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Do you have a verification test of a pressure psd?

In the two inputs below, the 1 sigma result from a pressure psd of 10 psi^2/hz from 50 to 51 hz is compared to a harmonic analysis of a pressure of sqrt(10) psi applied at 50.5 hz. They give the...

Does the command DMPRAT and the material property DMPR produce a constant damping ratio in a full harmonic analysis?

No, DMPRAT and MP,DMPR don't produce a constant ratio to critical (eta) in a full harmonic. This issue has been clarified in the damping documentation at 13.0. In Theory Manual Section...

In WB how can I tell what types of elements have been used, such as tets, bricks, pyramids, etc..?

FEModeler will display this information.<br>An example is attached.

Why aren't node and element components contained in an input file read into FEModeler transfered to WB Mechanical as named selections? Node components created in FEModeler are transfered.

We can't export node and element components to Mechanical because components are mesh based in FEModeler and named selections are geometry based in Mechanical. The components created in...

Is there a way to disable force arrows in WB Mechanical? They are obscuring my view of the geometry.

No, you can't suppress the arrow, but you can make it very small. To do that, zoom way in, pick the ruler (rescale annotation) in the toolbar to resize the arrow, then zoom out. We have...

Can I compute the following in WB Mechanical with expressions?:

I need to calculate the 'u' variable along a line specified as a path geometry (placed along the centroid axis of a rectangular body). Computing u requires integrating TG over time. I would like a plot of the variable across this line. Then I would like to plot that line at multiple times on the same graph. In the example below (not shown in this KB Solution) u vs. distance is plotted every 30min during my transient cool down simulation. I do something similar in COMSOL multiphysics but I'd like to see if I can also implement this into Ansys workbench.

This can be done with a Solution Commands Object as shown below.<br><br>! ****** Begin Command Snippet ******<br>! Commands inserted into this file will be executed immediately...

Why is my steady state analysis with temp-dependent hgen giving an obviously wrong temperature solution?

It's not converged. Try running as a transient. It runs very quickly and gives a reasonable temperature solution.

Is it possible to do a prestressed full harmonic in WB at 13.0 or 14.0?

Only with commands objects. Here are the necessary commands:<br><br>Static Structural:<br>/solu<br>pstres,on<br><br>Static...

Why is WB Mechanical aborting when I try to display seqv on this cyclic model? (I have visual expansion turned off.)

The limit you are hitting is on the maximum signed 32 bit integer value. Based on the calculation below, 9000 elements is probably the maximum for a 240 sector model.<br><br>The...

How does external data map temperatures to nodes outside the source domain?

By default we use a distance based average scheme for the outside nodes. At R13 it was hard coded to 3 point. The temperature of the three closest nodes is used in a weighted average based on...

Why do modal FSUM results differ when all nodes are selected vs only constrained nodes? This isn't the case for a static analysis. Shouldn't unconstrained nodes be in a state of equilibrium and not contribute to FSUM?

Based on the 14.0 release note below, at 13.0 we were doing a static expansion that didn't included the inertia forces resulting in an apparent imbalance in the dynamic equilibrium at...

The moment of inertia for a channel section in DM is not the same as in mechanical. A comparison between the channel section and an identical user defined section shows also the difference. In mechanical the moment of inertia for the channel section matches the moment of inertia of the user defined section. Is the moment of inertia computation in DM for the channel section a defect?

Yes, hand calculations also show that the value in DM is incorrect in 14.0. This was reported in defect 22858.

How can I do a harmonic analysis of a small AC voltage on top of a DC bias? Can you provide an example?

The transducer element, TRANS126 accepts a DC bias input, but if you can't use that feature the following procedure may work. It moves the model to the deformed position after the static...

How is "Maximum over Frequency" computed in WB Mechanical for harmonic results?

When "maximum over frequency" is requested in the result details the display is the maximum at each node, over all of the frequency range. (i.e. node 1 may have a max at freq=100,...

Why can't I specify the distribution and cov value in the six sigma cell?

The distribution and cov for the uncerrtainty parameters is specified in the DOE cell, not the SSA cell of a Six Sigma analysis. Parameters that are unchecked in the DOE cell have a fixed value. ...

Compiling and Loading FLUENT 13 64-bit UDFs using the "FREE" Microsoft Visual
Studio 2010 32-bit Express Edition and the 7.0 SDK

Detailed information can be found in the pdf file attached to this solution.<br><br>Keywords: compile, compiling, compiler Fluent, UDF, User Defined Functions

Why am I getting the error message below?

allocate failed idbptr= 12885491792 nPageInCore=131072 -db -8192 set

Following this is a message "Page file used", followed by a SIG$SEGV error.

Starting in 13.0 the database grows memory dynamically as needed. Prior to 13.0, when the database exceeded the memory allocated for it at the start of the run, it would spill over to

Compiling and Loading User Defined Functions using FLUENT 14 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition running FLUENT in Parallel

Please see the pdf Resolution Document attached to this Solution.<br><br>Keywords: compile, compiler, compiled, UDF, User Defined Functions, Fluent 14

How is the stiffness calculated for Elastic Supports for non-planar cases?

Please see the attached PDF.<br>Note that the stiffness from elastic foundation stiffness (Elastic Supports) is not based on the projected area.

Compiling and Loading FLUENT 14 64-bit UDFs using the "FREE" Microsoft Visual
Studio 2010 32-bit Express Edition and the 7.1 SDK

Please see PDF resolution document for detailed information<br><br>Keywords: compile, compiling, compiler, UDFs, FLUENT 14

Configuring and Launching Fluent 14 on Microsoft HPC 2008 Server

Please see PDF Resolution Document for detailed instructions.<br><br>Keywords: Fluent 14, HPC 2008, Parallel, Cluster Setup

How to Configure ANSYS CFX / WORKBENCH / Remote Solve Manager (RSM) / Release 14 to Submit Solve Jobs to a Microsoft HPC 2008 Server Cluster via Remote Solve Manager (RSM)

Please see PDF resolution document for detailed instructions.

How to Configure ANSYS FLUENT / WORKBENCH / Remote Solve Manager (RSM) / Release 14 to submit solve jobs to a Microsoft HPC 2008 Server Cluster via Remote Solve Manager (RSM)

Please see PDF resolution document for detailed instructions.

Configuring and Launching ANSYS CFX 14.x on Microsoft HPC 2008 Server

Please see PDF resolution document for detailed instructions.<br><br>Keyword: Parallel, Distributed, Cluster, Setup

Why does AnsRegSvr.exe return the disk signature as the FLEXlm HostID?

With the availability of ANSYS Release 14.0 in early December 2011, ANSYS has changed the default hostID type returned by the AnsRegSvr.exe utility to be the disk signature (Type...