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How are the field and multi-field time and timestep sizes set in the Multi-field solver (MFS)?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, the MFS has several different times and timestep sizes. Each individual field solution has its own unique time and timestep size. In addition, the overall multi-field...

How to include node locations in WB Simulation results output?

In WB Simulation Release 11.0, when exporting data from a solution item in WB Simulation to an Excel spreadsheet, the node locations can be included in the exported list of results by changing the...

Is it possible to apply rotational velocity?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, rotational velocity can be applied using the OMEGA command.<br><br><br>pi = acos(-1)<br>rpm_ = 3000<br>ome_ =...

Should the section offset affect the temperature distribution in BEAM188/189 elements?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, the temperature distribution is affected by a beam offset. The temperature is associated with the node, not the element. If an offset is specified, the temperatures...

Are there any examples showing how to run an MSUP Transient in Simulation 11.0?

Yes, please see the attached ANSYS Workbench Simulation 11.0 SP1 example of a mode superposition transient analysis. This is currently an unsupported feature in Simulation 11.0, but should be...

How to post-process real and imaginary results from a harmonic analysis?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, the HRCPLX command can be used to post-process real and imaginary results from a harmonic analysis?<br><br>HRCPLX is a macro that creates a load case (SRSS...

How are displacements reported in cylindrical coordinate systems?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, displacements are nodal DOFs and are always reported in terms of the nodal coordinate system. In addition, nodal coordinate systems are always Cartesian systems. Nodal...

Is it possible to change a line's color and thickness?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, the /COLOR command can be used to change a line's color. It is not possible to change the line thickness.

How to manually specify memory settings in WB Simulation?

In WB Simulation Release 11.0, the memory settings can be specified by "Tools > Solve Process Settings". Click on the "Advanced" button from that dialog box and...

How are the total workspace (-m) and database (-db) memory sizes set in WB Simulation?

In WB Simulation Release 11.0, the database memory is based upon the number of nodes and DOFS per node. The requested database memory size is intended to limit the amount paging required. The...

I would like to make the angular velocity in a rotational speed be a function of the torque so that it is adjusted
until the torque reaches a desired value. How can I do this?

<br><br>You can let the angular velocity of a rotating domain be a function of the torque exerted on one of the rotating components. It's best to do this with a User CEL...

In Simulation, the "Export Branch to Shortcut" is not displayed in the Insert menu (context menu) choices. Why?

A known bug exists in 8.1 and 9.0 whereby a CAE Template license (CAETMPL) is required in order for the "Export Branch to Shortcut" choice to be displayed.<br>This is not the...

When trying to use ANSYS Workbench DesignModeler to view an existing model's geometry I get the following script error message and I can't use DesignModeler at all:

Script Error:
Line: 13389
Char: 12
Error: Path not found
Code: 800a004c
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error
ag.fs.CreateFolder (new_path);

This is caused by specifying an invalid directory for the temporary files from Workbench 8.1. To reset the directory to a valid one start ANSYS Workbench 8.1 then select (from the bottom left hand...

How can I determine which version of Workbench Environment created a dsdb file?

Resume the dsdb file in any version of Workbench, then run the macro,<br>ShowFileVersionMacro.js, from Simulation's Tools-Run Macro menu.<br><br>This macro file is located...

Customer gets the following errors when trying to start Workbench8.1 on a linux machine with ./startpage command:

Initialization Error!
The product is not installed correctly!

Output in the xterm window when trying to start CFX 5:

[cfx@anahpc6 "]$ cfx5

CFX-5.7 (C) 1996-2004 CFX Ltd. All rights reserved.

Using 1 CFX-POST license.

Launcher.exe: Fatal 10 error: client killed
An error has occurred in cfx5:

The CFX Launcher /home/cfx/CFX-5.7/bin/linux/Launcher.exe exited with
return code 1.

What is causing these errors?

This is a problem with WB on Linux machines that has been fixed at WB 9.0.<br><br>There are two methods to get around this problem:<br><br>1) Move /usr/bin/regsvr32 to...

I am trying to run a job in parallel using MPI (two cpu's). Up till now, without success. After installing the service, registering the identical user on both computers, it still fails to launch process 1, because the LogonUser failed - the message is:

Failed to launch Process 1:

LaunchProcess failed, LogonUser failed, Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
aborting ....

Our login name is (xxxxx) but the password is empty. (We only have to hit return to enter the system.) Does this lead to problems?

For this error, the CFX-5.7 Installation manual says:<br>"The user ID specified via register-mpich-user is not valid for one of the hosts in the run.<br>To find which host,...

Customer downloaded the Linux version of ANSYS 8.1 onto a cd, then mounted it and ran the INSTALL. He then gets the following error:

[root@sgi350 ansys_inc]# ./INSTALL -NOGUI

: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

Why isn't he able to successfully install from his cd?

Bad interpreter messages are always permission problems or the path to the shell (first line of script) is not pointing to the<br>shell interpreter. The customer should do the...

In ANSYS Workbench Environment (AWE) 8.1, is possible to import a geometry containing both solids and surfaces from Pro/E?

The limitation is that within a single Pro/E prt file, you cannot have both "solid" and "surface" bodies! If you do have both in a single prt file, you can use the...

Large linear model with many CEs (i.e. MPC bonded contact pairs) generates incorrect reactions in ANSYS 8.1.
What is the cause? What is the workaround?

This is a Class 3 Error in ANSYS 8.1 (Ref ONYX Defect report #26142). The cause can be traced to the need to update constraint equations between iterations. It is a very rare occurrence and...

Is Inventor Series 9 supported by ANSYS Workbench?

Autodesk Inventor Series 9 has been released and we have been certified against it already.<br>However, until they release their QA build for SP1 there are some issues associated with...

Is ICEM 5.0 Supported on the IBM 32 bit AIX system?

No, We have dropped the IBM AIX 32 bit platform at the 5.0 release.<br>The 64 bit AIX platform is supported. There are no plans to support the 32 bit platform in future releases<br>of ICEM

Is it possible to adjust the Spot Weld radius in Workbench Simulation?
This may also be referred to as Spot Weld Diameter, Spot Weld Lengh or Spot Weld Size.

In ANSYS Workbench 7.0, the spot weld tolerance or minimum length = (1.02e-8 X solve units)<br>This value was selected as a minimum since smaller values may cause the solver to...

When will Workbench be available on Linux 64-bit?

We do not have Workbench on any Linux 64-bit chip set.<br>There are no immediate plans for porting it, since Mainsoft does not yet support it.

User followed all of the DDS setup steps, but the following message appears while testing MPICH:

c:mpirun -np 2 "C:Program FilesANSYS IncV81ANSYSbinplatform mpitestmpich.exe"

Exiting with status [2]
Process [0] exited with status [-1]
Process [1] exited with status [-1]

What is causing this error?

The customer also had Fluent installed on the machine. Fluent installs MPICH as well and was causing the conflict. In this case, the customer removed the Fluent directory from the PATH to resolve...

CFX-Mesh isn't showing up as an option in the Workbench startpage.

To install CFX-Mesh on UNIX (HP, SUN), you need first to install WB8.1 on these platforms.<br>You then need to apply the CFX-Mesh add-on, which installs something like a...