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The IC command documentation indicates that it can be used to add an initial condition of angular velocity.
Is there an example showing this feature?

The input file below demonstrates the use of the IC command to create an initial condition of angular velocity.<br>An element with ROT degrees of freedom is...

Customer gets the following error relating to SolidWorks when running the AWPNetworkConfig.exe on a client machine. He does not have SolidWorks installed on his client machine, nor does he have a license for SolidWorks or the SolidWorks Geometry Interface.

Failed during the attempt to determine the installed SolidWorks version.
SolidWorks has probably displayed an Info dialogue.

Contact ANSYS Technical Support

The configuration then stops.

What is causing this error?

SolidWorks doesn't uninstall all of their information from the machine once it has been installed.<br><br>The user needs to delete all registry keys matching this pattern which...

When starting ICEM CFD on Linux machines through Exceed and displaying on a Windows machine, the graphical window (view port) does not show up. However,
all the menu options and the rest of the ICEM GUI appears.
What is causing this?

ICEM graphical windows appear through OpenGL. You can not view the ICEM program in OpenGL through Exceed. However, you may launch it in "x" mode (icemcfd -x). The graphics are poor,...

SOLID185 with KEYOPT(2)=3 (for simplified enhanced strain) will not always converge in ANSYS 8.0/8.1 when identical problems using SOLID45 converge successfully. Why? SOLID185 with simplified enhanced strain is supposed to be the same as SOLID45.

This was a bug in ANSYS 8.0 related to different convergence criteria being erroneously set for the SOLID185 with KEYOPT(2)=3.<br>It has been corrected at ANSYS 9.0.

User has installed Ansys 8.0 ( for 32bit Linux) on their SuSE 64bit Linux and Opteron CPU. Ansys seems to work just fine, however, ANSYS Help does not work.
Every time he launches Ansys Help, he receives the following error message: "Unable to connect to the ANSYS help server".

What is the problem?

This is a known issue. The 32bit Ansys linux does run on the Opteron 64, BUT, 32bit java does not.<br><br>We were able to get the Ansys Help running by using the java that came with...

The customer has installed ANSYS Workbench on his HP UNIX machine and was able to use workbench for a while.
However, now when trying to start AWE nothing seems to happen, the process hangs without any kind of message.
The customer is starting ANSYS workbench from the ANSYS launcher.
On that specific machine wokrbench hangs for all users and for super user.
What could be causing this?

It looks like the rpcss process can't start. There may be old processes running on this machine from our application,<br>specifically a process called mwrpcss.<br><br>The...

Are there any examples showing the Coriolis effect in a harmonic response analysis?

Yes, please see the ANSYS 8.0 example below. A full harmonic response analysis<br> with PIPE16 elements is provided. Only a few ANSYS elements have this "SPIN"<br> ...

Can I queue solves in Workbench Simulation in version 8.1?

Yes, this is done automatically as long as the Models/Environments are within the same Project. A user can have multiple Models/Environments with different geometries within the same Project. ...

When installing ANSYS 8.1 that was downloaded from the Customer Portal, the user receives the following error:

'An error (-5005 : 0x8007000d) has occurred while running the setup.
Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications.
If the error still occurs, please contact your vendor.'

What is the cause of this error?

In this specific case, the user had extracted the files from the downloaded zip file using winzip 9.0.<br>The user aimed the Extract command to the folder he wanted, but failed to check the...

What are the units for the constants used to define the Bammann material model in ANSYS/LS-DYNA?

<br>According to the LS-DYNA User's guide, accessible via:<br><br><a target=_blank...

Customer's office is being re-networked from IPv4 to IPv6. Is ANSYS supported on IPv6?

Unfortunately, FLEXlm does not support IP v6 at this time.

I need to do a sequential thermal-stress analysis. My thermal model contains corner noded solids and LINK32 line elements. I am trying to use BFINT to interpret temperature results onto a structural model that has midside noded solids and BEAM3 elements. The temperatures on the LINK32s are not being transferred to the corresponding beams. Is there a way to do this in ANSYS?

Based on the documentation for submodeling, it is apparent that BFINT is not intended to handle temperature data from LINK32, because the submodel technique is documented to apply to shells and...

When I do a nummrg command on keypoints I get the message:

*** WARNING *** CP= 4.026 TIME= 13:36:55
After NUMMRG,KP, node 140923 (and possibly others) is associated with
more than one solid model entity. Future commands which depend on the
node to solid model connectivity (meshing, mesh clearing, solid BC
transfer, etc.) may not operate properly.

Node 140923 is not associated with any of the keypoints that were merged. However, this node is associated with a hard point. Why am I getting this warning?

The HPTCREATE command description documents the limitations on hardpoints. One limitation is that hardpoints are supposed to be created only after the solid model is complete. Doing a NUMMRG,KP...

User gets the following error when using ANS_ADMIN utility to "Configure Connection for Catia V5":

"Environment Creation Failed" - child process exited abnormally.

What is causing this error?

This is a random permissions problem on the /CATEnv directory.<br><br>The workaround is to delete the /CATEnv folder in the root of the machine prior to running the configure.

