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After obtaining a transient FLOTRAN solution and entering POST1, vector plots of velocity seem entirely reasonable. However, after leaving POST1, doing some time-history postprocessing in POST26, and returning to POST1, a velocity vector plot gives extremely high values (~1e16 and/or "NaN's"). Is this a bug?

It indeed appears to be a bug. The attached input file (runs in ~1 minute) illustrates the problem when read interactively using ANSYS 8.1 (Release 8.1A1 UP20040609).<br><br>However,...

At Ansys 8.1 is geometry translation from PTC's ProEngineer Wildfire 2.0 supported?

At release 8.1, both the Connection for Ansys Classic and the Plug-In for the Workbench<br>Environment are compatible with PTC's ProEngineer Wildfire 2.0.

A customer receives the following error during the ANSYS 8.1 installation while trying to specifying three license servers:

"Error: can't read "LICINFIL": no such variable".

The error occurs when entering the information in the "Add Server Specification" window. After clicking "okay" a window appears with the message.

What is causing this error?

This is a known problem and is fixed in ANSYS 9.0.<br>This error only happens if you have a triad server setup and try to enter the information for the servers during the...

Can USB key/USB Ethernet card be used for license server?

Customer would like to know if they could base their ANSYS license on a USB key/USB Ethernet card.

Yes, a USB Ethernet card can be used to lock FLEXlm licenses.

Customer gets the following fatal error when trying to start ANSYS8.1 on a Sun machine: /ansys_inc/v81/ansys/bin/usIII/ansys.e81: fatal:
/ansys_inc/v81/ansys/syslib/usparc/ wrong ELF class:

What is causing this error?

This error is caused by not having SUNWlibC and SUNWlibCx installed.<br>The customer will also need to install patches 108434-14 and 108435-14.

In a sequential thermal - structural (ETCHG,TTS) analysis, can I add structural elements after using LDREAD to apply the temperatures from the thermal analysis?

Yes, the following example demonstrates:<br><br>!***** First perform thermal...

A user has created a Line body and a Surface body in DesignModeler and wants to connect them using shared topology. (No contact elements)
The function Tools > Form New Part creates a new multi-body part with the line body and surface body as components, but the nodes are not shared when attached into Simulation. Why?

Concept models (line bodies) do not share topology in the same way that solid bodies do.<br><br>To get these two bodies to share a vertex, create a vertex on the surface body such that...

How can I prevent a second solution when I insert a Commands Object for Post Processing in ANSYS Workbench 9.0, after I have already done a solution?

You will need to solve again since the Commands Objects are inserted into the ds.dat file. Adding input to the ds.dat will, of course, require a resolve. We may possibly be able to handle this...

Customer tries starting DesignSpace from the launcher and gets the following error:

ANSYS Launcher Error
Tab: File Mangement
Field: Working Directory

Directory 'C:/Program Files/Ansys Inc/v80/CommonFiles/TCL/bin/Intel' misplaced
colon(s). File names with designated drives must start with '<drive>:'

Why is he getting this error and how can it be fixed?

The customer is trying to run DesignSpace, so the File Management tab is grayed. He needs to select another license (other than DesignSpace), select the File Management tab, and correct the path...

Are there any implicit creep examples showing how ANSYS interpolates
temperature-dependent material properties?

Yes, please see the ANSYS 8.1 implicit creep example below. It shows<br> how the creep constants themselves are linearly interpolated before the<br> Norton algorithm (implicit...

Q. When user runs a static analysis which includes temperature dependent properties, contact and a nonzero TUNIF value, the following warning is issued:

"Material property EX of material 2 is evaluated at a temperature of 0, which is below the supplied temperature range. Temperature range checking terminates."

Why does ANSYS think the temperature is at zero when TUNIF has been set?
Also, Why does the message disappear if contact is removed from the model?

A. This was a code defect (Ref 24627). The message should not have been issued. It has been corrected for 9.0 release due out in 4th quarter of 2004.

Q. When user runs a static analysis which includes temperature dependent properties, contact and a nonzero TUNIF value, the following warning is issued:<br><br>"Material...

A customer can only do colored contour plots in Workbench. For reports that are to be printed on Black-and-White laser printers, they would like the option to have grey-scale contour plots from Workbench. This type of plotting can be done from the traditional ANSYS interface, but no effective means is evident in Workbench. The printing of color contour plots with black-and-white devices turns both blue and red into near-black shades, and is not satisfactory for report review.

