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I have been trying to get ANSYS CFX 10.0 to run using Mellanox Infiniband (VAPI). I receive the following error message:

mpid: MPI BUG: VAPI requested but not available
An error has occurred in cfx5solve:
The CFX-5 solver could not be started, or exited with return code 255. No results file has been created.

I believe this indicates that it is trying to use VAPI but is failing for some reason. The infiniband interfaces on all the nodes have been tested and they are up.

<br>The most recent version of HP MPI is needed to support some of the more recent versions of VAPI. You can download the latest version from:<br><br><a target=_blank...

I am attempting to use USER_GET_GVAR in a user fortran routine to access the mass flow average of a variable
at an outlet boundary. I get an error message in the output file saying that massFlowAve is not a permitted operation.
What's the problem?

<br><br>In ANSYS CFX 10.0 and earlier, there's a difference in the solver syntax for user fortran access to massFlowAve<br>and massFlowInt.<br><br>For...

I am writing a user FORTRAN junction box and would like to know the best way to access time as a variable for use in my routine.

<br><br>Although one can obtain transient information by browsing to the relevant directory in the MMS structure and doing a PEEKR, i.e.:<br><br>C get time value<br> ...

I tried to use the mixture fraction in an expression gradient directly but CFX did not like it. I have no error message in CFX-Pre but in CFX solve the gradient is not recognized. I checked again in CFX-Post and I can see the gradient available for display. Why can't I access this variable through an expression like other variables?

<br><br>There is a limitation in the syntax of CCL that currently prevents reference to Gradient variables through expressions.<br>However, gradients can be accessed by creating...

Class 3 Error

Oil combustion calculations can get incorrect answers.

This is due to incorrect properties for density, molar mass and Antoine coefficients in the oil_combustion.ccl template in the etc/model-templat

WORKAROUND:<br>Correct the values from the JetA.ccl file in etc/reactions-extra.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Release 10.0 SP1.

Class 3 Error

If the 'Edit run in progress' functionality is used in a run with mesh adaption, then when the mesh is adapted, the CCL reverts to the original, and any changes made are lost.

This is due to a problem with the script which is not copying the updated CCL into the run on the

WORKAROUND:<br>Use 'Edit run in progress' after each adaption step as required.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 11.0.

Class 3 Error

The liquid pump macro can calculate a power that is double the true power.

This is due to the macro summing over both boundaries and regions that have 'blade'

WORKAROUND:<br>Try to ensure that the string 'blade' does not occur more than once for any surface.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Release 10.0 SP1 writes a warning that this problem may...

Class 3 Error

In a run with mesh adaption, it is possible that the refiner will create unattached element faces for certain types of original mesh. There can thus be small pieces of non-slip walls interior to the domain. These faces will usually be small, so the effect on the flow will be slight.

This is due to a bug in the refiner, and also to the solver not checking

WORKAROUND:<br>There is no workaround.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Not fixed yet.

Class 3 Error

If a user creates some CCL, and an associated Fortran file, for a Particle User Routine, with consistent order of arguments, then reading the file into CFX-Pre can change the order of arguments and silently make the CCL inconsistent with the Fortran.

This is due to CFX-Pre putting arguments in alphabetical order, and not maintaining the or

WORKAROUND:<br>Re-edit the CCL to have the original order of arguments, or create the case in CFX-Pre to start with.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Releasae 11.0.

Class 3 Error

If the rgp files in etc/materials-extra are used for physical properties, incorrect results are obtained for heat transfer problems that are laminar or are turbulent with large regions of low eddy viscosity.

This is due to incorrect values of thermal conductivity being used in t

WORKAROUND:<br>Use the Redlich Kwong library material in place of the rgp file.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Release 11.0.

Class 3 Error

If maxVal or minVal are used when monitoring a vector variable such as Shear Stress or Mesh Displacement, then the code gives incorrect answers, and this is not always obvious.

This is due to a bug in the CFX Solver for using these functions for vect

WORKAROUND:<br>Use the maxVal or minVal function on an individual component of the vector, or create a scalar AV equal to the magnitude of the vector quantity, and use maxVal or minVal on...

Class 3 Error

If a callback (for example torque) is used in a part of the set-up of a problem where a local coordinate frame is in use, then the callback is evaluated in global coordinates.

This is a problem of software design as this behaviour was always intended and is documented, but is non-intuitive

WORKAROUND:<br>The user needs to modify settings to allow for this behaviour.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Release 11.0. In this release, torque_xyz(), area_xyz() and force_xyz()...

Class 3 Error

If the equilibrium option is used to set the backward reaction rate for a chemical reaction, it is not calculated correctly if the reaction order used for the species is not equal to the stoichiometric value. This results in incorrect species concentrations for this reaction.

This is because the "Equilibrium" option for backward reaction rates is implemented only for the special case of Reaction Order = Stoichiometric Coefficient for all reactants

WORKAROUND:<br>There is no workaround.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Release 11.0.

