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I have a text file that I would like to read into a string array and then perform a string compare on all of the entries. How can I do this?

First, the *SREAD command can be used to read text from a file into an array. This is well documented.<br><br>*SREAD,my_array,some_file,txt<br><br>Since vector operations...

How do I see NOX values in CFX-Post in units of ppm on a DRY BASIS.

Create the below Expression for NOX ppm(dry) and assign it to variable:<br><br><br> NOX ( PPM dry) = NO.Mole Fraction* 10^6 /(1 - H2O. Mole Fraction)

I'm using the Monte Carlo radiation model in ANSYS-CFX. The run crashes at the first radiation call with the following message. How do we fix this?

ERROR #666000005 has occurred in subroutine WALK.

Too many iterations while using Monte Carlo.
This may possible be due to:
1 - Highly reflective walls
2 - Small absorption coefficient
3 - Symmetry planes are too close, i.e. 2D geometry
4 - Geometry specification error

For Highly Specular Boundaries (Diffuse Fraction = 0) and for 2D geometries with a nearly transparent media (absorption coefficient close to 0) , the radiation solver stops when there are infinite...

I want to model the movement of a charged particle due to electric force in CFX. Does CFX have an inbuilt model to do this. If so, how to setup such a case?

It is possible to setup the movement of a charged particle due to an electric force in CFX. The following steps need to be followed to set up such a case:<br><br><br> ...

I created two input files to solve a radiation heat-transfer problem in ANSYS, one utilizing the matrix method and the other using the Radiosity method. The results are completely different, even though I have received no error messages. Why? In addition, if I run the Matrix method after running the Radiosity method, with input files beginning with /CLEAR, the result of the matrix method changes. Why? Should the answers from the two methods not be very close?

The two phenomena mentioned are related by the three factors below. This difficulty occurs if the Stefan Boltzman constant is defined in /SOLU rather than /AUX12.<br><br>(1) Despite...

How is the adiabatic Flame Temperature for a constant volume system estimated { eg. Otto Cycle Analysis (idealization of the process in a gasoline engine)} compared to a Constant Pressure System { gas turbine, furnace }?

Adiabatic Flame Temperature is determined by using the first law of thermodynamics in an adiabatic situation.<br><br>For a Constant Pressure System :<br><br> ...

Class 3 Error

For the stage interface model, the stage grouping procedure can be potentially wrong.

This is caused by a memory leak in setting up the

WORKAROUND:<br>No workaround is currently available.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0. A custom executable for ANSYS CFX 11.0 SP1 is available on request.

Expert Parameter: negative volume option
- how is this parameter defined?
- what is the default setting?

<br>A sector volume is the portion of volume of an element touching a node that is associated with that node for equation assembly. The notification of negative sector volumes highlights the...

Class 3 Error

For inhomogeneous multiphase flows, the solution report in CFD-Post provides only one set of mass and momentum values at each boundary of the flow. The amount of mass is actually the mass of all phases summed together, whereas the momentum values are just for the first phase. This inconsistency is neither indicated in the product, nor described in the documentation, and may not be obvious to the user.

This is an error in the implementation of the sol

WORKAROUND:<br>Look at values in the out file.<br><br>FIXED IN:<br>ANSYS CFX Release 12.0.

How can I compute inductance for cases where LMATRIX is not applicable?

You can use the magnetic energy, equal to 1/2 Li^2, which is computed as...

How can I get the nominal section properties for a given section?
If section properties are listed only the 'derived' properties like Area, Iyy, Iyz, etc., I cannot quickly determine which pipe property was originally used.

You can use *GET,,SECP command to find the actual input values.<br><br>*GET,,SECP,id,DATA,nnn<br><br>where<br><br>id = the section identification...

Why, after using SUMTYPE,PRIN and performing an SRSS load case combination, am I not able to list the element results using ETAB,S1,S,1? It gives all zeroes, while ETABLE,,NMISC items for the same quantity are not zeroed out.

This has been reported in defect 65106, which has been fixed in 12.0.

Is there a way to do a high frequency analysis with volt boundary conditions?

Not directly, but following an electrostatic analysis for the volt boundary conditions, the electric field can be specified with the following...

Is there a validation done for the CFX Radiation Model in a Participating Media.

The attached PPT has a validation test case which compares CFX radiation results with analytical results in a participating media.

In a random-vibration (PSD/ASD) analysis, why do one-sigma displacements change when element results are requested, as this should not have anything to do with the displacements.

Your database may contain material-dependent damping, which is only used when element results are requested because the damping is proportioned to the different materials based on the element...

Why am I getting the message "Couldn't seek to mode 119 node 493038 position in temporary file" when I run the ADAMS macro?

You may be hitting a 2-GB limit in the size of the temp file on WIN64 (defect 63637) that has been removed in ANSYS 12.0. The cases below show how the size of the temp file is computed when...

Is it possible to use submodelling after a PSD analysis?

It is not exact because it does not include the cross-coupling between modes, but the attached input shows how submodelling might be done after a random vibration (PSD/ASD) analysis on a coarse...

Why do the nonlinear results for SOLID186 and SOLID226 not match?

"Solution Control" (SOLCONTROL) is adding displacement as a convergence criterion to the SOLID186 solution, and that results in additional iterations. Solution Control is not used by...

Is the Coriolis moment correct in a static analysis with rotating reference frame?

It is possible to apply motion to a spinning (OMEGA) structure using IC commands and the rotating reference frame (CORIOLIS,ON,,,OFF). This will produce the correct Coriolis moment for beam models...

Is it possible to change the SOURC36 current load on SOLID117 during solution?

The current value is a real constant which cannot be changed at the load step level.

Why is my circuit-coupled PLANE53 electromagnetic analysis giving the message below? I don't have very many coupled sets (CPs) or constraint equations (CEs) to warrant this message.

*** ERROR *** CP = 556.828 TIME= 15:39:13
You have hit the limitation of CP and CE command combinations. Please
check your CP and CE commands.

The program may be using an old solver and not the Sparse solver, as it should have been. This was fixed in ANSYS 12.0 under defect 66856.<br><br>A workaround is to add the following...

Is there any way to call an external program after a Simulation 11.0 Solve? I am trying to develop a way of automatically capturing model performance data for every solution that is submitted.

Perhaps there is some way to customize the submission of each solution so that a system command is executed after each solve? A Commands Object at the end of the solution almost works; however, there is information at the very end of the "solve.out" file that is written after the final command snippet is run.

Some of the Workbench solve logic that gets called is executed in script before going into C++. The specific function is called "doSolutionFindAnswers" inside a file named...

How can I save/resume databases (in a Commands Object) when Workbench directories have spaces in the names?

If the database is saved to the working directory, it is not necessary to specify any path (unspecified directory path defaults to the working directory).<br><br>To access a database...

What is the conductance of a straight conductor in 2D?

The external inductance of a straight conductor, for which no return path has been modeled, is infinite. Since H never goes to zero, it keeps decreasing proportional to 1/R.<br><br>The...

How can I specify structural (beta) damping to part of the cross-section of a composite beam to represent a viscoelastic layer?

You can create a beam section with multiple materials to take into account the effect of the viscoelastic layer. Beta damping can be assigned to the material with the material property DAMP (i.e.,...