Q. Can I set the density as a function of another variable such as salinity and Temperature.

A. By default, in CFX-5 the user can set an expression for a Material Density to be a function of Pressure, Temperature, and the coordinates (X,Y Z) . This is defined in the RULES file, (see the manual about the RULES file and its location). This may be changed to be a function of other variables, through some simple CCL.

A file den.ccl containing the following information:

# Build Name = Density
# #Allowed Parent List = FLUID TYPE
Description = Material density
Parameter Type = Real
Quantity Type = Density
# Dependency List = p, T, XYZ, pabs
Dependency List = ANY
Solver Name = DENSITY
Lower Bound = 0.0 [kg m^-3]

would allow Material Density to be a function of ANY quantity. The user would include this through the GUI or with the command line
cfx5solve -def 'def file' -ccl den.ccl

Note that for a complex case, eg a compressible mixture, it is important that the overall thermodynamics is self-consistent, or convergence difficulties could occur.

For a multi-component fluid, the density of the mixture is a function of the Material Density of the components, using some form of Mixing Rule. By default, an Ideal Mixture rule is used. See the CFX-5 User Manual for more information. A user could also make the Mixture Density a function of other quantities, eg salinity, by specifying the quantities as Mass Fractions.

Q. Can I set the density as a function of another variable such as salinity and Temperature.<br><br>A. By default, in CFX-5 the user can set an expression for a Material Density to be...

I want to print an element plot with element-number on. If print on letter size, the numbering would be overlapped, so I want to print on D-size paper.

I selected PlotCtrs>> HardCopy>>>To Printer>>>HP DesignJet755CM, and specify Paper Size as ANSI D-22"x34" and fit the image to this page. I got a plot in letter size showing on an 11" strip of a 36" wide paper roll.

After some experimentation, it appears that hard copy printing to printer directly from ANSYS canot be done in paper size larger than 11x17. If the requested paper size is bigger than this, say size C, D and E etc, the plot will be on letter size. Redirecting the plot to GRPH file and reading that file via DISPLAY, one can have the image hard-copy-printed on large paper size as requested.

Development was unable to determine why DISPLAY can plot to D size, but ANSYS cannot. Because we do not have a D size plotter to test on, and because the customer has a ready workaround using...


Is it possible to map keys on the keyboard to ANSYS commands to create shortcuts for frequently used commands? I saw something about this previously in #192501.


The procedure has been simplified in recent revisions and you don't need those files. What you need to do is:

1. Create the ANSYS**.KBD file, where ** refers to the ANSYS release. To create the file, add the following command to your start**.ans file for one run only.
Start ANSYS and immediately exit from the program. Remove the above command from the start.ans file or delete the start.ans file.
2. Edit the ANSYS**.KBD file to meet your particular needs.
The demonstration file created in 1 shows how to run various types of ANSYS commands from the keyboard with shortcuts. To see how to do this, add the following command to the file
bind AnsysGUI <F2> [list catch {ans_sendcommand torrus }]
where torrus is a macro file to create a torrus.
3. Use the ANSYS**.KBD file. Start ANSYS. Press the F2 key and watch the results.


Attached to this solution is a sample keyboard file that was created and the torrus macro file.

Question:<br><br>Is it possible to map keys on the keyboard to ANSYS commands to create shortcuts for frequently used commands? I saw something about this previously in...

I have two completely independent, but coincident beams. Why are their
displacements being averaged.

This occurs when 3d beam shapes are requested with PowerGraphics [/ESHAPE,1.]<br>A workaround is to switch to Full graphics [/GRAPH,FULL], but a 3d image cannot be<br>displayed. The...

How are the reaction moments calculated within ANSYS Workbench 8.0?

We use FSUM on a nodal component named c0. I have cut and pasted the commands<br>that are used from a ds.dat file below. Any time you want to see how something is done<br>you can...

Why won't my circuit coupled Magnetic Vector Potential input
converge in ANSYS 8.0?

The default convergence criteria are not appropriate for<br>a circuit coupled analysis. Since the magnetic solution is the<br>only nonlinear one, you can replace the default...

How can I observe the coriolis force on a mass moving radially on a spring?

In the following simple example a single beam element which is very stiff<br>in bending, but very soft axially is used to produce a 500 #/in spring. There<br>is a unit mass at the end...

The command descriptions say that OMEGA can be used in a mode-superposition harmonic or transient. Why
am I not seeing any effect in my ANSYS 8.0 analysis?

This is a documentation error. ACEL is the only acceleration recognized<br>in a mode-superposition harmonic or transient.<br><br>You can apply the OMEGA load in the modal and...

I have defined a local coordinate system in ANSYS Design Simulation 8.0
and it seems to give the correct stress output, but the strains appear to
be wrong. Is this a known error?

Yes. Defect 21931 was filed and then fixed in ANSYS Simulation 8.1.<br> It is an ANSYS Workbench Class 3 Error. The final version of the error<br> report is not yet...

After defining an unused SHELL131 element type, all of my previously
defined nodal displacements and forces are wiped out. Why?

Defect 22577 was filed and resolved in ANSYS 9.0 by including a<br> warning message that states all element type definitions and keyopt<br> settings should be made BEFORE nodal...

User receives white screen with AI*Workbench title when starting Workbench 8.0.
What causes this?

In this particular case, the user was using Novell start script (network: windows host<br>scripting) file with Symantec "noscript.exe silence" - with this...