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How to plot shear and moment diagrams in ANSYS?

In ANSYS Release 10.0, you need to store the shear and moment results in an ETABLE and then plot them using the PLLS command. Here is an example showing how to plot shear and moment diagrams for...

Why is the PCG solver giving an incorrect reaction for a remote force load in ANSYS 10.0?

A new preconditioner was introduced at 10.0. It is accessed with the default PCGOPT,2.<br>When large CP/CE (i.e., number of terms greater than 10,000) are present there was logic in this...

Why are PSD reaction forces way too high when significant mode is very high in ANSYS 10.0?

Your psd input has a very steep final slope and your model has a significant mode<br>much higher than the psd curve. These two things combined to produce the serious<br>numerical...

Why am I getting the odd error message below mentioning LINK1 with
this Simulation magnetic analysis?

*** ERROR *** CP = 1.082 TIME= 10:09:58
Ename must be input as a positive number, rather than 0.

*** ERROR *** CP = 1.082 TIME= 10:09:59
For element type = 3 ( LINK1 ), KEYOPT 1 = 5 is invalid.

You have requested lower order elements in the meshing options and<br>the magnetic element requires mid-side nodes. Simulation is writing out<br>a 0 for the element type which...

Is it possible to access the AMG solver from within Simulation?

In WB Release 10.0, it is possible to access the AMG solver from within Simulation. To access the AMG solver, you need to add a ¿-pp¿ to the ANSYS startup command and specify the...

Why am I getting the *GET error message below when attempting to activate the component manager?

*** ERROR *** CP = 3.188 TIME= 15:25:25
Material number must be greater than 0.
The *GET command is ignored.

The last time this was reported (Ref: incident 520387) the user had a character<br>parameter named NAME. That label was being used by the component manager.<br><br>You have a...

Why does /SHOW,CLOSE change the focus and distance for redirected plots?
I am running a batch input in which I redirect certain plots to the ANSYS neutral
graphics file. If I add insert /SHOW,CLOSE to skip over plots I don't want saved
it changes the focus and distance.

This is caused by a difference in the way /AUTO works after /SHOW,CLOSE<br>has been issued. It does not refocus when plots are made with /SHOW,CLOSE.<br>In your example, an EPLOT...

How can you remove REINF265 elements that have been created using the EREINF command?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, you use the EDEL command to remove REINF265 elements that have been created using the EREINF command. You cannot clear the REINF265 elements, because they are not...

Why do p-elements give different result for model with orthotropic properties?

You have oriented the orthotropic material properties with rotated element coordinate<br>systems. p-elements don¿t support a local element coordinate<br>system. In the element...

How do you perform a PSD analysis with different excitations?

In ANSYS Release 10.0, you need to specify each excitation type and direction and issue a PFACT command to calculate the participation factors. After all of the participation factors have been...

Does TRANS109 accept any relative permittivity other than 1.0?

In ANSYS Release 10.0, TRANS109 only accepts a relative permittivity of 1.0. The total permittivity is the relative permittivity multiplied by the free-space permittivity. The relative...

After issuing a DA command with a non-existant area number
there is no error message but afterwards there are problems with the model.
Is there a known defect about this issue?

Yes, defect 56017 was filed about this behavior in Release 10.0. On<br>a Windows 32-bit PC, issuing SAVE after the incorrect DA command created a<br>database file that is empty once...

Q) How can I compute the anti-log of a number other than a Natural Logarithm? The *VFUN command only provides for the EXP (exponentiation) to the base "e".

A) Taking advantage of the relationship:

Ln( X ) = Ln( a ) * Log( X ) ||base a

We first convert the number to Natural Logarithms.

To convert a Log (base 10) to a Natural Logarithm, you would use the following:

*VOPER, ParR, < Log_Parm >, MULT, 2.302

Now that it is a Natural Logarithm, you can use the *VFUN EXP operation to compute the anti-log of these numbers.

Q) How can I compute the anti-log of a number other than a Natural Logarithm? The *VFUN command only provides for the EXP (exponentiation) to the base "e".<br><br>A) ...

In Simulation, if you change the force definition from 'Magnitude and Vector' to 'Components', are the force values updated?

In Simulation Release 10.0, if you define a force using magnitude and vector, and then change the definition type to components, Simulation converts the force to the appropriate component values. ...

There appears to be an error in the behavior of ESLN,s/r/a/u,1,ACTIVE
regarding BEAM188s with keyopt 3 of 2. The ESLN should select elements
when both of their end nodes are selected but the current program does
not behave correctly. Is this a defect?

Yes it is a defect. I filed defect 51544 and it is planned to be corrected<br>in ANSYS Release 11.0. For BEAM188s with keyopt 3 of 0, the ESLN works<br>correctly.

Does the presence of inelastic material properties affect the contact stiffness for contact elements?

In ANSYS Release 10.0, the presence of inelastic material properties can affect the contact stiffness, regardless if those material properties are used in the analysis. For example, the presence...

How is material dependent damping (MP,DAMP) used in a psd analysis?

In a spectrum analysis, material dependent damping is treated as a ratio to critical for<br>each material. Note that the damping must be specified in the modal and element...

What is the future of Workbench Customization? (Includes Workbench SDK, scripting, and API programming) ?

Please see the information below :<br><br>- At Version 11.0, The Ansys Workbench Customization is being removed from the documentation and is "for internal use...

Is there a way to evaluate an optical equation with PSD?

The method proposed by one of your coworkers appears to be a good one:<br>Evaluate the LOS equation with post26 calculations and then do an RPSD of the value.<br>This preserves the...

Can SHELL132 be used with SURF152 radiation?

Yes, by activating the "paint" option of SHELL132.<br>The input below is an example of radiation to a space node<br>using...

Why is the source field computed by a SOURC36 coil a function of the SOLID117 mesh?

The ability to use SOURC36 with SOLID117 was added within<br>the last couple years. In the past, SOURC36 was only used<br>with the scalar potential elements, e.g., SOLID96. In this...

Why is HBMAT output incorrect for this beam model?

This is defect 38517. It is fixed in 10.0 SP1. Here is a description of the error:<br><br>"At 8.0 the code checked for any constrained rows and cols and removed them from the...

Why is BCSoption "in core" solution not faster?
Using the benchmarks that I downloaded from the web, I found some interesting comments about the bcsoption command.
The bcsoption command can be used to force the analysis to run in-core. However, this does not equate to a faster solve time.
Every change that I made to the default memory settings just increased the solve times (I tried both incore,8gb and default,8gb).
I was surprised by this. I would be curious to know if this will always hold true? Under what circumstances would it be good to issue
the bcsoption?

It would depend on the physical memory for the machine they used. If the incore memory needed is 8 GB and you have a machine<br>with 4 GB physical memory and 4+ GB of virtual memory then...

When I attempt to start Ansys Workbench, it produces "Permission Denied" script errors.
The user may also describe the following symptoms:
- Grey screen
- Gray screen
-Blank screen
- Windows Panes appear to be split
- Unable to import or attach any geometry files, even simple models that worked previously.
- Workbench stops responding (locks-up or freezes).

<br><br>1. In the DM or Simulation Toolbar, Try:<br> View > Restore Original Window Layout<br><br>2. Reset all of the Workbench settings and preferences by...

Can you provide a sample of BEARING214 real constants as a func of omega?
I need to specify bearing stiffness/damping changes with rotational speed

Here is an example. The file june8.txt has the actual bearing stiffnesses and<br>damping values, but is...