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Why am I getting the error below with my user sampling data?

"In line 2 of file 0h1a01.dat there are more than 1
columns for order number plus 0 columns for random variables.
The command PDUSER is ignored."

The user samples file is fine. The problem is that the program thinks<br>you have 0 random variables, since none have been specified. Add the<br>following 3 dummy commands to your...

Why is ANSYS 8.1 not creating file.rxxx for the full transient structural analysis below?
It did at 7.1.





This error is fixed in 9.0 [Ref: Defect 22517] The error occurs in linear analysis for elements<br>that meet the criteria for direct assembly (do not create an emat file.)

When using ANSYS Workbench 8.1 running a model with orthotropic thermal properties, I get the error message below. Why?

"Error: An error occured while reading the results XML file(s).
Please send the database to your nearest support distributor."

The message is due to an inability to compute error estimates for orthotropic materials.<br>This is a requirement of Workbench so it will not accept the results. A workaround is to...

Why when I try to read in a superelement file in ANSYS 8.1, do I get
the message?

*** ERROR ***
Superelement file MISSILE.sub is not available.

The file, MISSILE.sub, is in the working directory.

The superelement name is on the .sub file, so it is possible that<br>you are referring to it by a different name or in a different case than the<br>name that is on the file. You could...

To compute the winding tension for an axisymmetric plane182 model I
need to create an etable item for the element area. How can I do this?
Plane182 only provides VOLU.

PLANE182 provides the volume and element centroid, so the area<br>can be obtained as an etable items as...

Chapter 4.7 of the ANSYS 8.1 Theory Manual describes the concrete material model for the
failure of brittle materials, cracking and/or crushing. SOLID65 can be run with the
crushing option turned off (set constant 4 = -1 on the TBDA command for that material).
How does that affect the failure surface as described in the Theory Manual? There are
several terms with fc in the denominator - do they go to 0?

When crushing is removed the failure surfaces are the three orthogonal planes normal to the principal stresses.<br>If a principal tensile stress exceed the cracking stress of the material a...

I am attempting to apply a symmetry displacement constraint to the
edges of a shell model in Workbench 8.1 using a rotated coordinate system.
Why am I getting messages that a conflict exists at a previously rotated node?

This is a limitation of Workbench at 8.1 that will be removed at 9.0. Rotated<br>nodes are being processed edge by edge and when an edge intersection exists<br>the program is...

Is it possible to generate a response spectrum in ANSYS 8.1 directly
from a array parameter of acceleration vs. time without having a model?

You have to create at least one dummy node, but otherwise the input<br>below creates a response spectrum from array parameters.<br><br>! creation of a response spectrum from a...

Why is my cyclic symmetry analysis giving thousands of warning messages
of the following type?

Term= 3 on CE number= 17 is not active on any element
This CE is ignored.

Your edge nodes are attached to elements with only translation dof,<br>but you have a beam in the model with 6 dof. This causes the program<br>to write cyclic symmetry constraint...

Is it possible to first run a modal analysis with a superelement and then expand the superelement
and run a single spectrum analysis and then look at the results from the spectrum analysis in the expanded

Yes. Here is an...

Why is the Component Mode Synthesis Use pass requiring so much memory
in ANSYS 8.1?

There is an error that results in memory used during the assembly process not being de-allocated<br>[Ref: Defect 25237] The error is fixed in 9.0. A workaround is to issue ASSOPT,,FRONT...

Why does my mode-sup harmonic take far too long to solve
(50 times longer than 6.1) and give NaN results?

Your input contains the undocumented command ASSOPT,,Front. Changes made<br>at ANSYS 7.1 did not get implemented for frontal assembly and resulted in the error<br>you have described...

At ANSYS 8.1 it is supposed to be possible to postprocess velocity and
acceleration in POST1 after a full transient analysis using commands such
as PLNS,V,X or PLNS,A,X. Why doesn't that work for me?

The velocities and accelerations are not written to the results file by default.<br>They must be requested with OUTRES,V,1 and OUTRES,A,1.

Are there any examples of a drop test simulation in ANSYS LS-DYNA without
using the Drop Test Module (DTM) ?

Yes, please see the ANSYS LS-DYNA 8.1 example below of a bouncing ball.<br><br><br><br>fini<br>/clear<br><br>/title, Drop Test Simulation of a Bouncing...

Do you have any examples of shooting a cylinder through a hole in a plate
such that the cylinder bounces off the rim of the hole due to it being tilted?

Yes, please see the ANSYS LS-DYNA 8.1 example below...<br><br><br>fini<br>/clear<br><br>/title, Cylinder Impacting Plate with a Hole...

Compiling and Loading User Defined Functions using Microsoft Visual Studio C + + .NET running FLUENT V6.3 in Serial

keywords: compile compiler compiled udf

Compiling and Loading User Defined Functions using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition and the SDK running FLUENT V6.3 64-bit in Parallel

keywords: compile compiler compiled udf VS2008

An error (-5004: 0x800705aa) has occurred while running the setup

Problem Description: When when installing ANSYS 11.0 SP1 you receive the following error:<br><br>"An error (-5004: 0x800705aa) has occurred while running the...

Laptops - Finding the IDTYPE=D - also known as the Disk Serial Number

1. Open a Command prompt and change directories to C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared FilesLicensingIntel. Issue the command: winhostid /d. This will display the hostid (FLEXID) with an IDTYPE of D. ...

An error (-5009: 0x8002802b) has occurred...

*Problem Description*<br>The following error is received while trying to install Workbench 11.0 on Windows XP 32 or 64 bit.<br><br>*Resolution*<br><br>Windows XP...

Compiling Interpreted User Defined Functions (UDFs), running FLUENT V6.3 Serial

keywords: compile compiler compiled udf

Configuring Icepak Parallel

If you have a muti-processor machine and you have purchased an additional license to run in parallel you can use the Icepak Parallel Feature.<br><br>Starting the Icepak Solver for...

Gathering License Diagnostic Information

Keywords: Licensing installation systems ANSLIC_ADMIN log logs diagnose troubleshoot troubleshooting

Sometimes in the licensing, installation or systems troubleshooting process Technical Support will ask for diagnostic information.<br><br>The following steps will query the system for...

Tgrid Mesh Load Issue

Problem Description: Using Windows Vista when you try to read in a Mesh file you choose the .msh file and choose OK and nothing happens.<br><br>Resolution: This is a Tgrid/Windows...

Interop_translator.exe - Unable to Locate Component - JSOGROUP.dll

Problem Description: You receive the following error message when attempting to import a Step file in GAMBIT.<br><br>This is caused because there is likely a dependency on a Catia V5...