Class 3 Error

The Grace drag correlation gives incorrect answer for the particle transport model, unless the fluid is water with a viscosity of 9.0E-4.

This is due to a bug in the CFX Solver in which the code uses a reference fluid viscosity rather than the actual viscosity

WORKAROUND:<br>There is no workaround.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>Release 11.0. Custom executable for Release 10.0 available on request.

Will CFX-4 run on a Windows XP 64-bit platform? Are there any issues?

CFX-4.4 installs and runs on a Windows XP 64-bit platform. You need to use the setup.exe in the cfx4 directory on the installation CD to install the CFX-4 software and the setup.exe in the cygwin...

ICEM CFD hangs at startup due to test_licensing.

It will hang if it can¿t find the license, or you have a network problem so that it can¿t get the license from the server.<br>It will also hang if you have LM_LICENSE_FILE set...

Is it possible to open a dsdb, agdb or wbdb file that is created on ANSYS Workbench 10.0 sp1 Windows 64-bit system on a 32-bit installation?

Yes, that is possible, and supported (assuming that you don¿t go over the memory restrictions on the 32-bit system).

The Ansys Menu is not automatically displayed in ProEngineer on startup.

- The file has been verified to contain the correct information.
- If you load the plugin manually, the menu appears as expected.
ProE > Tools > Auxillary Applications > Browse to
C:Program FilesANSYS Incv100AISOLCAD IntegrationProEintelPro2001PlugIn.dat

The problem may be in the Proe .PSF file. Some customer sites have had the nmsd.exe daemon comented out, thereby causing auxillary applications (like the Ansys plugin) to fail to...

User receives the following error message when starting CFX-Pre:

Internal Error

Aborting due to unexpected error:

socketError: RemoteEngineProtocol::receivedTransStat - Communications error: unexpected end of transmission from engine, expected status code.

OK View

To resolve this issue, delete the .cfx directory from the C:Documents and Settingsuserid

On trying to start ANSYS 10.0 on an AIX 5.3 system, the following error occurs:

Could not load program


Symbol resolution failed for /usr/lib/libGL.a[shr_64.o] because:
Symbol aixgsc (number 82) is not exported from dependent
module /unix.

What is causing this error and what needs to be done to allow ANSYS to work on this system?

Suggested that the customer install<br><br><br>X11.vfb<br><br>filesets from AIX5.3 CDs. Once installed, he was then able to run ANSYS.

When I use the Sparse solver in ANSYS I often get what seem to be cryptic messages about in core and out of core memory. Is there a way to interpret these messages and the effect that changing memory settings has on them?

To illustrate we'll use the 3 scenarios shown below which are of the same model running on an HP UX 64 bit os, dual processor, 8 gb of ram. All 3 jobs were submitted remotely from...

**** Entered By: mychen @ 06/09/2006 10:40 AM ****
######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 493211 ########
**** Entered By: mychen @ 04/12/2006 05:19 PM ****
Can CFX-Pre import plot3d meshes?

Yes, CFX-Pre can import plot3d meshes. User can save the mesh out as a CGNS format in plot3d, which can be read by CFX-pre. Unfortunately, when CFX-Pre imports the mesh, it lumps all the external 2-d regions together. In order to solve this problem, users can download free software from the CGNS website. It is called CGNS Tools: utilities to manipulate CGNS files. These tools can be used in standalone mode or in conjunction with the ADFviewer. Most users prefer to extract the subset in the ADFviewer.

**** Entered By: mychen @ 06/09/2006 10:40 AM ****<br>######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 493211 ########<br>**** Entered By: mychen @ 04/12/2006 05:19 PM...

QUESTION: Do you have an example demonstrating the capability and procedure for calculating eigen frequencies and eigen modes of a coupled cavity device, such as a travelling wave tube? I would like to be able to prescribe either even or odd periodicity on the ends of the mesh of a single cavity to represent the infinte extension of a series of cavities connected in series.

ANSWER: The attached zip file contains a presentation summarizing field distributions and natural frequencies of the first 5 modes of a hypothetical coupled cavity for both even and odd periodic boundary conditions at planes between the cavities (a single cavity is modeled).

This is a new feature at release 11, which is still beta.

QUESTION: Do you have an example demonstrating the capability and procedure for calculating eigen frequencies and eigen modes of a coupled cavity device, such as a travelling wave tube? I would...

With which ANSYS release will ProE Wildfire 3.0 will be supported?

According to the Development calendar, we are looking to support Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 in Version 11.0 of ANSYS and Workbench.

When the CFX-Solver crashes during a run, the monitor data does not get written into the full backup or full transient files from this run. So any restarts from these files will not show the previous monitor data.
How can I write the monitor data into the full backup or full transient files?

If the solver crashes during a run, any combination of the mon, mon.old, *_full.mon files are left in the temporary folder for that run. mon files are text file that can be edited with wordpad or...