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In ANSYS 8.1 the PlotCtrls > Hardcopy > to File using the 'reverse video' setting results in blurry fonts.
This has been observed when using the WIN32 driver on a Windows XP 32-bit system. Using the 3D driver
eliminated the behavior.

The reverse video operates by switching pixels that are 100 percent white and black. There are<br>graphics display settings that result in the pixels being less than 100 percent and thus...

When using DesignModeler, I need to imprint a sketch onto two surfaces of different curvatures, but it does not seem to work for both with the 'surfaces' option. It fails for the 'faces' option. Why is this?

In this case the sketch was outside the bounds of the curved surfaces. When you use the imprint faces option using the 'to next' or 'to faces' option, the sketch needs...

When a low frequency electromagnetic model containing components that was saved at release 6.0 is solved and postprocessed (using FMAGSUM.MAC) at release 8.0/8.1, numerous "nuisance" error messages are issued: Some of these are listed below:

*** ERROR *** CP= 27.339 TIME= 14:40:18
No dimensions set for parameter= _S_CMPN.

*** ERROR *** CP= 27.429 TIME= 14:40:33
The above error occurred processing field= _S_CMPN(1,_ICOM)
Line= *SET,_cmpn(1,_icom), (_s_cmpn(1,_icom)).

These messages are repeated many times while FMAGSUM processes. This error does NOT occur at 7.11C1 (Release 7.11C1 UP20030709).

Why does this happen and is there a workaround?

A change was made in ANSYS 8.0 to allow 32 character names for components used in the command fields for FMAGBC (also, see ONYX #18144).<br>When resuming older database files, before issuing...

I encounter a problem when trying to import a Parasolids file. The import "Failed to process."
What causes this error?

This error can occur when you do not have the P_SCHEMA environment variable set. Please see the ANSYS 8.0 Connection Guide, Section B.5.1. The following description applies in this...

I have installed a license.dat file (which has Windows-stle line endings). It uses the ANSYS License daemon. The machine is dual boot - Linux and Windows. I can run ICEMCFD4.CFX in Windows mode, but I have problems getting ICEMCFD4.CFX to run in Linux mode. I get a 'lmstat failure' when I try to check the status in the ANSYS License Manager. I have checked that he has the ANSYS license daemon running.

The lmstat failure from the ANSYS license manager may sometimes be caused when a user installed a license.dat file with Windows-style line endings on a UNIX box.<br>Check a file that is...

Customer received the following error when trying to run ANSYS 8.1 on the AIX platform:

/COM,ANSYS RELEASE 8.1 UP20040329 12:37:20 05/20/2004

*** ERROR *** CP= 0.270 TIME= 12:37:21

An unexpected error ( Unknown ) has occurred... ANSYS internal data
has been corrupted. ANSYS is unable to recover and will terminate.
Previously saved files are unaffected.

What is causing this error?

The user had the directory ".flexlmrc" in his home directory. Removing the directory allowed a clean run.<br><br>This is a known defect in FLEXlm (P8385), which is...

Q. I have taken advantage of the CFX-Flo offering at ANSYS8.1. I follow the steps in the "Getting Started With CFX" presentation that is available, but CFX cannot find my boundary faces although I made the 2D named element components as instructed. What is wrong?

A. There is a bug in CFX5.7 which will be fixed by a Patch available in June/July 2004. The bug is that CFX has trouble reading triangle faces in the named components. The workaround is to try a named component of nodes instead of elements. This should work as long as two named nodal components do not share any nodes.

Q. I have taken advantage of the CFX-Flo offering at ANSYS8.1. I follow the steps in the "Getting Started With CFX" presentation that is available, but CFX cannot find my boundary...

Customer installed Workbench 8.1 and ICEM4.CFX on Windows 2000. Design Modeler was working fine. He created the geometry, but when he tried to open CFX-Mesher, he received the following error:

Line: 10994
Char: 6
Error: Object doesn´t support this property or method
Code: 800a01b6
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error
Script: consts.Shell.CurrentDirectoy = m_projectPath;

What is causing this error?

The customer had Internet Explorer 5.5 installed, CFX-Mesher requires Internet Explorer 6.0. Customer upgraded IE and was then able to use CFX-Mesher.

Why is this small database creating such a big page file and
behaving so slowly? I had specified a big node number (10e6),
but I have since compressed node numbers and saved the database.

The problem stems from the very large index in the database that points to the nodes within the database. This applies to large element numbers as well.<br><br>When entity numbers are...

Why am I not getting the new Segalman-Reese calculation of SEQV in ANSYS 8.1?

When you use the gui to display SEQV it is issuing an AVPRIN command. AVPRIN was<br>set up as a "back door" in case a user didn't want the Segalman-Reese...

When I bring geometry into DesignModeler 8.0, can I make use of the existing geometry profile to create sketch lines? I would like to imprint the geometry edges on a sketch plane and then manipulate the geometry.

If you create a plane on a planar face, then the face's boundary becomes fixed edges on the sketching plane.<br>If the user wants to project model entities onto a sketching plane, we...

Where do you change the color of element outlines in Workbench at 8.1? It has moved.

