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User tries to open a dsdb file by double-clicking on it and it opens in Workbench 8.0. He wants to use Workbench 8.1.
He can manually start WB 8.1 and open the specific dsdb, but he wants to doubleclick on it and open with the latest version.

A defect was created for this issue and the fix will be implemented into Workbench 9.0.

A customer was told that he should be able to access ICEM 5.0 through the Advanced Meshing tab in Workbench 8.1.
He was also told that he could use CFX in Workbench 8.1. Is this correct?

The answer is yes.<br><br>It is possible to access ICEM 5.0 via the 8.1 Workbench GUI.<br>However, you must install Workbench 8.1 first along with Service Pack 1. ICEMCFD 5.0 is...

User tries to start ANSYS 8.1 and receives the following error:

'Error in start up script'
'can't find package Itcl while executing
"package require Itcl"
(file "c:documents and settingsuserprogram filesansys incv81commonfileslauncherlaunchermain.itcl" line41.

What is causing this error?

If the user has TCL_LIBRARY and TK_LIBRARY set to a third party software, this error will occur. After removing these, the user will be able to bring up the launcher.<br><br>ANSYS...

User is trying to run Ansys8.1 on the dual Itanium system, running RedHat Linux Enterprise 3.0, and receives the following error message:

/ansys_inc/v81/ansys/bin/linuxia64/ansys.e81: relocation error: /ansys_inc/v81/ansys/syslib/linuxia64/ symbol _errno, version GLIBC_2.2 not defined in file with link time reference

What is causing this error?

In order for ANSYS to possibly work with this machine and OS level, the user must set:<br><br>setenv LD_ASSUME_KERNEL 2.4.19<br><br>(it can be added in the ansys81 script...

Q: How can you create a permanent magnetic in an external magnetic field?

Q: The following input creates a permanent magnetic in an external magnetic field in ANSYS Emag/Multiphysics Release 8.1. The external field is created by specifying AZ boundary conditions.


Q: How can you create a permanent magnetic in an external magnetic field?<br><br>Q: The following input creates a permanent magnetic in an external magnetic field in ANSYS...

The mode shapes that ANSYS 8.1 gives for displacement controlled
buckling appear to be wrong. Is this a known error?

Yes. Defect 25718 (see below) was filed and subsequently corrected<br> in the daily build of ANSYS 9.0 on August 16th, 2004. A Class 3 Error<br> report is being generated and...

Q. When importing a single connected mesh in a 'Patran Neutral File' format into CFX Pre, it comes in as multiple assemblies. How do we glue them together into a single assembly/domain?

A. This is most likely a problem that happens during mesh import in CFX - Pre, due to the way the neutral file was written. Generic mesh formats (especially Patran Neutral Files) have a tendency to have duplicate nodes on internal solid/block interfaces. When such mesh files are imported into CFX Pre, the connectivity cannot be established at the interfaces and hence it gets imported as different mesh assemblies.

The recommended way to fix this is to turn on 'Duplicate Node Checking' in CFX Pre, during mesh import. In this case:
1) On 'Mesh Import' form select 'Mesh Format ' = 'PATRAN Neutral'
2) Select appropriate units.
3) Click on 'Advanced Options ' tab on the mesh import form.
4) Turn On (Tick Box) 'Duplicate Node Checking'
5) Keep the default 'Relative Tolerance' and -Apply- to import the mesh.

In most cases this should bring the mesh in as one assembly, unless there is an actual mismatch of the mesh between different regions. In there is actual mismatch in the mesh, you could opt to use the 'Domain Interfaces' (GGI) to connect the different assemblies together. Please refer to 'Help' for more details on the use of 'Domain Interfaces'.

When you turn on 'Duplicate Node Checking', nodes within the given tolerance are equivalenced into a single node, hence allowing PRE to establish connectivity between the different mesh regions. This operation usually can also be done in the package where the mesh was originally created.

Q. When importing a single connected mesh in a 'Patran Neutral File' format into CFX Pre, it comes in as multiple assemblies. How do we glue them together into a single...

Does ANSYS Workbench write any files to the user's HOME directory?

Workbench does not write any files to the user's HOME directory.<br><br>However, some preference files and report files are written to the<br>following directory:...

How can I *GET the maximum equivalent stress (von Mises) of a BEAM188 or BEAM189 structure?

You can list the detailed section stresses with the PRSSOL,S,COMP command and issue PRSSOL,S,PRIN<br>to list the principal stresses along with the stress intensity and equivalent stress. ...

Is license borrowing supported in ANSYS 9.0?

Yes, if the customer has a BORROWable license, they can borrow it and will be able to run a single task of the borrowed license on the PC, up through the return date.<br><br>A...

When starting 'Advanced Meshing' in WorkBench, I see tabs/menus that are not in the ICEM CFD 5.0 (CFX) version and it gives me license errors when I click on some of the menus.

<br><br>WHY THIS HAPPENS:<br><br>If you have installed only those components for which you have licenses, the default settings should work without any problems. However if...

When a user attempts to export Worksheet data to Excel (such as Contact Tool > Initial Information), the following error is displayed:

Internet Explorer Script Error

An error has occured in the script on this page.
Line: 116
Char: 2
Error: Not Implemented
Code: 0
URL: file://C:Program FilesAnsys Incv81AISOLDesignSpaceDSPageshtmlContactFolder.htm

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?
Yes No

Microsoft Excel opens. A New Web Query dialog is displayed.

The context menu that shows when you right click in the worksheet PAGE<br>is an Internet Explorer context menu, not an Ansys Simulation menu.<br>Therefore, the Internet Explorer...


When I executed the following commands, I cannot output the list of integration point location.

set,last !!!!!

