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Are the participation factor and effective mass calculations correct for a model with a doubly symmetric cross-section?

In ANSYS Release 10.0, the participation factor and effective mass calculations may be misleading for a model with a doubly symmetric cross-section. See the example below. If the cross-section...

What is the maximum allowable number of PSD tables?

In ANSYS Release 10.0, the maximum allowable number of PSD tables is 10. The maximum number of PSD tables is limited by the code. It cannot be changed by the user.

What is the number of integration points used by SHELL elements in SIMULATION and can that number be changed by the user?

SIMULATION Release 10.0 uses SHELL181 with attributes defined by REAL constants. When SHELL181 elements are defined using REAL constants, the number of integration points is set to 5 without any...

How can I use an inputfile for an ICEM script?

In the replay file use the following lines<br>set inputfile [open "input.dat"]<br>set lineNumber 0<br>gets $inputfile nrcells_edge1<br>gets $inputfile...

Does ANSYS have any guideline for choice of graphics card for Windows?

ANSYS does not have an official list of supported graphics cards since there are to many variants at the market. However for graphics cards, we generally recommend the nvidia Quardro 4 fx cards...

Under what conditions will ANSYS reuse matrices in a full transient analysis?

If there are no non-linearities in the model, matrices will be reused if the<br>time step is the same as the previous one. A change in time step size requires<br>a reformulation...

When will Workbench be supported on LINUX 64 AMD Opteron?
Which LINUX platform will be supported on LINUX 64 AMD Opteron?

Workbench 10.0 Service Pack 1 will include a Linux version of Workbench that will run on the AMD Opteron<br>64-bit running SuSe Enterprise 9.0. This is due out in mid-late January 2006. This...

Is it possible to determine the current going through a solid117
conductor using FSUM values for the time-integrated volt dof?

No, we can't provide the "reaction force" for the<br>time-integrated volt. We have added the following<br>statement to the solid117 assumptions and restrictions...

Do you have an example of transient simulation of fluid draining out of the bottom of a vessel with a hole in the bottom?

We do have a very simple 2D transient example of liquid draining from a tank that we do as a tutorial in the multiphase course. It does illustrate some of the key features- i.e., how to set-up...

Can I simulate noise in ANSYS 10?

Yes, in ANSYS 10 you have two options for simulating noise:<br><br>1) Export of noise sources to an external noise code or<br>2) Calculate the near field noise from a transient...

Why can I not calculate JXB in a SOLID117 conductor in ANSYS 9.0
as I did in 8.1?

Magnetic force calculation was made more accurate and easier to<br>do in ANSYS 9.0 through the use of the new EMFT command. No flags need<br>to be set before solution. Force are...

Why doesn't the PDUSER command accept some of the variables in my user sampling file?

The variable names must be in upper case on the user sampling file. This will be documented<br>in ANSYS 10.0 in section of the Advanced Analysis Guide [Ref: Defect 32900]

Why are all harmonic indices being solved in ANSYS 9.0 for a static cyclic symmetry analysis
when the only load is an omega about the rotational axis?

When you specify the rotational velocity in Simulation with a vector, it is applied at a non-zero z coordinate,<br>even though this has no effect on an omegaz loading. To account for the...

Why didn't a multiframe restart work with thermal transient analysis?

Multiframe restart is only available for structural analysis.

How can I apply a zero current density to a 2d conductor with out getting eddy currents in an
ANSYS 9.0 transient thermal-electric analysis?

You need to specify a very small non-zero values of JS (instead of exactly zero ). This activates the<br>"nonzero JS current density behavior" of PLANE13 which supersedes what...

Why am I getting a warning message in ANSYS 8.1 about negative Beta damping
from the fluid136 (squeeze film) element?

You can safely ignore that message. The ABEXTRACT command used with the<br>fluid136 element calculates alpha and beta damping values that will give the<br>percent of critical damping...

What data is needed in the load history file for variable amplitude, proportional loading fatigue analysis in Simulation?

In Simulation Release 10.0, the values in the load history file are the minima and maxima values from the load history curve. The load history file contains one entry per line. So, if the load...

Can I bring named entities from CATIA into ICEM, via the HexaCAA V5 interface?

When bringing the part into ICEM, a default naming convention will be used by default. However if you use Tools->Publication in CATIA it is possible to publish the names of entities like...

Can I run a Hexa script in batch from the HexaCAAV5 ICEM CATIA interface?

<br><br>Yes. In order to do this you have to:<br><br>1. Specify an environment variable:<br>Environment variable = ICEMCAAV5_MedBatch<br>Environment value =...

I have exported an Iges file from CFX 4.4. I then get an error message when trying to import an Iges file into ICEM 10.0.
It says it needs a "tetin" file (which is not created during the export in CFX4.4). The message from ICEM is:

"C:/Program Files/Ansys Inc/v100/icemcfd/win/dif/iges/igestotin"
"F:/RCI-Pfaudler/cfx4/geometry/RCI.igs.01" "./RCI.igs.tin"
ICEM CFD - EDS based IGES/STEP Reader 10.0 (Build
Parasolid Kernel Version 17.0 (Build 129)
Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Ansys Inc./ICEM CFD Engineering
Translation failed.
Unknown error
child process exited abnormally
Tetin file ./RCI.igs.tin does not exist

The error message you are getting from Icem CFD is caused by the fact that you have the extension .igs.01 (which comes from Build).<br>If you delete the .01 then it imports into ICEM ok.

Q . User gets the following error message when trying to import the attached UG part into ANSYS 8.1, 9.0 and 10.0.

Error in isimeq called by sccln2

What is the meaning of this message?

A. In many cases, the message has appeared when lines imported from CAD package are corrupt, causing area and volume meshing problems.

Q . User gets the following error message when trying to import the attached UG part into ANSYS 8.1, 9.0 and 10.0.<br><br>Error in isimeq called by sccln2<br><br>What is...

Q. In the Contact Tool Worksheet, we give users the option to review results for "Contact", "Target" "Both" and "Active".
Simulation Documentation does not list what "Active" represents in the Contact Tool documentation.

A. If symmetric contact is active, it is possible that one pair may be initially open and its symmetric pair be initially in contact. Check the solution output to confirm this.
The "active" option is a beta feature and is therefore undocumented.

Q. In the Contact Tool Worksheet, we give users the option to review results for "Contact", "Target" "Both" and...

I have been sent a custom executable 'solver-pvm.exe', by the support team, to run on my windows platform. I have put it in a new directory so I can keep it separate from my original installation. When I solve, I specify this executable to be used in the Advanced/Solver section of the Run form, but I still get a error: 'cannot find dformd.dll'. Do I need to have a fortran compiler installed on my machine?

<br>No, you dont need a fortran compiler. This dll is in fact packaged as part of the CFX installation, and it resides in the bin/winnt directory. The solver can no longer find it because...

Why don't I get stresses after requesting them with the
Analysis Options menu? I am doing a pre-stressed modal.
No Stress Data with Pre-stressed Modal Solid 92

You requested modal stresses before doing the static<br>analysis. When you go from a static analysis (in which we compute<br>stresses by default) to a modal, we set the modal...

What is a good reference for learning about the Single Point Response Spectrum method?

A very good book is, A. K. Gupta, Response Spectrum Method in Seismic Analysis and Design<br>of Structures, Blackwell, 1990; CRC Press, 1992. A Google search on Spectrum Stress...