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Q) New at 8.1 is the ability to input transverse shear stiffness (TSS) for gasket material (TB,GASKET,,,,TSS). Please explain what TSS is.

A) Gasket element/material is meant to provide a general 1-D (through-thickness) representation of a more complicated multi-material/complex geometry gasket. Consequently, 1D through-thickness behavior is characterized by complex compressive closure and linear/nonlinear unloading curves that may be temperature dependent.

Because of the fact that the gasket elements are used for 2D or 3D representation, the transverse behavior may be important. This is where TSS (transverse shear stiffness TBOPT for TB,GASKET) comes in.

TSS is in units of pressure/length and is just a linear constant (analogous to Young's modulus). It is really meant for stability purposes since the gasket behavior is supposed to be dominated in the through-thickness direction.

This value should be representative of the material being modeled, although it is a complex behavior being reduced to a single parameter, so, usually, TSS is taken to be a small value for stability purposes, anyway, since one wouldn't expect/want significant in-plane deformation for gaskets.

KEYOPT(2)=1 needs to be set on INTER19x elements to activate transverse shear deformation calculations. If TSS is not defined, the "Stability stiffness" (C2) of TB,GASKET,,,,PARA will be used instead. Both have the same units of stress/length.

Q) New at 8.1 is the ability to input transverse shear stiffness (TSS) for gasket material (TB,GASKET,,,,TSS). Please explain what TSS is.<br><br>A) Gasket element/material is meant...

What are Ansys' plans for support of Windows Server 2003?

Although Windows Server 2003 has not been certified, ANSYS 8.1 and the ANSYS 8.1 License Manager should<br>run with no problems on this platform. Currently, there are no plans to certify.

Q: We get the following error message whenever we start CFX-Post from CFX-5.7 on one of our SUN machines: /export/home/cfx5.7/CFX-5.7/bin/solaris/PostGui_ogl: fatal: /usr/openwin/lib/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
An error has occurred in cfx5post:

/export/home/cfx5.7/CFX-5.7/bin/solaris/PostGui_ogl was interrupted by
signal KILL (9)

A similar message is given with CFX-Pre.

DN replied:
The hardware graphics on the SUN are the fault here. You can try running CFX-Post in software mode (and CFX-Pre also) by typing:

cfx5pre -gr mesa
cfx5post -gr mesa

If these commands work for you then you can make it the default that CFX-Post and CFX-Pre use software mode by creating a file called cfx5rc in the directory config/5.7 of the CFX-5.7 software installation, containing just one line:


Create the directory config/5.7 if this does not exist already.

Once you have done this then typing cfx5post or cfx5pre will automatically use software mode so you don't now need to add "-gr mesa" and also software mode will be used when you use the CFX-Pre or CFX-Post buttons on the CFX-5.7 Launcher.

Q: We get the following error message whenever we start CFX-Post from CFX-5.7 on one of our SUN machines:<br><br> /export/home/cfx5.7/CFX-5.7/bin/solaris/PostGui_ogl: fatal:...

How much memory is required for a mode superposition harmonic analysis?

In Release 8.1 the memory that ANSYS requires for a mode superposition analysis is based on the number of degrees of freedom and the number of requested modes. The memory required can be...

Upon solving a frequency finder object with a Max Modes to Find set to n
and the Limit Search range set to No, the lower modes are solved but the higher
modes still show a lightning bolt. Why were they not solved?

The frequency finder has a bulit in range limit of 1e8 even though it appears<br>to not be on. You can set the range higher (set it to Yes first) if you so desire.

My thermal analysis using the THOPT,QUASI option worked fine in ANSYS 7.1,
but generates the error shown below in both ANSYS 8.0 and ANSYS 8.1. Why?

**Error in unsym ICCG zero row encountered

*** ERROR *** CP= 5.172 TIME= 11:42:17
Unsymmetric ICCG error, solution

Defect 25233 was filed and corrected in the UP20040716 build of ANSYS 9.0.<br> Essentially, the problem was due to some extraneous nodes existing in the<br> model. At 8.0,...


Converting SOLID186 (or SOLID95) to INTER194 gasket element

I have a mesh created by Workbench, and the gasket region happens to be a swept mesh of SOLID186 elements. I want to transfer the mesh to ANSYS and do a gasket analysis. Is there a macro or tool available to convert SOLID186 to INTER194?


I attached a simple example in which SOLID186 mesh created by extrusion was successfully converted to INTER194 and solved. I used TYPE and EMOD commands to accomplish the conversion.

QUESTION:<br><br>Converting SOLID186 (or SOLID95) to INTER194 gasket element<br><br>I have a mesh created by Workbench, and the gasket region happens to be a swept mesh of...

The ANSYS Process Status window that pops up when running the solver displays Korean font characters instead of English. The rest of the utilities menus are in English lettering.

The user is running ANSYS 8.1 on RedHat Linux 8.0.

Why is this happening and how can I change to the English font?

The user is getting the Korean font because it is the first font in the /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fs/config file. Xwindows defaults to the top line of the config file section labeled: catalogue =...

