having difficulty getting *MAT_159 (*MAT_CSCM) to work properly. I know that this model is not supported by ANSYS, but I need to use it and require assistance. What should I do?

LSTC suggested checking out the website: <a target=_blank...

Is there a workaround to the error in the Harwell Boeing dump (HBMAT) of a superelement in 11.0?

Yes, all you need to do is modify one pointer value before reading the matrix file.<br><br>COLPTR will be used here to denote the column pointers (of which there are PTRCRD) and ROWIND...

I am trying to run the Cartesian Shrinkwrap tutorial in ANSYS ICEM CFD 11 SP1 on a 64-bit AMD opteron platform with 64-bit Linux installed. This tutorial is described in the online ANSYS ICEM CFD 11 SP1 Tutorial Manual under CFD Tutorials > Geometry Creation > Geometry Simplification using Shrinkwrap.

I get the following message:

An internal error has occurred:

Can't find program "hexcart" in directories:

/share/apps/ansys_inc/v110/icemcfd/linux64_amd/icemcfd icemcfd

You can report this error to the maintainers of this software, skip the error and continue working, or view a stack trace

There are some files missing from the 64-bit Linux ANSYS ICEM CFD 11 SP1 installation for the AMD Opteron platform, including the hexcart executable.<br><br>The missing files are...

I am having problems post-processing a transient simulation in CFD Post 11.0 . I can't use my transient averaged variables in expressions.
What can I do about this?

This is a bug in CFD 11.0 Post. CFD Post V 11.0 checks the prefixes of variables to determine their validity. This check fails for .trnavg. Prefix checks have been eliminated for CFX...

In CFX, how can I monitor a recursive quantity at a point, such as a running time average of a variable?

Recursion is not premitted in regular expressions, because the expressions are reevaluated at each timestep and not stored.<br>To get around thie recursion problem, store the expression in...

I have a created a plane in my geometry at a certain cross-sectional location, but only want to take area average measurements of flow variables through a portion of that plane.
How can I do that if my orientation and/or desired surface is complex?

<br><br>The best approach for creating this custom surface is probably to use a combination of CEL variables, contour plots and user surfaces :<br><br>1. Create a plane...

What does the error message related to INTER194 elements mean?


There was a code error that generated this message in 11.0SP1. It has been corrected at 12.0. The only workaround is to replace the gasket with solid elements and use a hyperelastic material model.

Can I use multiple res file for initial file?

What if I wanted to use one res file(A_001.res) for pressure and velocity fields, then use second res(B_001.res) file for temperature fields? - JCOOPER

Using multiple res files in a restart is not directly possible, but you can build the desired restart .res from the existing .res files using CFX Post as follows:<br><br>(Case of using...

How to evaluate the difference of a local variable to its circumferential averaged value on a Turbo Surface?

<br>This can be achieved with the following steps:<br>¿ Initialize the turbo components<br>¿ Generate a Turbo Surface: Location > Turbo...

I am looking for a way to input the initial strain using INISTATE. The 11.0 documentation implies that this can be done, but the details under DEFINE only address the initial stress case.

This was a documentation defect at 11.0. No mention of strain should have been included. The INISTATE has been more fully developed to include strain at 12.0. Attached is the revised 12.0 INISTATE...

I am trying to apply match control on end faces of a sector model in WB 11.0SP1. If I import it as a SolidWorks or Parasolid part, then I get an error message that "The two faces do not have the same topology or geometry". If I import it as an IGES file, it works fine.

There is a code defect (#89091) in 11.0SP1 involving edge counting between the two matching surfaces that is incorrect. This only affects Parasolids formats and has been corrected for the 12.0...

In ANSYS Workbench, saved image files (PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, EPS) or saved timeline animation files (AVI) are white, blank, or capture incorrect parts of the screen on Windows Vista 32 AND Vista 64.

Image To File - Save As: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, EPS
Export Video File - Save As: AVI

This problem occurs when Workbench is used when Windows Vista when set to use the Windows Aero Color scheme. The programming paradigm for Aero is new and completely different from previous...

Does the Workbench plugin provide support for Autodesk Inventor 2010?

Autodesk Inventor 2010 will NOT be officially supported with the initial release of 12.0. ANSYS will test Autodesk Inventor 2010 after it is officially released from Autodesk. Workbench 12.0...

Do you have an example verifying results obtained with the radiosity method?

The attached presentation summarizes results of 2 models of a simple system comprised of 2 parallel plates and the surrounding environment. In one of the models, the plates are modeled with...


When trying to open ANSYS by double clicking a .db or .dbb file, this error occurs:

couldn't load library "c:/program files/ansys inc/v110..../intel/ansinfo.dll": invalid argument while executing
"load {c:/program files/ansys inc....ansinfo.dll} ansinfo"
infovked from withing "package require ansinfo" (file "c:program file....launcherlaunchermain.itcl" line 60)


1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Tools
3. Folder Options
4. File Types (Tab)
5. Select the "DB" Extention
6. Click "Advanced"
7. Select "open"
8. Click "Edit"
9. The path pointed to:
"C:Program FilesANSYS Incv110CommonFilestclbinIntelwish.exe" "C:Program FilesANSYS Incv120CommonFilesLauncherLauncherMain.itcl" -runae -FILE "%1"
This should have been:
"C:Program FilesANSYS Incv110CommonFilestclbinWinx64wish.exe" "C:Program FilesANSYS Incv120CommonFilesLauncherLauncherMain.itcl" -runae -FILE "%1"

NOTE: The change from "Intel" to "Winx64" in the path.

Roaming profiles were being used, so this setting was probably configured on a 32bit machine and the roaming profile carried over to the 64bit computer.

Problem:<br><br>When trying to open ANSYS by double clicking a .db or .dbb file, this error occurs:<br><br> couldn't load library "c:/program files/ansys...