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When attempting to load the ProE plugin into Woildfire 4, the following error occurs:
Pro/TOOLKIT application 'WB110PluginProWF', from registry file 'Z:pro_stdsTKFilesANSYS_ProTK.dat', predates Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire v4.0 but was not marked as using legacy encoding.

Edit the appropriate .dat file, and add a line for unicode_encoding FALSE as shown below.<br><br>Program FilesAnsys Incv110AISOLCAD...

What are the future plans regarding Icechip (PTD) and Iceboard (TASPCB)

Icechip (PTD) and Iceboard (TASPCB) functionality are being merged into Icepak with the 12.0 release of Icepak. The 12.0 release of Icepak will take place in June 2009. The policy for current...

Do you have a 2D planar model of the cross section of an airfoil in which the angle of attack can be varied progressively until stall is evident?

This 2D planar model uses the single code multifield solver ("MFS", FLOTRAN and ANSYS legacy structural elements using ANSYS). A 2D planar model of the cross section of a...

Is there any way to define a full unsymmetric sub-matrix [B] in ANSYS?

Not in 11.0, but in ANSYS 12.0.1, this capability was added to the code. However, it was at the last minute before the code freeze, so it may not be documented in this production release....

Does ANSYS account for shear lag effect in beam models?

As we understand what you mean by shear lag, the answer is "no." A civil engineer explained to me the case of shear lag in a cantilevered I-beam structure. It is the transition of...

Can I plot strain energy error with just a results file?

Yes; however, PLESOL,SERR requires material properties. In this input, the first and third PLESOL commands work but the second does not because there is no material property defined. Also, note...

Does the inertial force generated by the OMEGA command get updated based on the geometry change that occurs for the case with NLGEOM,ON ?

Yes. Please see the attached two element model that shows that the centrifugal force (radially outward) is based on the increased length of the beam "spinning" about the base end...

The Ansys Connection for Pro/Engineer is inserting a comma (.) as the decimal separator in the .ANF file.
The Windows Regional setting for the decimal separator is confirmed to be set to dot (.).
This has not resolved the problem. What could be wrong?

This problem often occurs on German language systems.<br> This case occured on Windows XP x64, Pro/Engineer Wildfire 3.0, Ansys 11.0 SP1 x64<br><br>In the users ProE.bat file,...

How are erosion controls affecting the outcome of an impact simulation?

Erosion controls are defined under Analysis Settings. A material element can be eroded (removed) when its geometric strain limit is reached (default 1.5), or when the material in the element fails...

Can the LDREAD and FILE commands access Read-only results files?

In ANSYS Release 11.0, the FILE command can access a Read-only results file. The LDREAD command cannot access a Read-only results file. The FILE command in /POST1 opens the results file as...

How do you extract strain energy from a nonlinear analysis?

You can use the following commands to extract strain energy due to nonlinear plastic strain. This same approach will also work for extracting strain energy for nonlinear creep as well. Refer to...

KNOWN ISSUE: Documentation incorrectly states that Heat Flux variable does not include radiative heat transfer

SYMPTOM:<br>In the ANSYS CFX Help documentation, the first item in the list found in ANSYS CFX-Solver Modeling Guide > Boundary Condition Modeling > Wall > Heat Transfer...

Do you have any material describing and/or examples demonstrating usage of the (new at r12) ARMINT command to model rotation in even and odd periodic sector electromagnetic models of rotating machines?

The ARMINT procedure is described in the attached presentation and implemented in the 4 the attached input files. The system used to test the feature consists of 4 radially poled permanent magnets...

KNOWN ISSUE: Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths do not work in some cases

SYMPTOM:<br>When a UNC path is used to locate a file or directory in CFX-Pre on Windows (e.g. //mycomputer/CFXFiles/mesh.gtm), it does not work. Typically, CFX-Pre will generate an error...

Q. The customer wants to define directionally dependent mass values (massx, massy and massz) for a point mass in Workbench.
Can this be done?

A. Yes. The point mass is a MASS21 element. It would involve using a command object to modify the MASS21 real constant properties representing the point mass.
Below is a sample script for doing this.

esel,s,ename,,21 !select mass 21 element of interest
*get,elem_num,elem,0,num,max !parameterize the element number
*get,r_elem,elem,elem_num,attr,real !parameterize the real constant number
rmodif,r_elem,1,2,3,4 !modify the real constant values

Q. The customer wants to define directionally dependent mass values (massx, massy and massz) for a point mass in Workbench.<br>Can this be done?<br><br><br>A. Yes. The...