Are there any plans to support Workbench on Linux (Intel 32 bit)?

We are currently working to have Workbench 9.0 available on Linux 32 bit.<br>For Workbench 9.0, we¿ll support DesignSpace, FEModeler, EDApplet, DesignModeler and CFX on Linux (RedHat...

I have convergence problems and/or unphysical temperature peaks when using the CHT model in CFX-5.7. What can I do?

The recommendation is to change the diffusion scheme used with the CHT model. To do this you need to use the expert parameter '"cht diffusion scheme". A more robust but less...

I have a cylindrical surface that I imported from a Parasolid file. Why does
Simulation 8.1 not allow a bolt pretension section for the cylindrical surface?

Simulation requires a true cylindrical surface when creating a pretension section.<br> Although your CAD geometry may look like it has a cylindrical surface, it may<br> ...

Why does my mode superposition transient analysis with contact abort at the end of solution in ANSYS 8.1?
It gives no errors.

This is Defect 24333 and is fixed in ANSYS 8.1 SP1 and ANSYS 9.0.

Why is the worksheet (ANSYS output file) grayed out during solution in Workbench (WB) 8.1?
This was not the case WB 8.0.

The worksheet can be viewed in WB 8.1 by right clicking on the Solution object and inserting<br>a Solution Information object. This can be done while solution is in progress. [Defect 22033]

Does the Parallel Performance For ANSYS (PPFA) apply to EMAG and FLOTRAN?
Can you use the DPCG and DJCG solvers for these capabilities?

For EMAG and FLOTRAN we only support Shared-memory parallel solvers. DPCG and<br>DJCG cannot be used. Shared-memory parallel can provide a 2X speedup with 4 processors.<br>Note that...

What can I do to reduce the morphing failures I am getting in
a pull-down analysis with ANSYS 8.1?

There are three techniques you can try:<br><br>1. Fix displacements of air that isn't moving.<br><br>2. Use area weighted morphing keyo(1)=1 and refine<br>the...

The application sometimes aborts when I try to go from
FEModeler to ANSYS at 8.1 running on Windows XP Pro. It doesn't happen with same model on my
Win2K machine. Why might this happen?

Sometimes certain dll's do not get registered. Please register the following dll:<br>C:Program FilesANSYS Incv81AISOLANSYSAOAnsAdvancedOptionsU.dll<br>The actual path could...

I have a case where I would like to analyze the deflections of a structure due to an
impinging sound wave, and the subsequent re-radiation of sound due to this structural motion.
Can this be done in ANSYS?

Yes, using the Fluid-Structure Interface. The input below is a<br>transient analysis of a 100 psi pressure wave traveling in water and<br>impinging on an aluminum SOLID45...

Why am I getting incorrect 1 sigma results (NaN) from a correlated
PSD analysis in ANSYS 8.1?

You have negative numbers in your correlation input.<br>This is not being handled correctly and is fixed by Defect 24621.<br>A temporary workaround is use the old, undocumented...

Using PSDGRAPH in ANSYS 8.1 on my 28 point PSD input causing the application to abort. Why?

This is a defect affecting PSD input with a large number of points<br>(the maximum is 50.) It has been corrected in 9.0 under Defect 24611.

Why is CBDOF only mapping the UX dof in my 2d model at ANSYS 8.1? It contains hyperelastic material.

This is an error resulting from the use of internal dof when TB,HYPER is active.<br>It is fixed in ANSYS 9.0 under Defect Report 24629.

How can I apply a pressure of 30 MPa in Workbench 8.1 in a model with
bolt pre-tension and then run a 2nd load step with the pressure reduced to 0?

This an be accomplished b creating a second environment in which you remove the pretension<br>load and add the ANSYS preprocessing commands to restart from the previous solution...

Why is my space delimited complex data not being imported correctly by the variable viewer at ANSYS 8.1?

This is an error which occurs with space delimited data. Tab delimited data should input correctly.<br>Another error occurs when the freq values are obtained from the post26 data instead of...

Why am I getting different frequencies in ANSYS 8.1 than I did in ANSYS 7.1 with lumped mass on?
The frequencies in 7.1 were 43.3, 51.8, 59.6, 67.9. In 8.1 they are 51.8, 57.3, 67.8.

This is an error with LUMPM,ON for models with couples and/or constraint equations [Defect 16666].<br>It was fixed in 8.0. Here is what happened - when choosing lumped mass with CP/CE...

Why are ANSYS 7.0 thermal results so much different from ANSYS 6.1 when
radiosity and convection are used on the same surface?

ANSYS6.1: MIN Temp:25,MAX Temp:123
ANSYS7.0: MIN Temp:25,MAX Temp:92

The maximum temperature at 8.1 is again 123 degs.<br><br>This is Defect 19186, fixed in 8.1. There was an error when radiation and convection were applied to the same...

Do you have an example of a permanent magnetic field acting on a deformable body that has electrical current?

Yes, to obtain this example, please contact ANSYS Technical Support ( and request the attachment to Solution 335365