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Spaceball 5000 does not work with ANSYS on Linux. Is this supported?

The Spaceball did not pass any tests on linux.<br>The drivers that are out seem to be beta and none worked.<br>We are awaiting new drivers to test.<br><br>As of now, it is not...

How can I calculate the second and third derivative of different varibles (u,v,w, p,..) in CFX-5.7.1?

To do this, you will need to write a Fortran file. Note that you will need to be particularly careful when you are trying to find the derivative of vectors as opposed to...

Why does the Workbench Simulation Asynchronous Solution (or Remote Solve) fail when the Unix machine platform is Linux AMD64, but works OK on other Unix platforms?

a. The Workbench Simulation Asynchronous Solution executes "ftp" on the remote Unix machine in order to transfer files. The default installation of Linux AMD64 (and possibly...

Is there a demo of applying transient nodal pressure data onto a model?

The input below demonstrates this capability. Other APDL operations could be<br>used to read the data from an external file (*VREAD or *TREAD).<br><br>! demo of SFFUN<br>!...

When a user attempts to run launcher90 on HP UNIX console, the following error occurs:

Application initialization failed: this isn't a Tk applicationcouldn't connect to display "machine1:0.0"

The ANSYS Launcher could not be started.

The most likely reason is that your DISPLAY environment
variable is either not set (i.e. issue setenv DISPLAY
dev:0.0 where dev is your device name) or is set to a
device that is not accepting the connection.

Why does this error occur?

This error will only happen when DISPLAY={hostname}:0.0 and the current hostname is not enabled in the access control list.<br>This error will occur when attempting to run any of the...

Can you provide some guidelines for diagnosing Pro/E to ICEM CFD 5.1 import problems?

First check the date code of ProE. The minimum date code we support for our translator for ProE2001 is 2002310.<br>For ProEWildFire, it is 20030510.<br><br>Direct ProE Import...

I want to calculate the thermal stresses in forced convection cooled electronic components. I want to perform a conjugate heat transfer analysis that includes meshes of both the fluid and the conducting solids and calculates the spatially varying convection coefficients on wetted surfaces between them. I then wish to use the calculated temperature distribution in structural elements to calculate thermal stress. Do you have an example illustrating how this can be done?

The attached presentation and parameterized input file jointly describe and demonstrate the procedures for performing a FLOTRAN conjugate heat transfer analysis. This is a very simple model - a...

I get a pop-up message that I have 25 days before my ANSYS product licenses expire. I have to click on the OK button to allow the product to continue. This means, in particular, that I cannot leave a product running overnight because user intervention is needed. How do I disable the message?

By default you will be notified of the upcoming expiration of an ANSYS license key beginning 30 days prior to the expiration date. You can use an environment variable called...

Q : How can I rotate a Working plane about the Z global Axis in ANSYS?

A : Please see the MACRO below.

!Rotate angle about the global cartesian Z axis
ANGLE = 90

! dataset of the actual Working Plane

! Use of a node for copy and rotate the WP center (Node number is here 100000)

! Copy of the node to locate the center of the new Working Plane New node number = 100001)
NGEN,2,1,100000, , , ,ANGLE, ,1,

! dataset of the new Working Plane

! New angle about the Z axis

! Delete of the none used entities
**** Entered By: swescott @ 02/28/2005 09:53 AM ****

Q : How can I rotate a Working plane about the Z global Axis in ANSYS?<br><br>A : Please see the MACRO below.<br><br>csys,0<br>!Rotate angle about the global...

Customer gets the following error when trying to run ANSYS 9.0 on a SUN 64-bit USIII unix machine:

fatal:'SUNW_1.4' not found

(Required by file /ansys_inc/v90/ansys/bin/USIII/libansys.s0)


Press(enter) to close this window.'

What is the cause of this error?

The customer should check the patch levels on the machine.<br>The libCstd library was installed in /usr/lib by patches 108434, 108435, & 109147 (Solaris 8).<br>For Solaris 9,...

When I try to read a NASTRAN Bulk Data File into FE Modeler 9.0, the nodes
are all located at the origin, so none of my elements are produced correctly.
Why does this happen?

We have seen this in models coming from Europe and other places where a<br> comma is used as the decimal point instead of a period (see bad input below).<br> Just change all...

Why do some piezoresistive analysis predict zero differential voltage?

In ANSYS 9.0, the piezoresistive elements solve for the total voltage, not the differential voltage due to applied stress. Therefore, if the applied stress is low, the round-off error can be of...