KNOWN ISSUE: Compressible transient flows can get incorrect answers (Class 3 Error)

SYMPTOM:<br>If a compressible transient flow is undertaken with only one iteration per time step, then the solution can be incorrect if the Heat Transfer option is not set to Total Energy,...

KNOWN ISSUE: Inconsistent units for angles can occur in expressions

SYMPTOM:<br>Expressions involving angles may give seemingly different values in the CFX-Solver, CFX-Post and CFX-Pre. The CFX-Solver will evaluate expressions in radians, but by default...

KNOWN ISSUE: Incorrect solutions with automatic interfaces

SYMPTOM:<br>In problems where all domain interfaces have been set up using the automatic option, the CFX-Solver may give incorrect results when domain interfaces are close together. This...

KNOWN ISSUE: Solid-solid interfaces and 1-1 connections (Class 3 Error if it were not mentioned in errata)

SYMPTOM:<br>When using 1:1 periodicity within a solid zone in a simulation which also involves a multiphase fluid domain, the user may obtain incorrect results or the CFX-Solver may...

KNOWN ISSUE: CFD-Post may use incorrect mesh for sliding mesh cases in Fluent (Class 3 Error if it were not mentioned in errata)

SYMPTOM:<br>When using CFD-Post for FLUENT results cases using the sliding mesh feature, independently of the time step selected CFD-Post will always use the mesh for the last time step....

KNOWN ISSUE: Callback functions for vector magnitudes on boundaries or 2D mesh regions give incorrect answers (Class 3 Error)

SYMPTOM:<br>The results from callback functions for vector magnitudes on boundaries or 2D mesh regions (for example, areaAve(Velocity)@inlet) are...

######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 900778 ########
**** Entered By: clwaata @ 04/30/2009 10:07 AM ****

I have a transient result file and I want to calculate the torque using the CEL torque function from cfx5post. I noticed that the torque is calculated using the pressure from the current time step. How is it possible to make the torque function to use the time-averaged pressure (Absolute Pressure.Trnavg) in order to calcute the time-averaged torque?


Steps to calculate the time-average torque in CFX-Post (Example axial rotor stator tutorial)

1. Create an expression for myTorque (Torque_z()@R1 Blade Number of Blade)
2. Create an additional variable, myAV torque
Variable Type: Specific
Unit : N m
Tensor type: Scalar
3. Set in the rotor domain the additional variable
Type: Algebraic
4. Set the transient statistic option
Output ? trn Stats ? New
Option : Arithmetic Average
Output variable List: myAV torque
5. After simulation you would have a new CFX-Post variable (myAV Torque. Trnavg), at the required loaction (in this case at the Rotor blade)

######## WORK NOTES COPIED FROM INCIDENT 900778 ########<br>**** Entered By: clwaata @ 04/30/2009 10:07 AM ****<br>Question:<br><br>I have a transient result file and I...

Is it possible to include threads for a bolt or screw when attaching a model from Autodesk Inventor into Ansys Workbench?

Threads as defined in Inventor are only for visualization, and not part of the physical geometry. See the inventor help on the Coil feature, as this may be used to physically model the threads,...

**** Entered By: jjdoyle @ 05/01/2009 09:31 ****

Q. A shell element plot appears to be hollow inside when plotted with thickness included (/ESHAPE,1). The problem occurs when plotting elements in the transition between two areas, possibly also in the transition between the real constant sets. Is this a code defect?

A. This is a limitation to /ESHAPE,1 graphics when shell thickness is defined with a real constant set. The workaround is to use SECTION data to define thickness instead. The plan in future release (possibly 13.0) is to not support (undocument) the use of real constants with the latest shell element technology.

**** Entered By: jjdoyle @ 05/01/2009 09:31 ****<br><br>Q. A shell element plot appears to be hollow inside when plotted with thickness included (/ESHAPE,1). The problem occurs when...

KNOWN ISSUE: Incorrect results for Cv if using the IAPWS steam table library (Class 3 Error)

SYMPTOM:<br>Using Cv (specific heat at constant volume) in an expression or user FORTRAN could give incorrect answers when using the IAPWS (steam table)...