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How to use Custom Executables for the ANSYS CFX Solver?

<br><br>Serial:<br><br>Specify the custom executable as option for the solver:<br><br> -Command Line: cfx5solve -def name.def -solver...

I am running Redhat Enterprise 3, with nvidia accelerated graphics, and am using gnome as the window manager .
When I login as a user I have exclusive access to the graphics device in any terminal window

i.e /dev/nvidia* has permissions rw-------

If I open a xconsole and su to another user account then CFX crashes at startup while trying to access the graphics.
Is there a workaround?

<br>The solution is to chmod /dev/nvidia* to allow access this time, it will be reset when you next login, or modify /etc/security/console.perms to change the default.

Q. I have discovered that Pre and Post have stopped working after I installed the new CFX viewer, for .cvf postprocessing files. I get a socket error, and a non-zero return code and nothing appears on the screen.

A. This may be related to running a firewall, specifically Norton or Windows XP. CFX-Pre, Post and the viewer all use the same technology to display to the screen, which uses a socket connection. The firewall may have blocked such connections after the installation of the new Viewer software and so subsequently affects Pre and Post as well. Try turning off the firewall, or reconfiguring it to accept connections for the CFX software, and see if it then all works.

Q. I have discovered that Pre and Post have stopped working after I installed the new CFX viewer, for .cvf postprocessing files. I get a socket error, and a non-zero return code and nothing...

Why am I not getting a force balance when I use a higher order beam188 element with plasticity?

This is a bug. We are not checking for the unbalanced forces in internal nodes of 188. The effect is exaggerated<br>in your problem due to only one element used. With reduced integration...

When trying to use the Report Generator in Workbench the user receives an error as follows:

Product: CAE Templates (feature 'caetmpl')

Checkout failed for the above product.
FLEXlm error message:

No such feature exists.

But the report is generated without problem.
Should the user be concerned?

No, This is a recently found bug in V10.0 (defect 38625). We hope to have a fix in the V10.0 Service Pack.<br> The ultimate cause was due to changes in the State engine.<br> Have...

What should I do with Junction Box when I try to run double precision?

The double precision solver uses 'auto promotion' of REAL data to DOUBLE. Specifically, when you include the '-double' option in your cfx5mkext command line, this will...

Question: When I try to import ProE geometry into Icem, I get the following error, and ProE crashes:

x11r5_create_fontset: Missing character set: GB2312.1980-0
x11r5_create_fontset: Missing character set: GB2312.1980-0 type ABS; type ABS; Application 'promif' is already registered.


This means you are using a non-English language of ProE, which we do not support.

However, it may work by setting the following environment variable:


Relaunch ProE or try the direct import again.

Question: When I try to import ProE geometry into Icem, I get the following error, and ProE crashes:<br><br>x11r5_create_fontset: Missing character set:...

Various errors with ICEM were reported by a user who had set the windows decimal character to a comma "," rather than a period ".". These errors generally seemed to be related to the open and save dialog boxes. What could cause this?

In this case, the errors ceased after the decimal character was set to a period.

Q. I am running an MFX case that successfully transfers the loads from CFX to ANSYS. However, it looks like the displacements are not coming back to CFX, since the mesh doesn't move. What could be wrong?

A. It is possible that all the nodes on the interface are also part of a boundary which is not allowed to move. This could be the case, for example, if the model were a 2D representation one element deep with Periodic boundaries. You can either create symmetry boundaries instead, where the motion is Unspecified, or edit the CCL of the periodic boundaries to become Unspecified (CFX-PRE won't let you make the mesh motion of a periodic boundary Unspecified).

Q. I am running an MFX case that successfully transfers the loads from CFX to ANSYS. However, it looks like the displacements are not coming back to CFX, since the mesh doesn't move. ...

When trying to install the ANSYS 10.0 Service Pack 1 for Windows XP 32-bit, the user recieves the following meesage:

"This version of the product can not be installed with the 32-bit Ansys base release version present"

Does this mean I am trying to install the Windows XP Professional x64 Edition version of ANSYS 10.0 SP1?
How can I get past this error?

This error is presented whenever the ANSYS 10.0 base release version is installed on the machine where you are installing ANSYS 10.0 Service Pack 1. All ANSYS 10.0 base version software MUST be...

When using CFX 10.0 Solver why are my particle tracks so short when the injection velocity is low? The Particle Fate Diagnostics indicate "Exceeded time limit".

The reason could be the value for the parameter ¿Maximum Particle Integration Time Step¿.<br><br> SOLVER CONTROL:<br> PARTICLE CONTROL:<br> ...

When I run the command

cfx5parhosts -benchmark

of ANSYS CFX 10.0 on a Linux AMD 64bit machine I get the following message:

/opt/ANSYS-10.0/CFX-10.0/bin/linux-amd64/solver-pvm.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
An error has occurred in cfx5parhosts:

The CFX-5 solver exited with return code 127. No results file has been created.

The variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH has not been updated to point to the cgns library. You can set this yourself as follows:<br><br><br>C shell...