Element edge color is under Tools > Options > Common Settings

Why am I getting an error stating that the Trefftz element cannot be allocated a number over 1 million?

There is an undocumented limit of 1e6 on the node numbers used to define the Trefftz infinite boundary.<br>A workaround is to mesh the surface of the model first so that it will have the...

Why am I getting more joule heat in the thermal pass of my multi-field solver
electric-thermal analysis than I should in ANSYS 8.1?

The multi-field solver applies the heat generation loads with the nodal BF command.<br>This results in the application of heat generation to elements adjacent to the conductor...

Why do I get the warning below when combining cdb files in ANSYS 7.1?

*** WARNING *** CP= 1.844 TIME= 09:45:48

This ANSYS data base has both Smooth and Web based Data. There are
possible problems with using this data.

In ANSYS 5.4 we introduced some defeaturing tools which required that<br>the geometry be represented by a faceted surface. This has also<br>been called micro-topology and web-based...

How do you display eddy current vectors on the deformed geometry in ANSYS 8.1?

The vector display gui supports this, but the documentation doesn't mention that<br>a 1 in field 8 as shown below produces a vector display on the deformed...

Why is the radiosity solver in ANSYS 8.1 not producing form factors
near 1.0 for my completely closed enclosure?

The radiosity solver is assuming the elements surrounding the enclosure<br>were numbered counter-clockwise. In your model they were not, and this resulted<br>in the outward normals...

How can I apply loads with the preprocessing command branch after the initial solve
specified by workbench? I have a bolt pretension load which needs to be solved first.

Create a second environment branch and remove the bolt pretension load in that branch.<br>In this second branch restart from the previous solution files and place your new loads in...

The plotting algorithm used to NOT plot failed elements in
ANSYS LS-DYNA 8.1 seems to be broken. Is this a known error?

Yes. Defect 24646 was filed and corrected in ANSYS LS-DYNA 9.0.<br> The workaround is to use LS-POST to postprocess the results.<br> Please note that it is only the plotting...

Q) In 8.1, why are principal stresses and stress intensity no longer available in postprocessing for PSD (random vibration) analyses?

A) In 8.0 and prior versions, derived stress quantities (SEQV, S1, S2, S3, SINT) were simply based on the components. Since the stress components from PSD analyses are 1-sigma results and have no sign, the applicability of the use of these statistical stress components in evaluating derived stress quantities is questionable.
In 8.1, the Segalman-Reese paper was used as a basis for calculating SEQV. The Segalman-Reese paper provides a method of determining the probability distribution of equivalent stress (SEQV). However, no provision for S1, S2, S3, or SINT was used in the paper, so, currently these items are zeroed out in the ANSYS output. Note that the resulting SEQV values are not Gaussian or centered about zero as the stress components are.

Q) In 8.1, why are principal stresses and stress intensity no longer available in postprocessing for PSD (random vibration) analyses?<br><br>A) In 8.0 and prior versions, derived...

The elastic and plastic equivalent strains stored in the .rst file do not match those using AVPRIN,,effnu.

Prior to ANSYS 6.0, the "effnu" effective Poisson's ratio was used to calculate elastic, plastic, and total equilvalent strains, according to Ch. 19.12 of the ANSYS Theory...

When will ANSYS implement FlexLM License Borrowing?

We are looking to implement this feature in ANSYS 9.0.<br>There are no solid details on this yet, other than it is slated for the 9.0 release,<br>granted that there are no problems...

Q. I have a thermal problem with conductivity a function of X and Y. The MP commands do not accept tables for properties. What do I do?

A. You can use the FLOTRAN elements to solve non-flow thermal problems. FLOTRAN accepts Utility Menu defined tables for properties. One uses material 1, and with FLOTRAN you turn flow off and turn the thermal option on.

Other controls of interest include the CFD solver for temperature (PGMR or sparse direct for temperature) , relaxation factors for properties and temperature, quadrature orders for diffusion terms, and the number of iterations to specify.

Q. I have a thermal problem with conductivity a function of X and Y. The MP commands do not accept tables for properties. What do I do?<br><br>A. You can use the FLOTRAN elements...

When performing an action in Workbench by clicking the RMB, the program responds very slowly. It takes about 12 to 20 seconds before the action takes place. This also happens when opening a model. Other programs respond normally without delay. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

Reports of slow RMB response have been linked with license-installation problems. In each case, the problem was solved by the customer's IT department. Here are explanations that we...

Q. How do you perform a 2-D Analysis in DM/DS?

A. This is a beta feature in 8.1. Below are the basic steps that you must take.

1. Turn on beta features in 8.1 DS
2. In Project page, under Advanced Geometry Defaults set Analysis Type to "2D"
3. In DM, build surfaces from sketches (Main Menu=> Concepts...) Use freeze option if you want to keep multiple surfaces partitioned from each other.
4. Enter DS and each surface should be ready to mesh with plane 2D elements for a "Plane Stress" Analysis.
Refer to Details window for each surface created.

Q. How do you perform a 2-D Analysis in DM/DS?<br><br>A. This is a beta feature in 8.1. Below are the basic steps that you must take.<br><br>1. Turn on beta features in...