I am trying to analyze a bridge truss. The geometry includes truss members,
cables and a pulley. I have attached the geometry (Truss.jpg) for your reference.
The bridge design has a cable passing over a pulley. The objective is to avoid
tension in the bottom chord members of the truss by pretensioning the cables.
The pretension cables should produce a compressive stress in the bottom chord
members and thus balance the existing tension developed in them under a live
load. How do I model the pulley and apply the load?

Please see the ANSYS 9.0 input below. BEAM189 elements were used for the<br> truss structure, LINK10 elements were used for the cable, CONTA175 elements<br> were used for the...

How to damp the Eddy Viscosity close to a wall?

You can define the Eddy Viscosity as a function (CEL Expression or USER CEL Function) under Domain->Fluid Models ->Turbulence Models ->Advanced Model Control -> Eddy...

I have just tried to install CFX-5.7.1 but the installation process insists that I install and use the ANSYS License Manager. However my existing CFX-5 keys are cut for the CFX License Manager. How can I get a working version of CFX-5.7.1? Do I need to have a new license file cut for the ANSYS License Manager?

The installation process for CFX-5.7.1 has been set up to assume that you will use the ANSYS licensing - if we only have to maintain one license manager going forward then that is better for us...

I'm running a transient calculation. When I load my results file
into Post, I can calculate torque properly, but if I load any of
my minimal transient (trn) files, the value computed is not correct.

<br><br>Currently, the calculation of torque for minimal results files will only be<br>correct if density (or boundary flows) are written to the minimal...

Parallel run does not start because connection to machine fails, although its hostname mas34xxx.local is entered in the host.ccl file. Why?

The hostnames in the host.ccl file have to follow some rules. They must not contain points '.' or underscores '_' and they must start with a character. So the hostname...

How can I run CFX-5 from the command line, and what are the options?

<br><br>1. On Windows, start the CFX-5 launcher, and go to the menu Tools/Command line<br><br>A DOS window will appear. In this window you can run a job with CFX-5 by...

When running CFX-5, I get the error message *** INSUFFICIENT CATALOGUE SIZE ***. How can I correct this?

This error message appears when the CFX-5 Memory Management System (MMS) has run out of space.<br>If you run from the command line, you can try to run with:<br>cfx5solve -smms 1.3 -def...

What is the physical meaning of 'restitution coefficients' in the particle tracking model in CFX-5.7?

The physical meaning of these restitution coefficients is related to the nature of the collision between the particle and the wall.<br>For an elastic collision (i.e. the particle does not...

When loading the ICEM CFD swmif add-in for the first time, Solidworks crashes whey you click "swmif" under "tools, add-ins" while a part or assembly is loaded. Why does this happen, and how can it be avoided?

You have to select this just after opening Solidworks, before you have<br>opened any parts or assemblies.

What boundary conditions should one use for CFD simulations of free-surface phenomena?

It is sometimes required to simulate free-surface flows in which progressive or standing surface waves enter the domain and interact with various features of the region which is being considered....

Why isn't the TRANSFER command working?

The most common mistake made when using the TRANSFER command is with the active coordinate system. The TRANSFER command transfers a pattern of nodes FROM the active system TO the new system. The...

Q. I am trying to run a FLOTRAN case with an input file which describes the properties of Air with the names as listed in the ANSYS commands manual. However, it doesn't work. Why?

A. An error was introduced into the documentation at ANSYS 8.0. The following list provides what the property names should be.

Change AIRSI to AIR-SI

Change AIRSI_B to AIR-SI_B

Change AIRCM to AIR-CM

Change AIRCM_B to AIR-CM_B

Change AIRMM to AIR-MM

Change AIRMM_B to AIR-MM_B

Change AIRFT to AIR-FT

Change AIRFT_B to AIR-FT_B

Change AIRIN to AIR-IN

Change AIRIN_B to AIR-IN_B

Also, in two places, fl-slug-sec should be changed to ft-slug-sec

Q. I am trying to run a FLOTRAN case with an input file which describes the properties of Air with the names as listed in the ANSYS commands manual. However, it doesn't work. ...

Customer just installed WB 9.0 on a Solaris 8 machine. He gets the following error when running DesignSpace and trying to solve:

An error occurred while starting the ANSYS solver module. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section in the ANSYS manual.

Why is he getting this error?

The customer did not have the required versions of SUN patches installed on his machine.<br>Once he updated patches 108434-15 and 108435-15 to 108434-17 and 108435-17, he was then able to do...