When trying to install the Linux IA64 version of ANSYS 10.0 (base release, not service pack), the user receives the following errors in the install.err file and ANSYS will not run:

ANSYS 10.0 installation: Tue Jan 31 14:55:13 PST 2006
Version being installed: LINUXIA64
./INSTALL: line 2656: /home/rberesky/ansys100.cd5/need/linia32/gzip: cannot execute binary file
./INSTALL: line 2661: /home/rberesky/ansys100.cd5/need/linia32/gzip: cannot execute binary file
tar: apdl: Not found in archive
tar: dat

Not found in archive<br>tar: docu: Not found in archive<br>tar: gui: Not found in archive<br>tar: matlib: Not found in archive<br>tar: Error exit delayed from previous...

How to export multiplock meshes from ICEM CFD? User met problems when writing a multiblock mesh out to a multiblock solver. Sometimes the output faild or undesired blocks are written out.

<br>1. The conversion from pre-mesh to multiblock mesh must be redone after every change in the pre-mesh, especially when activating/de-activating volume parts.<br>2. Additionally, the...

Import geometry via the Workbench readers does not work anymore after installation of the service pack 1 for ICEM CFD 10.0.

The failure does not happen at the import of the external geomtry to the *.agdb format in Workbench but when transforming the *.agdb file to the ICEM CFD geometry format *.tin. It is caused by an...

What is the service pack for SuSE SLES 9 that supports dual core processors?

Service pack 3 for SuSE SLES 9 is the first service pack that supports dual core. This is the service pack that we have tested.


Do you have an example demonstrating confinement/compression of an o-ring using ogden hyperelasticity and contact?


I found some old files in which I use curve fitting to obtain 3 parameter Ogden hyperelastic coefficients. I incorporated this material data in a simple 2D axisymmetric o-ring model including contact that I found in the release 5.5 structural nonlinearities training notes.

The model uses pure displacement formulation, NOT mixed u-P. I could not get it to converge with mixed u-P.

I am not clear on just what the implications of this are, although the documentation asserts that mixed u-P is more robust for nearly incompressible problems.

QUESTION:<br><br>Do you have an example demonstrating confinement/compression of an o-ring using ogden hyperelasticity and...

I try to run the can combustor tutorial with EDM reaction modelling. I have followed the documentation but the reaction does not start in the domain.

This is an error in the combustor tutorial documentation. When going through the tutorial by following the documentation, the combustor will not burn. When you run the Pre session file, it...

Running an equilibrium phase change model with a binary mixture specified using Redlich and Kwong convergence is impossible when significant condensation occurs and unphysical temperature and gas mass fractions are produced.

If you have set reference enthalpies and/or reference entropies in the specific heat objects then remove them. These are incompatible with the Redlich & Kwong material properties set up...

I would like to know the format for adding hosts to the hosts.ccl file. My hosts.ccl file currently only contains the one host and I am not sure how to add another.
If you have an example file this would help.

The hosts.ccl file is in the directory <CFXROOT>/config where <CFXROOT> is the full pathname of your ANSYS CFX 10 installation. When you install ANSYS CFX 10 the...

The customer has installed the x64 version of ANSYS 10.0 sp1 and is getting the following error when trying to use the LMTOOLS Utility:

Unable to start FLEXlm LMTOOLS Utility...
A working version of the FLEXlm LMTOOLS Utility is not available for this hardware platform at FLEXlm Version 10.8.

Why is he getting this error?

The LMTOOLS error occurs because Macrovision did not provide an x64 port of the LMTOOLS executable. Since the 32-bit version accesses the 32-bit registry, it cannot create/stop/start the x64...

My Spaceball does not work in the Windows x64 version of Workbench 10.0 sp1.
3Dconnexion has a 64-bit driver, why doesn't it work?

The problem was that the Spaceball driver and Software Development Kit for Windows x64 systems was not available in time to make our release.<br>We now have the SDK and have built the dll...

I want to do a transient simulation where I have flow in a domain for a while, then suddenly a valve or door opens into a new domain allowing flow to pass through. Should I set up the simulation with both domains modelled and a wall between the two, and then perform a restart with the wall removed at the appropriate time?

Generally speaking, yes, people tend to start off with the 2-domain scenario and have something like a domain interface between the two with the 'conservative interface flux' options...

I cannot start a pvm run under Windows. What can I do?

Starting 'cfx5parallel -pvm-console' from the CFX command line replies:

Error - File C:WINDOWSsystem32rsh Not Found!
Determine the path to the "rsh" command on your
system, and edit PVM_ROOTconfWIN32.def
to adjust the path for the -DRSHCOMMAND=""
flag. Then recompile PVM and your applications.

This can have several reasons:<br><br>1) Verify that rsh is installed and running on your machine. Verify that the rsh daemon that you are running is from the current CFX version....

Sometimes when I transfer my geometry from Design Modeller to CFX-Mesh it takes a very long time to appear. With some models, in the end CFX-Mesh just crashes.

Usually, this problem is caused by overlapping solids in your DM geometry. Overlapping solids are not allowed in CFX mesh as meshing is done essentially on a solid-by-solid basis... and this would...