But I can output the list if I do not first issue "set last".
Why is this?


*** WARNING *** CP= 7.875 TIME= 18:24:10
The requested LOCI data is not available.
The PRES command is ignored.
Integration point locations are only available for element types 2, 42,
45, 82, 92, 95, and if nlgeom,on is set, for element types 180 thru


This is known defect 25813 which was fixed at release 9.0.

QUESTION:<br><br>When I executed the following commands, I cannot output the list of integration point...

After starting ANSYS EMAG 8.1, user could not use
ET,1,169, but the documenation does not show any restriction.
It should be possible to use the element together with
172 for pure magnetic contact.


TARGE169 availability: MP ME ST <> <> PR EM <> <> PP ED


Code Product Code Product
EM ANSYS Emag - Low Frequency

Entering ET,1,169 gives the following error:

*** ERROR *** CP= 3.755 TIME= 09:35:09
The element option TARGE169 was either not ordered with this ANSYS
installation or the appropriate product was not selected for this
Contact your ANSYS support person for more information.

Attempting to use the contact manager also produced this error, and one for CONTA172 as well.

This is defect 25456, which was fixed at release 9.0. Test files are attached to this solution.

The readme81A1.txt file associated with Service Pack 1 for ANSYS8.1 lists Defect 22725 (Correct possible abort during quad meshing - "divide by zero" ) as corrected. This appears to still be a problem in 8.1SP1.

After the defect was first reported and fixed for 8.1 SP1, a different scenerio produced the same meshing error which has been corrected for 9.0.<br>(Ref. Incident 341656)

Customer receives the following message during 8.1 Workbench installation on a PC running Windows 2000:

The following files did not self - register or unregister: C:Program FilesAnsys Incv81AISOLCad IntegrationSolidworksDSPlugInSW81U.dll

When he attempts to read a SolidWorks part or assembly he gets:

PlugIn Error: Plug-In not found

What is causing this error?

This is a defect that is fixed at WB 9.0. As a work-around, the customer can create the registry key:<br><br> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESolidWorksApplications<br><br>and...

Will ANSYS run with Windows XP SP 2?

Windows XP Service Pack 2 was recently released to the general public. Microsoft states: "This update contains major security improvements designed to provide better protection against...

How can load case operations be done involving the same model with multiple results files?

Below are two input files to demonstrate load case combinations involving two results files for the same model.<br>The first input file creates an rst file named job1.rst with four load...

User has installed the ANSYS 8.1 license manager on the HP Itanium 11.22 OS.
When the user tries to start the license manager, he receives the following error in the license.log file:

14:13:33 (lmgrd)
11:06:51 (ansyslmd) FLEXlm version 9.2
11:06:51 (ansyslmd) Server started on server for: ansys
11:06:51 (lmgrd) Vendor daemon died with status 0

What is causing this error?

The license manager installation for HP Itanium has been updated.<br>The ansyslmd vendor daemon needed to be replaced, because of an lmstrip problem.<br>Please contact Technical...

Customer is trying to install ANSYS 8.1 on a SIEMENS FUJUTSI Machine (FJPP) running on Solaris 8 O.S. and SPARC CPU.
Is SIEMENS FUJITSU (FJPP) platform supported?

Have the user type the following command "uname -i"
If the output for the command is "FJSV,GPUS" then follow the instructions below.

This is a workaround that will allow the customer to install the sun64 version, NOT the usIII version, on a Fujitsu machine.<br><br>Set the environment variable...

I have a batch run macro that uses the /SHOW command to produce either tiff or jpeg files of contour plots. The images always have a resolution of 1077 x 810. I would like to produce smaller images.

This is easy to do interactively using the "hardcopy" command. If you manually resize the graphic window, the hardcopy plots will be sized accordingly. But, how can this be done in a batch run?

The vertical resolution of the batch image (created with /SHOW, <tiff/jpeg/png>) can be set using the /GFILE,<vertres> command, where vertres can be any number of...

Q. A DM model is made up of one part consisting of multiple solid from revolved sketches. User generates an ANF file and reads this into ANSYS.
Why are the nodes in resulting ANSYS mesh not all coincident at the interfacing areas as expected.

A. This is a limitation -- topology in multi-body parts is not shared when the model is exported to ANF, IGES, or Parasolid. This will be more clearly documented at 9.0 with the following statement.

"Note that bodies that are grouped in multi-body parts do not share topology when exported to Parasolid, ANSYS Neutral File, or IGES format. In those cases, all bodies are treated as if they are single body parts."

A possible workaround is to execute "VPTN,ALL" after reading the geometry into ANSYS .

Ref Defect Report 26837

Q. A DM model is made up of one part consisting of multiple solid from revolved sketches. User generates an ANF file and reads this into ANSYS.<br>Why are the nodes in resulting ANSYS mesh...

Customer installed 8.1 on IA64, HP-UX 11. Tries to run ANSYS 8.1 and gets an error - unable to find

Why is the customer getting this error?

If they are not running through the ¿ansys81¿ script, then they will not find the library. The library<br>should be located in the...

How is the enthalpy calculated, if Redlich-Kwong Equation of State is used?

dh = cp*dT + 1/rho * (1 + T/rho * (drho/dT)_p) dp<br><br> - rho is given by the equation of state<br><br> - cp is input by the user, the a0->a5...

Customer is not able to run the Old GUI v5.0.1 in windows.
What is causing the error below?

Product AI*Environment (feature 'aienv')
Checkout failed for the above product.
Flexlm error message
Feature has expired(-10.32:10061 "")

The user had various license servers. If a valid ICEM license is available, modify the launch<br>script (or bat file on windows) to force the licensing type for the CFD style...