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Mixsim2: PBT with 90 deg pitch angle: Gambit gives error message: 7303 : inconsistent containment of intersection

In MixSim, a pitched blade turbine impeller object is used, and the blade pitch angle is set to 90 degrees (vertical).
(This is basically a radial paddle impeller..)
MixSim fails to generate and...

Parallel udfs

Simple UDFs can be properly compiled for the parallel solver but the compiled library cannot be successfully linked to the case.
No error message appears neither while compiling nor while opening...

Mixsim2: Cannot have more than 8 impellers on the same shaft

When more than eight impellers are attached to the same shaft, MixSim fails most often to create a mesh.
Other features of MixSim are probably also affected by this bug.

This problem is in fact...

Mixsim2: Error: get-thread: invalid thread id (integer) or name (symbol)

When I want to create impeller surfaces, MixSim issues the error message...:
Error: get-thread: invalid thread id (integer) or name (symbol)
(This may also appear in other occasions, and is still...

/sbin/loader: Fatal Error: Cannot map library

When trying to run FLUENT you get the following error message:

/sbin/loader: Fatal Error: Cannot map library

Comments: The latest version of fluent was compiled with a newer runtime...

Scalar interpolation

This UDF replaces Solution 586, which was found to have problems in parallel.

Interpolate p, u, v, and w to point data specified in input file. File format is as follows

x1, y1, z1
x2, y2,...

FLUENT 6 - Converting .geo file from CFX4.x to .cas file using fe2ram tfilter

The following error is reported while converting a .geo file written from CFX 4.x to .cas file using tfilter fe2ram:

CFX file to RAMPANT file

Read 0 nodes, 0 elements, 0 groups.

Error: no nodes...

Using C_T_M1 in the UDf to access previous time step temperatures

Problem for resolution 1:
Proper use of C_T_M1 macro in the UDF to access previous time step temperature values.

Problem for resolution 2:
A case file that has UDF initialization and some other...

FLUENT 6 - Scheme file to auto load data files and run journal file (useful in creating animation frames)

DIt is desired to create a transient animation sequence from a set of data files.

A journal file of the sequence of steps to create a single animation frame can be combined with a scheme command...

Mixsim2: Correlations panel is empty (no values, no impellers listed) -- Error message "invalid function".

In Mixsim 2.0.2, I try to open the pre-CFD correlations panel by the menu item "Report---Correlations".
The panel comes up, but it doesn't display any values in the data fields, and in the...

Mixsim2: Manipulating (rotating) preview graphics: cortex receives SIGSEGV

I look at the preview graphics and rotate it vigorously. After a few seconds, cortex receives a "fatal signal (SEGMENTATION VIOLATION)". This can be reproduced on both Linux and Windows.

Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd - UNIX

When starting the license manager on Solaris systems you receive this error

The user's "file descriptor" limit is set too low.

(FluentLm) Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd (Cannot read data...

fidapgl80.exe - Application Error

When reading in a file in the Fidap GUI using Windows XP this error message comes up and Fidap terminates:

The instruction at "0x5f51e783" referenced memory at "0x00165000". The
memory could not...

POLYFLOW - I get the message "Number of constraints exceeded !".

When running a large simulation case, or a case that involves a lot of constraints (boundary conditions), POLYFLOW may be aborted before the first iteration, with the error message "Number of...

Fluent UDF to compute radiation heat rate on an interior surface

A need to compute radiation heat transfer at an interior surface has arised. A UDF has been generated.
The UDF loops through all DO directions for each face on the surface, and depending on the s...

Compiling UDF on NT

While I compile a UDF with Fluent 6.1.15 I get:
> 1 file copiati.
(system "move user_nt.udf provaudfntx863d")0
(system "copy c:fluent.incfluent6.1srcmakefile_nt.udf...

UDF to compute forces and moments (torques) on surface zones and print results to file

Currently, Fluent cannot print force/moment data to file, only to screen.
* UDF and SCHEME interface have been added to compute surface forces/moments and print results to file...

Export of forces in Nastran format through TUI

No command is available in Fluent6.0.20 to export forces in Nastran format through TUI.

Scheme file attached at the end of this text would allow to export force in NASTRAN format through TUI. The...

Question regarding initializing file for MHD module

The external magnetic field data format for MAGNA is written in Fluent6 mhd manual.
For test, we made the simple file which is formatted MAGNA but cannot initialize with this file.

If we know the...

Extract pressure and velocity magnitude from point data from input file in Fluent

Given set of point data (x,y,z), extract the pressure or velocity magnitudes and print them to file.
A UDF was created for this purpose. Contact ww to obtain the files and an example.

Here is the...

Gambit2.0.8 (for Mixsim): revolving a face to create a volume creates a so-called degenerate-edge vertex...

I create a face from a (more or less arbitrary) edge loop. I then rotate the face around a straight edge that is part of the face. The volume is generated, all edges of the face disappear, but a...

switching solver gives segmentation error in Fluent

After you get a converged solution from segregated solver, if you switch from segregated solver to coupled solver, you may get segmentation error.
1) Use interpolation file to write out an...

unable to merge selected threads

When you want to merge face zones inside fluent, sometimes it gives the following error message:

unable to merge selected threads

Thread and face zone are just two different names for the same...

FLUENT 6 - One of the common reasons for 'Error: access: unbound variable ; Error Object: phase-domain?'

Sometimes it might happen that you can read a mesh file in FLUENT5 without any error and while reading the same in FLUENT6.0 you get following error :

Error: access: unbound variable

Workaround for interpreted UDF problem in Linux parallel

The following error message is sometimes encountered when loading a case with an interpreted UDF into parallel with Fluent 6 on a single, multiprocessor Linux box:

input in flex scanner...