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How can font size be set in Simulation 10.0?

There is no control of this in Simulation, it must be done<br>at the system level: Control Panel> Display> Settings> Advanced> Other

Can ANSYS 10.0 model the sound attenuation of a muffler? I am not matching
the attached benchmark exactly.

Yes, ANSYS 10.0 can model the essential behavior of a muffler which produces<br>attenuation due to cancellation with the reflection from the opening to the large<br>diameter chamber. ...

How can I convert random acceleration data into PSD curve?

There isn't anything in ANSYS to do it. It requires an FFT analysis. Matlab<br>can probably be used to do it.

Why does long transient dynamic analysis of plastic pipe produce different results at each release?

Your model is not constrained in the out of plane direction and your loading produces high compressive<br>residual stresses in the pipe which are initially symmetric, but depending on...

Why can't I see overlaid 3d elements in ANSYS?

This is caused by the hidden surface algorithm. It is assumed the shared faces<br>are not visible. You can use /SHRINK,.001 as a workaround.

Can SOURC36 be used with SOLID117 (3D magnetic edge element)
in a harmonic analysis in ANSYS10.0?

Yes, there are tests of this in the test set.

Why doesn't ABAQUS rigid region translate correctly into ANSYS 10.0 input using FEModeler?

This is an error that will be corrected in 10.0 SP1. To correct the existing version, reverse the<br>node order in the CERIG commands and add a small mass at the master nodes.

How can I quantify the importance of a negative modal covariance diagonal value in a psd solution?

First use OUTPR,NSOL,1 to see the modal covariance table in the output. The contribution of a negative<br>quantity on the diagonal can be evaluated by reading the mode in POST1 with a...

Q: How can I create my own XML material property library in Simulation 10.0?
I have the following questions:

Q1) Is the format documented?
A2) At 11.0 we will document the format. In the mean time please refer to the attached draft document SP1 EDA Doc2.doc
available from Tech. Support.

Q2) I assume that the <qualifier> tag is just a text label for the properties, and that the <PropertyData property="xxx"> tag really defines the type of data it is? i.e. pr1=density, pr6=specific heat, etc. Is this correct?

A2) This is not true always. Here is an example of orthotropic elastic property where the qualifier is different from the property ID.

- <PropertyData property="pr16">

<Data format="float">15320145.61</Data>

<Qualifier>Young's Modulus X direction</Qualifier>


- <PropertyData property="pr16">

<Data format="float">22980218.415</Data>

<Qualifier>Young's Modulus Y direction</Qualifier>


- <PropertyData property="pr16">

<Data format="float">7.88860905221012e-031</Data>

<Qualifier>Young's Modulus Z direction</Qualifier>


Here 'pr16' is later defined as:

- <PropertyDetails id="pr16">

<Name>Orthotropic Elasticity</Name>

- <Units>




Q3) Is there a limit to the length of a line in the XML file?
A3) There is no limit that we are aware of. Also please do not use `carriage return' when defining properties.

Q4) Is there a limit to the number of data points (temperatures) per property?
A4) Not in Engineering Data but any Ansys restrictions still apply.

Q5) Does V10.0 actually use the temperature dependency data yet if it's read in from an XML file?
A5) For most elastic properties and thermal properties we do support temperature dependency. At 10.0 temperature dependency
is not supported for orthotropic elastic properties, hyperelastic properties and stress-strain curves. We plan to add more funct

Q: How can I create my own XML material property library in Simulation 10.0?<br>I have the following questions:<br><br>Q1) Is the format documented?<br>A2) At 11.0 we...

What license is required to use the ADAMS interface?

The interface uses PSD functionality which requires<br>ANSYS/Structural.

Why isn't the ADAMS MNF file being written by the interface on a 64 bit os in ANSYS 10.0?

We have not received a 64-bit Windows library from ADAMS, which is required to write<br>the ADAMS MNF file.

Why do PSD menus appear strange in ANSYS 10.0? The input windows go
to the bottom of the menu.