The Workbench Help system points out that: "You can edit the colors of the contour bands simply by double-clicking a band." This is an awkward work-around, and only good for an individual result in the Solution branch. Can a one-click selection of a grey scale for contour plots be implemented in a new ANSYS DesignSimulation release, with light grey at the "low stress" end, and dark grey at the "high stress" end, and enough distinction in grey levels that they are visible in black-and-white laser-printer plots when discreet contours are employed?

The attached Workbench macro, "SetGreyScaleLegend.js" can be run fromTools > Run Macro in Simulation.<br>It will change the color contours on the selected object to Grey...

I am working with ANSYS ICEM CFD 5.0 and I need to import a geometry from Pro/Engineer.
Do I need to install Pro/Engineer on my computer?

If you want to use the direct import (file, import geometry, ProE), and you are running ICEM on Windows, you can create a mapped drive to the machine that has Pro/E installed. Then set the...

Can I do a Thermal-Structural Analysis using multiple load steps in ANSYS Workbench 9.0?

No. At 9.0, only pure structural is allowed to be sequential.

How to configure the Windows XP SP2 Firewall to allow distributed parallel computing with CFX-5.7 (PVM)?

<br><br>1.) Login as local administrator.<br><br>2.) ->Start ->Control Panel ->Windows Firewall<br><br> Allow exceptions<br> ...

How to not write results to the database file (/CONFIG,NOELDB)? My database file becomes large after the solve, how can I prevent this from occuring?

The /CONFIG command has an argument which will prevent the results from being written to the database after solution.<br><br>/CONFIG docu:<br>NOELDB ¿ Option to write or...

I created a sector model, is there a command to make this a full 360 model?

There is no command to do this automatically, however one could write a macro to perform this operation. The macro below, "SCOPY.MAC", is an undocumented and unsupported macro which...

I have an ANSYS structural model in which a single "mass node" (MASS21 element) is connected to the nodes on the surface of a mesh of solid elements using CERIG. Constraints are applied to the mass node, and gravity (uniform acceleration) acts on the structure. Using PRRSOL at releases 7.0 and 7.1, the net reaction of the mass node is only that due to the large mass itself. The contribution of force from the weight of the rest of the structure CERIG'd to the mass node is not included in the total reported by PRRSOL. Is this a bug?

Yes, this is defect 13655. The code was fixed at release 8.0. Mention of this defect was supposed to be included in the incompatibilities section under 8.0 Release notes, but it did note make it...

ANSYS/Professional has the capability to perform large deflection analyses with SHELL and BEAM elements, but not with SOLID elements. The SOLSH190 element was introduced in Release 9.0. SOLSH190 has both SOLID and SHELL characteristics, and is available in ANSYS/Professional. Does ANSYS/Professional have the capability to use SOLSH190 in a large deflection analysis?

No. ANSYS/Professional considers SOLSH910 to be a SOLID element. It can be used in Professional, but not with large deflection.

How do I delete a concentration keypoint (KSCON) about which an area mesh will be skewed in the GUI?

As of ANSYS 9.0, the method to delete a concentration keypoint created by the KSCON command in the GUI is to follow the same path used to create it: Main...

I am using custom memory settings, what is the maximum amount of Total Workspace (-m) I can specify for MY computer?

The maximum amount of Total Workspace (-m) is machine dependant. Use trial and error to determine the maximum amount that can be specified for a given computer. For example, try specifying...

What version of ANSYS is supported on SUN Java Workstation W2100z (AMD Opteron processor)?

The Sun V20z, V40z, W1100z, W2100z (all Opteron systems), run with Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems.<br><br>If the OS is Solaris, there is no current version of ANSYS that...

My database file is considerably larger after solving, can I clear the db of the results so that only the model information is left?

Yes, you can use SAVE,,,,MODEL to just save the model information and not the results. The following example demonstrates a save (save,,,,all) before the solve that is 1280kb. After the solve...

When installing ICEM 5.1 on Windows XP, user receives an error concerning spaces in the Destination folders.

It shows the following as the Destination folder:

c:Program FilesAnsysn IncV90icemcfd

Then clicking next shows the Error:

Destination Folder can not have Blank Spaces.
Please select a different folder.


Some legacy products (DDN for instance, as well as Autohexa) do not allow for spaces in the path.<br>If you don't select one of these in the tree, then spaces in the destination folder are...

ANSYS Workbench 9.0 crashes on SuSE Professional Linux 8.0.
Is this supported?

WB 9.0 Linux is tested on Red Hat 7.3 , Red Hat 8.0 and Red Hat 9.0 only.<br>It should run fine on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES/WS 3.0 also.<br>We do NOT support SuSE in WB 9.0. SuSE...