This is an error [Ref: Defect 39468.] It is fixed in 10.0 SP1. According to the<br>developer the error has always been there, but users just started reporting it in 10.0.

Why am I getting incorrect results with my Simulation command snippet to do radiosity in 10.0?

When you are creating command objects you need to work in<br>"solution units." Look up Solving units in the Simulation help<br>to see a table of solution units or check...

Why does ADAMS inteface stop when temp file reaches 2 Gb?

This is a known issue with the version of the MNF library supplied to us by MSC.Software.<br>We are waiting for an updated library from them that corrects this and other...

Does the CYCLIC command work with models containing pilot nodes at ANSYS 10.0?
I am getting the following message:

*** ERROR ***
A contact pair defined by real constant set 2 has used a pilot node (element 217). Second pilot node (element 434) is not allowed.

The problem was the pilot node wasn't being duplicated with the correct real constant set number. This is fixed in 11.0.

Why does database with OMEGA loading from ANSYS 9.0 gives zero results when resumed in ANSYS 10.0?

This error applies to most elements [Ref: Defect 41213.] A workaround is CDWRITE/CDREAD.

Why can't I do a structural analysis with temperature dependent conductivity specified in Simulation 10.0?

This error is fixed in 10.0 SP1. If a user has a designspace license and has temperature dependent conductivity<br>then we were giving an error for a structural analysis. With SP1 the...

Why does an ill-conditioned model give different results in ANSYS 9.0 vs. 10.0?

This is due to the new PCG "difficulty settting," of PCGOPT,2, which is the default.<br>Setting pcgopt,1 gives results that match 9.0 exactly. A sparse solution...

Why am I getting so many "Error in isimeq..." messages in ANSYS 10.0?

We changed a matrix inversion routine at 10.0 that is used in many places.<br>On ill-conditioned matrices it fails with a message mentioning isimeq.<br>We have improved the tolerance...

Why can't I use Extended DOE for G-Optimal and VIF-Optimal in DX?

With the Enhanced Template Option, we basically append a "mini" CCD sampling points within the regular CCD sampling points,<br>where the axis point "alpha" for...

How can I import NASTRAN mass and stiffness matrices into ANSYS 10.0?

The format of DMIG entry is very simple. You have a node number, a dof number (Tx,Ty,¿,Rz) and a value.<br>Starting from wrtsub.F (source file provided in ANSYS distribution...

Why doesn't a PLANE13 temperature solution match a PLANE55 temperature solution?

The difference is due to Solution Control being on for a pure thermal element and not<br>on for a coupled field element. Solution Control sets KBC,1 for transient.<br>The default is 0...

Why are mode-Sup transient results are wrong with Coriolis,On and a zero Omega
in ANSYS 10.0?

This is an error [Defect 41351.] It is fixed in 11.0.<br>The problem was in the routine which calculates the product M*a.<br>When Coriolis is on, the mass matrix is stored as...

Q. If you define a 9 parameter MR material and save the model to an Ansys input file, the last three mr parameters and incompressibility constant are dropped when read into Ansys classic (or solved). Why?

A. This is a code defect (#41846) at 10.0 that has been corrected for 11.0. It is caused by workbench writing out all the contacts using just one TBDATA command and using too many significant digits. This has been corrected at 11.0 by writing out a series of TBDATA commands (one for each material constant).

Q. If you define a 9 parameter MR material and save the model to an Ansys input file, the last three mr parameters and incompressibility constant are dropped when read into Ansys classic (or...

A case which is set up with manually created Domain Interfaces, each of which have multiple Domains on at least one side of the interface cause the solver to fail with the following error:

"Non-unique Boundary names have been defined. This is not valid."

There is a bug in CFX-Pre for automatically generated Domain Interface boundary names when there is more than one domain on one side, and a Composite region that comprises multiple Primitive regions is used in the definition. The bug results in potentially non-unique names for the associated INTERFACE boundaries which is not allowed.

WORKAROUND:<br>Define the Domain Interface in terms of multiple 'Primitive' regions in CFX-Pre rather than the associated 'Composite'...